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Have your kids become lazy? Here are 6 fun exercises to keep them moving

Pinkvilla logo Pinkvilla 3 days ago Arushi Bidhuri

We can all agree that staying inside our houses for so long has turned most of us lazy.

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It is not only adults, even kids are tired of being cooped up in their houses with nowhere to go. To avoid this self-isolation to take a toll on your kid’s health or turn into cabin fever, you have to come up with crafty and creative ways to keep things interesting. Otherwise, phone and TV screens will suck the life and energy out of your kids this season. We don’t want that, do we? 

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Anything that keeps your kid up and moving is important right now. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), regular physical activity can help children build strong bones, keep their weight in check, and keep health conditions at bay. You don’t have to make them do strenuous exercises but there are some fun exercises that they can do. Andit's a great way to include them in your workout session. 

6 fun exercises for your kids to do during the lockdown. 


One of the simplest and most fun-filled activity to keep your kid fit. Just put on some music and let them jiggle to the tune. 

Squat Relay 

If you have enough room, have your kids line up on opposite sides of the room and face each other. Ask them to run toward the centre of the room and high-five each other when they meet in the middle. Ask them to be careful when they do this. It is fun and keep your kids away from the screen for some time. 

Squats and Lunges 

These simple exercises will help your kid build some leg and core strength. Don’t ask them to do crazy variations of these exercises, stick to simple ones to avoid injuries. 


Not only is it fun, but it also helps to work out the whole body and is a great brain booster. Your kids will definitely enjoy this one!

Bear Crawl 

Kids do this anyway, so instead of stopping them from doing it, join them. Let them crawl on their hands and feet, without letting their knees touch the ground. It will help work the whole body at once. 


Let your little one relax with some stretching. Some of the benefits of stretching include reduced risk of injury, flexible and strong muscles, etc. Do some easy and simple stretches post-workout to let their body cool down.

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