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Aquarius: Your daily horoscope

Aquarius monthly horoscope - December 2018

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Aquarius Overview

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With the sun in Scorpio, you are deeply appreciated in the workplace. You also enjoy prosperous health. On the 16th, the sun moves into Sagittarius, causing your confidence levels to rise like the tide. This is a time of financial growth and also a pleasing time for you and your partner. With Mercury in Scorpio, there is a big work load at the office, but you will manage to accomplish what you need to. You are rewarded for your fixed approach to work. Be cautious to avoid long journeys, as there is a risk of accident. Be safe. Venus in Libra suggests lady luck is following you. You achieve desirable results in all areas and see the growth and development you long for. There will be plenty of auspicious events that you can partake in and enjoy and a social sign like you will love every minute. Mars in Aquarius ensures the resolution of serious issues which will come as a relief. The women in your life will be a tremendous source of support and guidance to you in both good and bad times. Love is enhanced in transformative ways. Your love only deepens. On the 23rd, Mars moves into Pisces. You may sell a property for financial gain. Take care of your health. Remember the best medicines are the simplest: rest, food and plenty of water, natures remedies.

Aquarius Love

a close up of a logo: Aquarius horoscope © Netway India Private Limited Aquarius horoscope

Those of you who have gotten engaged recently must not pursue your career goals at the cost of your relationship. Single people might receive a romantic proposal from someone. You have never been this attractive and impossible to ignore than this month! You will be thrilled romantically and everything will go perfectly for you. If you have been planning to propose marriage this is the right time as you are sure to get a positive response. Those of you who have been divorced for some time now will finally think about dating again. Married people might get attracted to a colleague but you must avoid giving in to temptation as it could have serious repercussions. This month those of you who are single despite all your efforts to meet someone will finally meet someone interesting. The best part is that this person will return your feelings too. Spend some more time with this person and get to know them better. Married people who have been facing problems in their marriage can expect their problems to be solved to a certain extent this month.

Aquarius Career

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This month will give some of you ample opportunities to make a career switch if you want to make one. It will prove to be a productive time for students of medical science. For those of you practicing alternative therapies too this will prove to be a very beneficial time. You might be required to take on some additional responsibilities at work which you must do your best to fulfil. Those of you who have been waiting to be promoted for a long time will finally see your dream coming true. Those working in the banking, commerce and electronics sectors will fare extremely well. Those of you who are preparing for the civil services examinations must focus harder on your studies. You may have to face a few hurdles at work to get everything done on time. Do not worry too much as these obstacles are only of a minor nature and you will be able to overcome them with a bit of a hard work and determination. For those of you who are looking to work overseas you might get an excellent job offer. It is a good time to get a new venture off the ground. People in the creative fields like painting, music and fashion designing will do exceptionally well for yourselves.

Aquarius Finance

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A victory in a legal battle will bring financial gains especially in the middle of the month. There are indications that a long pending legal case will now go your way. At the same time, your past investments will bring in good returns, easing your financial burden. However, you need to restrain yourself from investing your money in the share market especially in the monthend. You are likely to reap good profits in matters associated with foreign ventures and investments in the middle of the month. There are strong indications that your bold moves and new investments will begin to bear fruits and help you gain financially. Good financial news arrives at last. Things are beginning to improve, and it`s due to your effort, hard work and persistence. This month, your financial position will remain more than satisfactory. This will enable you to rapidly expand your business. In order to maintain your present strong financial position, you will need to be very careful about your investments. Stay away from offers that sound too good to be true. A word of advice: invest your money keeping long term interests in mind.

Aquarius Health

Aquarius horoscope © Netway India Private Limited Aquarius horoscope

You are likely to feel a little agitated this month. Some of you have been sitting idle for long stretches of the day. Now stop doing so, as this has given way to a lot of negative thoughts to enter your mind. Older folk need to be careful regarding your blood pressure and sugar levels this month. Take all the necessary precautions. Also, do be careful while walking on rough terrains. Health-wise, you could face some problems. There are chances that minor aches might come and go fleetingly. At any rate, do not ignore the problem, it could be compounded if you ignore it. Expectant mothers, continue to eat and drink right; do not give up on your basic exercise routine. Older folk need to be careful about your daily routine; try getting into a hobby class that is meant especially for senior citizens. Avoid discussing about your illness in public. Even thinking repeatedly about it would harm you. The more you think about it the worse it might become. It would be better to engage yourself in some creative work to divert your attention away from it. If you are planning to join a gym for physical workouts, seek a physician`s advice before registering at the gym. You need professional guidance before starting the exercises that you are planning to do.

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