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New fertility treatment offers fresh hope to women after failed IVF 12-09-2018 Hannah Moran

Hugh Dancy et al. taking a selfie © Provided by Associated Newspapers (Ireland) Limited, t/a dmg Media Ireland A new fertility treatment could offer fresh hope to women who have struggled to conceive, even using IVF.

An international study which was led by Irish fertility expert Dr Phil Boyce, has discovered a new treatment which has seen an increase in success for older women.

The new treatment, called Restorative Reproductive Medicine (RRM), has been found to help 1 in 3 couples conceive after being faced with fertility issues.

The study suggests the medicine could enable 1 in 3 couples with fertility issues to have a successful pregnancy and healthy full-term baby.

a woman wearing a blue shirt: Pic: Getty © Provided by Associated Newspapers (Ireland) Limited, t/a dmg Media Ireland Pic: Getty The RRM treatment is said to work ‘in harmony’ with a woman’s natural fertility cycle, and has been described as less invasive and more affordable than IVF.

In Ireland, 1 in 6 couples are thought to be affected by infertility, and RRM could be the answer for couples who have been through failed IVF treatments.

The study, which was published in the International Frontier of Medicine, highlighted how one in three couples who completed the treatment gave birth to healthy babies despite having two or more failed IVF treatments.

a group of people looking at each other: Pic: Getty © Provided by Associated Newspapers (Ireland) Limited, t/a dmg Media Ireland Pic: Getty Dr Boyle, Medical Director of NeoFertility in Dublin, joined forces from scientists from the International Institute for Restorative Reproductive Medicine combined data from 403 couples, who had an average of two failed IVF treatments, before undergoing RRM treatment.

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The findings offer fresh hope for women hoping to have children later in life, as the women featured in the study had an average age of 37.

Speaking about the findings, Dr Boyle said: ‘Our study demonstrates how restorative reproductive medicine such as NeoFertility is achieving successful outcomes for couples struggling to get pregnant.’

a group of people looking at a laptop: Pic: Getty © Provided by Associated Newspapers (Ireland) Limited, t/a dmg Media Ireland Pic: Getty ‘Infertility can cause considerable social and psychological distress.

‘I am very pleased that this study provides fresh scientific evidence that RRM provides renewed hope for couples who are struggling to conceive and have also tried IVF treatment unsuccessfully.’

RRM works by identifying issues and tailoring treatments for patients by correcting abnormalities and helping to optimise the normal reproductive function.

a person sitting on a table: Pic: Getty © Provided by Associated Newspapers (Ireland) Limited, t/a dmg Media Ireland Pic: Getty Neo Fertility Treatment addresses the individual fertility issues of a particular couple, which could involve treatment for a range of issues including – hormone balancing for sub-optimal ovulation, immune-modifying treatments, antibiotics and male factor treatment.

Dr Phil Boyle added: ‘For couples who decide to undergo IVF, the emotional roller-coaster and cost factors can be very challenging, particularly if it fails. The cost of IVF treatment can be prohibitive for many couples too.’

‘It’s therefore enormously rewarding to be able to successfully help thousands of couples who had lost all hope of ever having a baby by providing an alternative treatment option.’

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