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Twitter erupts as Melania Trump likes a tweet poking fun at her marriage 06-05-2017 Claire Murrihy

Donald Trump’s inauguration as President of the United States last January was fascinating for many reasons but it’s safe to say that what everyone will remember most is the plight of the First Lady, Melania Trump. 

Thousands of pictures, not to mention GIFs, circulated online of her looking downcast and miserable as her husband lapped up his moment in the sun. 

And then there was the moment that she beamed widely at him before her face fell dramatically the second his back was turned. 

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Who could forget that? Well, no one it seems as it was reposted on Twitter by blogger Andy Ostroy on Tuesday night. 



However, what made this tweet different was that it received a ‘favourite’ from the personal account of Melania Trump. 

Awkward, much?

Melania hasn’t been using her personal account since the Donald’s election, shunning it for the loftier viewpoint of the @FLOTUS account instead. 

The tweet was retracted from her account within 45 minutes but of course, by then PLENTY of people had picked up on it and immediately began speculating!

It remains to be seen if the tweet-happy Commander-in-Chief will make reference to his wife’s online activity but one thing’s for sure – everyone will be watching his account like a hawk for the next few days!

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