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Aquarius: Your daily horoscope

Aquarius monthly horoscope - March 2019

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Aquarius Overview

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As is the case for all air signs, the key to your brilliance and individuality is your ability to think your way out of situations. You truly have a keen and unique mind, and this month your thinking is at an elite level, tinged with the Aquarian flavour of rebellious and uniqueness that marks you out from the crowd. On the 15th, as the sun moves into Pisces, you are inclined towards getting creative romantically. Writing little notes and poems for a loved one will take them by surprise and impress them. You are also keen to explore and get out into the great outdoors. Adventure has your name all over it. On the 15th, Mercury moves into Aquarius which can signal a scattered mind and lack of concentration. If there is something important, a project that needs completing, then it is important that you find a way to recalibrate your tired senses. On the 29th, Venus moves into Aquarius which enables you to successfully resolve serious issues. The women in your life will be an invaluable source of help and guidance. This is a great time for love, which may be elevated to a higher status in your life. On the 22nd, Mars moves into Taurus, and your financial status improves dramatically giving you a greater degree of freedom.

Aquarius Love

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This is a mixed month for you as far as your love life is concerned. Though you will get to spend some excellent times with your partner you might have quite a few disagreements as well which might spoil the romantic atmosphere. Married couples must give their best efforts to make their relationship stronger as this could be a bit of a tough time for you. Avoid being overly critical. Single people will have an exciting time as you go out on a date with someone you really like. This has the potential to become something serious so do your best to make it work. Get to know this person well, before you make any commitments though. Married people will see harmony return to your relationship towards the end of the month. Young people, especially students, are advised not to get distracted by your interest in the opposite sex. Divorcees will have a really good time as you meet someone very interesting online.

Aquarius Career

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This month there are chances that you will be considered for that much awaited promotion. Make the most of this opportunity and try to impress your seniors. You will feel quite lucky about the opportunities that you get. Your business will be progressing at a speed that you will be satisfied with. You can also expect to be sent overseas for an important assignment. This month everyone at work will appreciate the pace at which you get your work done. Use the assistance of your seniors to sort out some tricky problems at work. Don`t take decisions in a hurry as you may make some silly mistakes especially towards the middle of the month. If you get a very good job offer from abroad do accept it by all means as it could change your life forever. This month you will get many opportunities to exhibit your talent. You`ll impress everyone with your amazing strategies and plans. This is also a good time to apply for a new job. This new job is likely to take your career to greater heights. Graphic designers in particular will have a very good time. You will prove your worth by overcoming some big obstacles at the work front. This month you need to take all decisions very carefully.

Aquarius Finance

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This month will prove to be significant financially for all you businessmen. Whatever investments you make at this time will give you long term benefits and a huge amount of profits. Some of you might be planning a vacation along with your family which could cost you quite a bundle. Shares are a good investment option right now. Your loan application might be approved. Financially, this month will turn out to be a stable one for almost everyone. Those of you who are working in the construction business like architects will have some really lucrative projects coming your way. Those who want to get a place of your own and want to apply for a home loan should wait for a while. Those who want to invest in a new vehicle can go ahead. The month ahead will also be excellent for those of you who are working in the shares and stocks market. You will get excellent returns from your past investments though you must avoid making a fresh investment just now. Property dealers must take the advice of your partners before taking any major steps. Some of you may get the opportunity to work with an overseas company that will bring you major gain.

Aquarius Health

Aquarius horoscope © Netway India Private Limited Aquarius horoscope

Late night and heavy socializing should not be something that you do every day. Health definitely needs more attention, especially for those who are over weight or suffering from chronic ailments. Good news brings happiness at home but travelling will prove hectic and stressful. Beware of a common cold, an eye irritation and possible stress related problems that could pose a problem in your daily working. You may get frustrated because of the irresponsible actions of someone close. Recreation and social activity will be important to keep your mental balance. Continue with your regular walks and maintain a stable diet to control your weight. Those of you who suffer from regular headaches need to go to your general practitioner and get his advise; leave nothing to assumption. Your busy and hectic schedule could force you to ignore your health. Pending problems will get sorted in this period bringing sense of relief to your mind. Work pressure will improve for sure; meanwhile do not forget to visit a doctor for a general checkup, and do not avoid preventive medication if necessary.

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