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Espresso or filter? Know the difference between the two coffees

The Indian Express logo The Indian Express 08-11-2019

Coffee is not just a beverage but a sublime feeling for some, who can't imagine their day starting without a hot cuppa. While everyone has their own favourite twist on it, the brewing also makes a whole lot of difference to the taste. In fact, have you ever wondered about what differentiates the two biggies — espresso and filter coffee? We tried decoding the two and here's what we found.

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If you've tried both coffees, you may agree with those who compare espresso to hard liquor and filter coffee to wine. However, it's the brewing time that also makes the coffee what it is. While the filter is coarsely ground and brewed for longer at a set temperature, the espresso, as the name suggests, is indeed an express drink for quick breaks.

Moving on to the taste, while an espresso is made quickly at a higher temperature, it tastes stronger than filter coffee. The latter is known for its clean, sweet, sour but delicate brew, bringing out the various complexities of coffee. In contrast, espressos tend to have a hard-hitting effect, with a sudden boost of caffeine, which lasts longer.

Coming to the brewing method, filter coffee is more manual compared to the expresso and uses stainless steel containers, featuring a filter on the upper half with the decoction accumulating below.

A manual espresso is also possible, but requires a lot of knowledge and skill, along with trial and error to discover  the right settings. Meanwhile, the thick and syrupy automatic espresso is brewed at an almost boiling temperature, followed by pressurised water running through finely-ground coffee beans, making it denser than filter coffee.

As for choosing one, it's totally an individual call, depending on one's taste and preference. While filter coffee helps you enjoy all the nuances of coffee, espresso is like the Italian answer to your instant caffeine needs.

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