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Capricorn: Your daily horoscope

Capricorn monthly horoscope - September 2018

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Capricorn Overview

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Luck remains with you this month and when combined with hard work, you become an unstoppable force. Even when you face obstacles, challenges and headaches, you come out on top. You are a hard worker and no-one could doubt that you put your all into your chosen career path. If anything, you need to learn to relax and smell the roses more. This month the stars are centred on the world of work. This is where considerable progress will be made! On the 17th, the sun moves into Virgo indicating that you will be introduced to competition in the workplace. You will need to have strong will power but you have this in spades. Tap into your resourcefulness, ambitiousness and consistency and you will find that you are head and shoulders above your peers and contemporaries. You aren’t one to compete but a little competition can certainly give you a push. Mercury in Virgo keeps you lucky and profitable. Women remain important to you at this time as they lend you warmth and emotional support, things that you often find hard to ask for. On the 19th, Mercury moves into Virgo and you are keen to accept challenges and develop further at work. Your colleagues, who like you, will be immensely supportive.

Capricorn Love

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Romance is revived, refreshed and exciting again. This might be because a number of you either trade one set of circumstances for another, thereby raising the excitement level in your relationship, or move on and find someone new! You`re unstoppable. You make huge progress in the romantic zone. If you feel you are wasting your time in a one sided affair, this time, you need to move on. Love cannot blossom without feelings from both sides. Therefore, instead of wasting time you need to try your luck somewhere else to find a positive response. Those of you already in a relationship, nurture your love life, leaving no chance for any complaints. As far as possible, enjoying a healthy relationship should be the sole aim of your affair. You’ve got what it takes and understanding your beloved will have very positive effects on your relationship. Toward the end of the month, romance will very hot- take full advantage of this glowing shot at love. Those in search of their soulmate will have to wait for sometime; this is not time to feel dejected- you need to be more social and open to different kind of people to meet the one who would be perfect for you.

Capricorn Career

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The beginning of this month will start wonderfully for many of you as overseas project that comes your way will prove to be beneficial; it will bring in more money and also boost your career. If you are going to join a new job, think about all its pros and cons, before leaving the current job. This is also a month of learning new skills and strategies. There are chances that someone at your work place would share their expertise to motivate you. There are indications that this person will share his/her experiences to take you on the path of professional success. Try not to miss this opportunity and learn from it. Those engaged in business should be careful while signing any legal document. You must develop your technical skills to see a growth in your career. Associating yourself with a professional institute imparting technical education will be a good decision. This is a good period for fashion designers and merchandisers, as you will get new projects that will benefit you immensely. An important assignment with deadlines will test your sincerity and dedication, especially toward the month end. Using your latent talent to enhance your career prospects will prove beneficial for you. Improving your awareness and staying mentally and physically fit will help move your career ahead. You will earn the respect of your colleagues and seniors with a little self-discipline and integrity.

Capricorn Finance

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An application for a loan which has been in waiting for a long time now may get approved this month. Avoid getting into a partnership now as there may be financial issues in the future. The share market will also do well and investments made now will bring in good revenues later. Women spend on luxury goods and may even go overbudget while shopping. Stick to your budget! New partnerships at work bring you gains towards mid month. Financially, you may not be very stable but do not take it hard on yourself as these times would change for better. Some money that you had lent a while back and had no hopes of recovering soon, will be returned unexpectedly to you over the monthend. Financial gains are strongly indicated that will help you plan better investment options. The profits that you earn will be much higher than what you had expected. This is a good time to invest in short-term schemes that ensure quick returns. The stock market is also one of the more lucrative investment options that you can consider right now.

Capricorn Health

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This month will be fairly stable for you healthwise with only a few minor concerns cropping up where your parents` health is concerned. Do take care of your diet as some of you might be prone to stomach aches and infections. Elderly people need to take care of your medication. Take good care of your children`s health as they are vulnerable to air borne diseases this month. This month you need to make an active effort to remain happy as you might be prone to depression. Some of you may also be really stressed out as you might be required to deliver a lot more than is possible at work. Elderly people are advised not to exert themselves too much or they could suffer from knee and joint pain. Pregnant women might feel a bit low. Parents should take extra care of their children`s diet and drinking water as stomach upsets are indicated. All you young adults need to slow down to keep fatigue at bay. Women with sensitive skin are advised to take care as skin allergies and rashes are indicated.

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