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One man's photos have showed how mindlessly we use Facebook

Indy 100 logoIndy 100 04-04-2017 Wil Jones
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Are you at the age when your Facebook feed is filling up with engagement photos?

The 3am selfies from wild nights out slowly get replaced with those long-term couples who’ve finally made the next step, and it just makes you feel old. 

And all those pictures get about a billion likes. But are their friends actually looking at the photos they like, or is it just a Pavolvian response to a big rock on a girl's finger?

Comedian Zach Lamplugh however perfectly trolled all those smug couples with these genius engagement photos.

First he posted this:

And then this:

And then these:

Did you spot fiance number one in the background?

All these post kept getting loads of likes and congratulations.

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Ok, we're pretty sure most people were in on the joke, but the idea of people blindly clicking on the thumbs up just to pretend to care is just too perfect.

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