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Bigg Boss 15, 14th January 2022, Written Update: Pratik Sehajpal wins Ticket to Finale

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In today’s episode, Rakhi gives Pratik the parts, and Tejasswi tells Rakhi was inside the shop even before the buzzer went off. Shamita tells Rakhi gave them when everyone was fighting. Tejasswi asks Shamita if she’s seriously defending Rakhi. Shamita tells it's not her problem that people aren’t listening to her properly. In the next round, Pratik tries to attack Tejasswi’s cycle and Shamita asks them to be careful. Pratik tells Tejasswi is attacking him with her tools and the task ends. Bigg Boss asks Shamita whose cycle is in better shape. Shamita says Pratik’s looks more stable. Bigg Boss announces that Pratik has won the ticket to finale. 
Pratik cries and Shamita consoles him. Pratik tells Tejasswi accuses him even though he played fairly. Bigg Boss announces that Shamita, Tejasswi, Rashami, and Devoleena talk in English and they’re not supposed to do it and tells Shamita said Devoleena talks the most in English and her punishment is to not talk at all until she’s informed otherwise, and she can communicate through a blackboard. Rashami tells Nishant that he didn’t fight for himself. Pratik tells Tejasswi that she accused him of a lot of things. Tejasswi says she was just defending herself. Rakhi tells Shamita that Karan likes her. Shamita tells her to stop saying that. 
Rakhi tells Tejasswi that Shamita likes Karan. Karan tells Tejasswi that Rakhi is just joking around and Tejasswi asks why can’t he ask Rakhi to stop. Karan tells it doesn’t bother him and Tejasswi says Rakhi was telling the truth. Nishant reads that Devoleena’s punishment has ended. The next morning, Shamita gets ready and Pratik compliments her. Rakhi teases Karan and Tejasswi laughs. Tejasswi reads the task where the contestants will be divided into two groups and should prepare food that will be judged by Shamita, Tejasswi, and Nishant. Karan’s team wins the task. Later, Karan and Pratik get into a fight.
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