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Ittefaq movie reviews


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Here's what the critics are saying about Ittefaq, starring Sonakshi Sinha, Sidharth Malhotra and Akshaye Khanna:


There are two murders, there are two suspects, and there is one scowling police detective trying to unravel things on a very rushed timeline. Yet, for the sake of some non-linear flipfloppery, we have interrogations stretched over several days, as if the cop is only allowed to ask them one flashback's worth of questions at a go. Read the complete movie review here.

Hindustan Times

A large part of the action takes place on staircases and inside dimly lit apartments. You know how claustrophobic city landscapes can become at times. Weird things happen right in the middle of megacities and there are no witnesses despite being surrounded by a sea of people. Remember the news of dead bodies found in locked apartments weeks later? Read the complete movie review here.

International Business Times

Sidharth Malhotra surprised us with the kind of emotions he portrayed in this film. We can definitely forget A Gentleman now (Lol). Sonakshi Sinha was the usual: There was nothing seductive about the character. In fact, replace Sonakshi with any other actress of the same abilities, and it would not have much of a difference to the film. Read the complete movie review here.

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