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Transformers: The Last Knight movie reviews


Here's what critics are saying about Transformers: The Last Knight, starring Mark Wahlberg, Josh Duhamel, John Turturro and Anthony Hopkins:

The Guardian

The ageless, endless, pointless struggle between good and evil in the Transformer community recommences, and the final explosive showdown seems to be competing with Marvel movies for spectacle. But Marvel brings wit and fun. As far as those factors go, the Transformers franchise is in very short supply, Read the complete movie review here.


Michael Bay is back behind the camera once again for The Last Knight, which is just as big, bloated and long (at 2 1/2 hours) as all that have come before it. But once it calms down a little after the humans-vs.-Transformers battle that opens the film, it is blessed to have Anthony Hopkins back to light this edition up, adding dignity, credibility, wit and his regal presence to make this all tolerable. Read the complete movie review here.

The Wrap

For non-fans, there's no explaining how this series got to a fifth installment, but if you're one of those audiences that has eagerly forked over your cash four times before, Paramount and Hasbro thank you, and they've served up another hasenpfeffer of loud, disjointed confusion for you in 'Transformers: The Last Knight'. Read the complete movie review here.

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