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Capricorn: Your daily horoscope

Capricorn monthly horoscope - November 2018

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Capricorn Overview

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At work, you will need to work hard to get where you want to go, but you are a natural hard worker. You understand that you only get it if you work for it. Be prepared for a degree of competition. A lone wolf, this probably won’t affect you too much. Ultimately, don’t be lazy. Everything will work out well. If single, this heralds a romantic period for you. As the sun moves into Scorpio on the 16th, you may gain money from a property. Your confidence will be high. In relationships, it’s important to be both honest and direct. Mercury in Scorpio promises recognition and you enjoy the benefits of favourable luck. With Venus in Libra, you may need to balance your professional and personal life. This is a juggling act for us all. On the 6th, Mars moves into Aquarius and you enjoy a financially strong time. Hard work bolsters you further. If a student, you may receive a scholarship. Others sense your potential and are wiling to help propel you further along the path you desire to be on.

Capricorn Love

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Your efforts to meet someone might just go in vain. Do not rush things will not give you the best results. As the month progresses, you`ll enjoy double the attention from your partner. You`re ready to take your relationship to the next level and this might mean marriage for some of you. Another interesting thing will happen with some of you single ones:a kind of awareness will come to you about past or present relationships.You see patterns that you hadn`t noticed before–not the obvious ones,but more uplifting ones. Mid month will be a huge self-discovery process. You will need to make a few compromises and attitude adjustments. This relationship is very important for you and you will try your best to make it work even against the odds. Do give this matter serious thought and decide if it is really worth it. For some of you, temporary liaisons may occur. As the month ends, your love life could be full of tension and misunderstandings as you and your partner get into arguments over small things. This is not the time to be dominating and forcing your opinion on your partner as this will only drive them away. Some of you will think of restarting your life and falling in love all over again.

Capricorn Career

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You may be a late bloomer but when you begin a task, you put your heart and soul into it. And this is what makes you a winner, dear Capricorn. This month is all about tapping into that part of your personality and completing that huge mountain of work you still have pending at work. You may find yourself hampered with delays and disappointments on the work front. These delays are the biggest hindrance to achieving your goals. You will need to confront these matters head on, and need to remain vigilant in how you handle them. Just be patient at this time and you will see your fortunes turning around soon. The Full Moon in Cancer on January 15 brings you help and support from your colleagues. Teamwork will help you complete your projects on time. Avoid any delays and negligence in your work. Your career will get a big boost when a pending business deal gets finalised. Any issues on the career front will get resolved when Venus turns direct on January 31 and you will successfully complete all your tasks and will also meet your targets on time.

Capricorn Finance

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You will be optimistic about your finances this month. Your financial position is likely to improve a lot. You will make some good profits from real estate investments. If you are not sure about where to invest you should consult a good financial expert who will guide you with your investments. You are likely to get a good bargain if you purchase a house now. Also, money that you had given as a loan will be returned to you now. Unexpected expenses may make it harder for you to invest in some good financial schemes. At the beginning of the month you need to make sure that you stick to your budget and don`t spend on anything unnecessary. This is also not a good time to purchase a car or any other vehicle. Making profits may become a tough task for you this month. A very good month lies ahead of you on the financial front. You may make some huge gains from unexpected sources. Extra money that you earn this month will help you make good investments. This is a good time to invest keeping your long-term interests in mind. Some necessary risks that you take this month will help you get higher returns. The stock market is also indicated to bring you some profits.

Capricorn Health

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The month ahead will be perfect for those of you complaining of frequent aches and pains, as they subside. Children may lose their focus towards studies which might arouse some irritation; calm down as things will improve soon. While the mothers can lay back and relax and not indulge in strenuous activities or a long gone sickness might crop up again. If your stomach has been giving you trouble lately, try experimenting with a new and improved diet; it may work wonders. You should try to incorporate as many health tips as possible in your daily life. Young adults, especially, will have a really hectic schedule which might leave you fatigued and exhausted. Try to ease up on your workload! Keep a positive frame of mind this month and eat healthy. This improved routine will show good results in terms of health. Avoid overeating as it may cause some digestive problem. If you have a skin related problem it is advisable that you do not neglect it and go for a treatment. Daily exercise will improve your health and keep diseases at bay.

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