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Pisces: Your daily horoscope

Pisces monthly horoscope - December 2018

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Pisces Overview

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Luck is with you this month, and your relationships truly blossom. Relationships are important for all of us, but perhaps this is most true for water signs, who relate to people in a deeper way. You are so charismatic this month that even an enemy could become your friend. This is also a good period for true romance. On the 16th, the sun moves into Sagittarius suggesting a new job or business opportunity. Your confidence cannot be beaten. Your working life and personal life are both wonderful, as is your health. With Mercury in Scorpio, there may be an unexpected failure and you may feel restless, unsure what you need to do to ‘fix’ the problem. Those of you in relationships may panic about weddings or marriage. Venus in Libra suggests some pressure at work and some worries about family. You will succeed in highly competitive situations but remember to take care of your own health. This is so important. Mars in Aquarius suggests that your attitude is laidback and mellow, even in the face of chaos and action. You are the eye at the centre of the storm – little faces you. You are able to become coolly detached. On the 23rd, Mars moves into Pisces and you are able to make property related gains. Water related professions serve you well and your friends support all you do. Your love life is gorgeously exciting and deeply rewarding. Enjoy!

Pisces Love

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This is a great time for romance. Getting into a new relationship? This is a good opportunity to end or start a relationship. You people deeply in love must think of taking your relationship to the next level; talk to your folks if you must. Also, those of you in a painful relationship must immediately move out if you feel you have given it your best and nothing seems to work in spite of all your efforts. Romantic life comes to a standstill as your distant behaviour sends wrong signals to your partner. Problems due to lack of communication can affect your personal relationships mid month. It is time for you to take initiatives to infuse a new spirit in it. Apologise for any unwarranted behaviour. Some of you may be worried about very minor matters and need to look at the larger picture as far as love is concerned. A mixed time lies ahead of you post mid month as far as romance is concerned. Some of you are likely to suffer on the romantic front when you start playing the comparison game. Don’t forget that this is what brings rift in a relationship. If you are in a relationship that does not seem to be working out, there is a serious need for you both to sit and discuss your problems. These problems are very temporary and you need to patiently wait for this rough period to pass. Thankfully, as the month comes to an end, you find your beloved to be quite congenial and this keeps you feeling on top of the world. However if confronted with some personal problem, be very diplomatic and avoid needless hassles. There could be someone a little erratic in their behaviour and this is one time when you will need to be cautious in your approach. Your judicious decisions will help you breeze through your problems.

Pisces Career

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You will do well by being practical about your work and not bring personal feelings into business. The advice of a career counsellor will help you take your career forward. Those of you who have long pending judicial matters need to seek better and more legal advice. New proposals will help you expand your business. A promotion brings you higher responsibility along with better benefits and gains. Those of you who have just started on building your career need to be ready for creativity, capable of conceiving strategies, as your stars will support you in this. Make the best use of the opportunity to enhance career prospects. You must also motivate your staff to work harder. Teamwork helps you finish all your work efficiently. You would need to hire people who have a risk-taking orientation and a competitive attitude. Empower your employees to take decisions and assume responsibilities. These would make it easier to achieve set targets and, at the same time, enhance your business prospects. Good communication skills help you gain an edge over the others at work. Your seniors have noticed all the hard work that you’ve been doing. Marketing professionals however, need to work a bit harder as you may be given some additional responsibilities. Those of you who had been having trouble adjusting with your new office will not face this problem anymore. You find communication with your colleagues to be much easier and comfortable now.

Pisces Finance

Pisces horoscope © Netway India Private Limited Pisces horoscope

Investments that you make this month are likely to bring you some very good profits this month, especially the beginning. Decisions that you take will help you get a very good financial deal. Your finances will stay stable and you will soon make some more gains by investing in a property. Also, by taking the help of a financial consultant you will be able to manage your money much better and make your future financially secure. You gain profit from shares that you buy towards the middle of the month. You may however, have to deal with some legal issues that seem to be stretching too long. Your expenses are likely to increase, as you will spend a huge amount just for the sake of entertainment. A sudden inflow of funds from commission, dividends or royalties will ease your financial burden. You could invest a part of the money for better financial returns. In fact, the position of your planets is such that a timely and wise investment would enable to bring gains far beyond expectations. This would also relieve you from a financial burden. You find yourself seriously planning for the future with this bit. A word of advice: do not spend on something that you don’t even need in the first place. Invest it in non-risky schemes instead. This is not a bad time to buy or sell property, although you must first do the necessary homework before you actually step into this field. You must also try to listen to the advice of your partner and try to save in order to secure your children’s future.

Pisces Health

Pisces horoscope © Netway India Private Limited Pisces horoscope

Viral and throat infection might pose some problems for you at the beginning of the month. However, by the middle of the month most of your health issues will begin to sort out and you will be back to your healthy self again. From this point forward, your health will only improve but you must take every care and precaution to keep it that way. Avoid eating outside and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Also, do not engage in any stressful activities and take some days off from work. Your health might deteriorate during the second week, foretell Astroyogi astrologers. Stomach problems may become a cause of concern. Do not consume oily food and take a break from junk food. If you suffer from stomach cramps, do not ignore them. It is indicated that ignoring this problem will only worsen your health. Your health will remain moderate by the end of the month. Minor body pains, backaches and other skin problems may bother you towards the middle of the month. Be careful while working at home as minor injuries are indicated. These minor health problems are temporary and will not cause any major problem. Take proper care around electrical devices, especially in the kitchen.

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