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Best Essential Oils For Anxiety According to Your Personality Type

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Best Essential Oils For Anxiety According to Your Personality Type © Provided by NewsCred Best Essential Oils For Anxiety According to Your Personality Type

The best essential oils for anxiety depend on your personality type. Each oil has different effects, and each personality type is affected by anxiety in different ways. Don’t know which personality type you are? The Myers-Briggs personality test is a great place to start.

To determine your personality type, you’ll fill out a questionnaire which will determine which of your personality traits are the strongest. Then, the test will determine how these traits combine to affect how you interact with people and the world.

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Summing up your entire personality with a questionnaire seems like a lofty goal, but thousands of people are using this test to make sense of their world. And, those dealing with anxiety are using it to overcome their daily mental struggles. The test focuses on four areas: feeling, intuition, thinking, and sensation. Once it determines your personality type, you can use this information to navigate your life.

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When it comes to dealing with anxiety, every day can be a struggle. But, once you understand how your Myers-Briggs personality type copes best, you can navigate those anxious waters. Have you figured out your personality type yet? If so, fantastic, you’re one step closer to dealing with your anxiety. If not, take a moment to take the test (it only takes a few minutes.)

Now, that you know which Myers-Briggs personality type you have, it’s time to figure out which essential oils are best for dealing with your anxiety.

ISTJ - The Duty Fulfiller

An ISTJ personality is responsible, hard-working, organized, and loves to set goals. Once you set your mind to a task, you work hard to accomplish it. Your anxiety often comes from being overwhelmed and not having a plan to deal with it. Whether you took on too many projects at work, or have a never ending ‘to-do’ list, the chaos spikes those anxious feelings. Security and peaceful living make you feel good, and lower your anxiety. Since you love being organized, add some self-care to your weekly calendar. Pencil in a bath with lavender oil, which can reduce stress, improve mental concentration, and calm you down.

Lavender Essential Oil, $19.98 on Amazon

ISTP - The Mechanic

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The ISTP personality type are risk-takers who are driven by their own set of internal values. You don’t care about the rules, and will do what it takes to find solutions to your problems. Since you’re often detached, and have an analytical view of the world, you don’t let anxiety get the best of you. However, you can find it difficult to deal with the emotions of others. And, when laws and regulations get in the way of what you want, feelings of anxiety can roll in. Spend some alone time in your room, and add grapefruit essential oil into the air with a diffuser. This oil is clarifying, refreshing, and can alleviate mental fatigue from dealing with others.

Grapefruit Essential Oil, $17.58 on Amazon

Essential Oil Diffuser, $27.97 on Amazon

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ISFJ - The Nurturer

The ISFJ personality loves to serve others. You are often putting the needs of your friends and family before yourself. You pride yourself on being dependable, but this can take a toll. All of your energy is spent helping others, which leaves you feeling tired and overwhelmed with the stack of your own responsibilities building up. Anxiety sets in when you realize that you aren’t meeting your personal and professional goals because you don’t have any more energy left. You aren’t where you want or need to be in life and this can cause major overwhelm. Treat yourself to a self-massage with sandalwood oil. This scent can increase your mental clarity and focus while promoting harmony, peace, and balancing out your emotions.

Sandalwood Essential Oil, $24.99 on Amazon

ISFP - The Artist

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This personality type is sensitive, kind, and hates to deal with conflict. You appreciate beauty, hate controlling others, and like to be creative. You feel anxious when forced into leadership roles where you must tell people what to do. If you receive more responsibility at work than you’d like, this can induce anxious feelings. And, if you don’t have a chance to express your creativity, negative feelings can take hold.. Set your creative mood by using clary sage essential oilin a diffuser. This oil has been shown to increase levels of dopamine (the stuff that makes you happy) uplift your mood, and reduce stress.  

Clary Sage Essential Oil, $23.28 on Amazon

Essential Oil Diffuser, $27.97 on Amazon

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INFJ - The Protector

Truly an individual, the INFJ personality type is extremely intuitive, and likes to get things done. You have strict moral values, and are well-respected for doing the right thing. Sometimes, you’re forced to head off course due to outside circumstances. You may be flooded with anxiety when forced to do something you know is wrong whether at work or at home.Take a whiff of copaiba essential oil when you’re feeling frustrated and down. This oil is known to lighten a heavy mind, and ease feelings of anxiety and stress.

Copaiba Essential Oil, $7.89 on Amazon

INFP - The Idealist

The INFP personality has a strongly developed value system. You are interested in helping others, understanding people, and learning. Usually, you are laid back and adaptable, but if one of your values is threatened, you can feel pretty awful. If you’re stuck in a job or a town that doesn’t add value to your life, a lot of negative emotions can well up. And, if you don’t feel that you’re doing something meaningful with your life, anxiety can creep in. Lower your mental fatigue by rubbing some peppermint essential oil on your neck and shoulders. This can alleviate mental drain, restlessness, and enhance

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