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Aquarius monthly horoscope - March 2021

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Aquarius Overview

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This month as Venus moves into Pisces on the 17th, you enjoy the finances to purchase pretty much anything you please, but a big-ticket purchase such as a home or car is most likely as you’ll be keen to secure your future in some way. You also may gain financial wealth from unexpected sources, including inheritance. On the 11th, with Mercury moving into your own sign of Aquarius, you may struggle with the inability to concentrate, especially at work. Financially you need to keep a check on how things are going consistently. Your personal life will be blissful and enjoyable, and you’ll want to spend a great deal of time together. Post 14th, you will see that the time fortifies you financially and flips the romance switch. Finding a compatible partner will be easier during this time, and the person could either be someone entirely new or a friend for whom romantic feelings have developed. The urge to explore and travel is strong, and you’ll feel frustrated that it may not be possible at this time. The way you want to move in the world is contrasted with what is possible at this time. Try to build an inner sense of solace and calm. Things will pass, nothing is eternal, and there are other ways you can explore this desire to explore and adventure. Perhaps you can turn your attention to new passions and interests, painting, singing, dancing. This energy can be released in a multitude of ways. Air signs desire to change and move more than most, and so the idea of having to be still can be stagnating for you emotionally and intellectually. Remember, there are many ways to move. Thoughts march and cruise through our minds and you need to find ways to bring them to life. Art, poetry, anything creative, becomes powerful for you this month. This month you might see lots of challenges on the way. It would help if you stayed strong to overcome them. Unfortunately, all your plans will come to a standstill. Tension may rise. These might be shaking you emotionally. On the other hand, financially, you will grow stronger. Middle of the month, you might find someone important in your life. Slowly you will get attached emotionally and also wind up settling down together. You need to have patience and wait for the person. Your dedication and hard work will pay. You may be successful in executing the plan.

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