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Capricorn: Your daily horoscope

Capricorn monthly horoscope - January 2019

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Capricorn Overview

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Capricorn, you may be looking at the growth you’ve accrued since the previous year. Did you sow seeds last year? If so, what has flourished? What harvest has emerged before you? What new seeds would you like to sow in the coming year? You know as well as we do that you have a great number of ideas. You bring desire and enthusiasm to any new exploits. This is a great period for romance, if you will slow down for long enough to acknowledge and indulge affection. You will power may not be at its height, so you may need to get back in touch with this side of yourself. After all, it is one of your greatest assets. You need to have faith rather than give in to worry. Capricorn can be a pessimistic sign (an extreme drawback of your stone-cold realism) and you need to guard against your urge to see the worst in people and situations. At work you can’t help but be a success. Everything you touch will grow and succeed. You pretty much have your pick of projects and careers – everyone wants a Capricorn on their side. Nonetheless, don’t be afraid to ask for help when needed. There may be opportunities for travel and your financial situation continues to flourish affording you a few indulgences.

Capricorn Love

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This month will bring you much happiness in your personal life. You will get to spend some lovely times with your partner which will bring the two of you closer than ever. This will surely make up for the hectic schedule of the past few days when you were unable to give your partner enough time. Married couples too will get rid of many misunderstandings and make your relationship stronger. You cannot afford to take your family or partner for granted and must show your appreciation for them every chance you get. Some of you may be stuck in an awkward position as an ex flame reappears in your life. It would be best to avoid getting involved with this person a second time around. Those of you who are separated must not get involved with anyone hastily. Your personal life will be stable and any problems that you had been facing will be resolved. Those of you who are married must be careful not to antagonize your partner in any way as this could lead to a serious quarrel. Single people will get to meet someone really interesting who will catch your attention and you will get enough opportunities to win this person over.

Capricorn Career

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You need to set your priorities right to achieve a balance and take your career in the right direction. Your colleagues are likely to be very helpful this month. You cannot afford to make any mistakes so be careful on your professional front. The success that you achieve will motivate you to work even harder. This is a good month for those in banking sectors. A new job is indicated this month. Do look into the entire pros and cons before accepting this offer. This is the right time for you to work on your interpersonal skills. If you do well during this period, chances of your being promoted will increase a great deal. Those who are in the field of business will do well in terms of expanding their business. You will be very impressed with yourself as all the deadlines have been met and the superiors have been keeping an eye on all your hard work and effort. Your excellent communication skills will play a major role in helping you achieve the goals you have set for yourself. You might face some unusual situations at work towards the end of the month.

Capricorn Finance

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You need to plan your financial investments really well this month. Good decisions will bring you gains during this favourable time. You will successfully expand your business by new and innovative means of doing things. The stock market is also one of the more lucrative investment options that you can consider right now. Financial gains are strongly indicated that will help you plan better investment options. The profits that you earn will be much higher than what you had expected. This is a good time to invest in short-term schemes that ensure quick returns. The stock market is also one of the more lucrative investment options that you can consider right now. You are likely to start a new business venture this month, carry on with your plans as all hurdles will disappear as you approach your goals. Government officers who have been waiting to hear about a transfer will get some good news in this regard. It is very important that you meet your deadlines to avoid the wrath of your boss. Networking will bring good results to sales and marketing people. Expenditures will shoot up to the skies so keep a track of your money or else you would be wondering later where all of it has vanished.

Capricorn Health

Capricorn horoscope © Netway India Private Limited Capricorn horoscope

This month is overall fairly stable for you where health is concerned. Minor health issues that have been plaguing you for the past few days will finally be resolved. Joint aches from which elderly people have been suffering will disappear now. As the month moves ahead from one week to another the problems you have been facing start to disappear bringing the better out of you. Pregnant women will have an easy time and will sail through without any trouble. Some of you might be prone to minor accidents so you must be careful. It is very important that you do not take too much of stress at this time as this could affect your health. You see a vast improvement in your health especially in case of elderly people as all your tiredness disappears and energ levels are on cloud nine. Young people will be fit for most of the time and will take up a proper exercise regimen as well. Children who have been suffering from cough and cold or stomachaches will get relief. For those of you who have been suffering from a chronic ailment for quite some during this month. You will finally be able to find a cure that actually works for you.

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