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Daily Overview Horoscope : May, 16

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Aries Overview

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Due to Moon in Taurus, astroYogi astrologers warn you about the poor influence it will have in your finances. You need to keep a check on your expenses, try to avoid any kind of situation where you need to spend unnecessarily. Also, take care of your health, don't let pressures from work take a toll on your health. Learn to maintain work-life balance and you should be just fine. You have been working pretty hard, so come home and spend some time with your family. This will help you rejuvenate your senses. Postpone any important work or meeting till tomorrow. The color Sapphire Blue is your lucky color for today.

Taurus Overview

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Moon in Taurus will keep you in high spirits and energetic throughout the day. It will have a good influence on you, dear Taurus as you plan to start a new venture or maybe even a relationship. You can undertake any new project at work and you will enjoy success. As this is a good day for new beginnings and it can be on any aspect so take advantage of this positive time around and you will have your peace of mind both personally and professionally. Between 10:10 am and 11:00 am is very auspicious for you so plan your schedule accordingly. Wearing Blue will prove to be lucky for you today.

Gemini Overview

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Dear Gemini, with Moon in Taurus, today you can look forward to a positive day. Today is one of those days where you are not susceptible to errors of judgement. Believe in yourself and your instincts, suggest astroYogi astrologers. You will be in a good state of mind to take any kind of decision related to your business and finances. Consider all the pros and cons before taking any major decision because in the end it is you who has to bear the consequences. Orange is your lucky color for today and anytime between 4 pm and 5 pm is lucky for you.

Cancer Overview

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As Moon is in Taurus, today will be a favorable day to start off with a lot of positive energy and vibes. You will most likely remain in high spirits throughout the day. You will be able to come up with brilliant ideas which will earn you a lot of appreciation. Use all your energy to try and push through you paperwork as a short trip maybe on the cards. It can either be business related or with your loved ones but it will be a good one, start preparing and take this break. Make sure you keep everything ready and plan anything important between 5 pm and 6:30 pm for positive results. You should avoid wearing the color Green for today suggest astroYogi astrologers.

Leo Overview

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Today you will enjoy peace and tranquility both on the domestic and professional front due to the Moon's presence in Taurus. You will be able to meet your deadlines and fulfill your targets as you have better focus and determination. Do not worry and continue doing your work. In the end of the day you will be relaxed and have a good time with your family. Why not head out somewhere with your family and friends and have your personal time of rejuvenation? The time between 9:00 am and 10:00 am is considered lucky for you according to astroYogi astrologers so plan accordingly. Off White is your lucky color for today.

Virgo Overview

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A loved one or your children will bring you some moments of happiness and will make you proud as the Moon is in Taurus, dear Virgo. Give them all your support and praise that they deserve, do not hod back. There maybe a little celebration happening as someone close to you is likely to achieve something significant today. Maybe a prize, good marks or praise, it can be anything. Always give them due encouragement for their hard work. The timing around 1:00 am and 2:00 pm is highly auspicious. Wearing a dark shade of Red will prove lucky for you today.

Libra Overview

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With the presence of Moon in Taurus, a great day awaits you dear Libra. astroYogi astrologers predict this to be a good time and you will experience a steady rise in your income from now on. You will be able to hone your creative skills today and will see significant results emerge out of your efforts which will leave a lasting impression on your seniors. This will give you a good turn in your career path so put in all your efforts. If you have been planning for a holiday with your loved ones, you can start preparing for it, this is a good time. The time between 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm will prove to be lucky for you. Wearing a light shade of Grey will help attract a lot of positive energy.

Scorpio Overview

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Today is a wonderful day to bond with your family after a good day at work. You may find yourself participating in many activities with your loved ones. You may also participate in a family function today that you will enjoy immensely. Take adequate time out of your schedule that you can really give yourself to these family activities today. But Moon in Taurus warns you to take care of your health, enjoy to the fullest but watch what you eat. Any kind of important activities or decision making including functions should be scheduled between 11:00 am and 12:00 noon for optimal results. Wear off white today and get lucky!

Sagittarius Overview

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Dear Sagittarius, as Moon moves moves into Taurus, astroYogi astrologers warn you of the negative influence of this planetary movement on your health. You may need to take some extra responsibilities at work but do not let stress and pressure at work overcome you. Just do whatever is asked from you with a smile and a positive attitude, you will be fine. Be careful in whatever you do today and you should avoid any kind of activity related to water. Prevention is always better than cure! Blue will attract positive energy for you. The time between 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm is considered to be auspicious for you so plan accordingly.

Capricorn Overview

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Today with Moon in Taurus, you will feel like you are exceptionally busy and slightly overwhelmed, predict astroYogi astrologers. This is a period of change and may leave you a little confused but on the positive side you will encounter a lot of new opportunities that will broaden your horizons. It is important for you to maintain inner peace so that you have the ability to undertake any kind of challenge. Your loved one's support and company would enable you to enjoy the rest of the day after a long day at work. Avoid wearing the color Blue today and plan anything important between 11:00 am and 12:00 pm for better results.

Aquarius Overview

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As Moon is in Taurus, you can look forward to a fantastic day ahead, dear Aquarius. Try to keep a positive attitude and avoid any unnecessary hassles. This transit will have a positive impact on your financial condition, things will get better. Your fortune will be heightened and this an excellent time to prove your skills at work. Let your work do the talking! A bonus maybe on your way or there are possible chances even for a promotion in the future, predict astroYogi astrologers. If you have any important meetings or activities lined up, plan it between 10:00 am and 11:00 am for maximum results. A bright shade of Red will prove to be lucky for you.

Pisces Overview

pisces overview © Provided by pisces overview Moon in Taurus will be favorable for you, Dear Pisces. You will experience high levels of energy and positive vibes at work today. This will keep you motivated and will reflect in your work. Keep up the good work and you will be showered with praises and appreciation from your boss. Recognize that this is a time to be happy and to be relieved. This favorable planetary position will bring you clarity and any pending project will finally move forward. Plan important meetings or other activities between 4 pm and 6 pm, Forest Green is your lucky color for today.

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