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Big thing in a small package: Sony's Linkbuds S may be the best in mid-range category

Business Today logo Business Today 5 days ago Rachna Manojkumar Dhanrajani
Big thing in a small package: Sony's Linkbuds S may be the best in mid-range category © Provided by Business Today Big thing in a small package: Sony's Linkbuds S may be the best in mid-range category

Sony dropped its mid-range, light weight earbuds, seemingly a close cousin to their flagship WF-1000XM4s. It retails at RS 13,990 and keeps all its promises. I used them for a week, almost everywhere. From hopping on to a local train with buds on to attending calls, I tried them in every way possible and they were not disappointing at all.

It's not clear why Sony does not want to call the Linkbuds S by their name but is focused on calling them WF-LS900N, a rather confusing one, if one can say. But it could be because these buds are not a successor to the previous Linkbuds, but instead seem like a portable, lighter version of the WF-1000XM4s.

At about 4.8g, Sony claims these to be the lightest ever. And in fact, they are lighter than the new Apple AirPods Pro 2 or the new Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro.

They provide ANC which comes with a transparency or an ambient mode for the time one needs to know what's happening around. There is an option to control sound and even enable 'quick attention' mode by holding which reduces the music volume. It can switch on and off with a tap as well. Another interesting feature is the "speak to chat" for time you want to speak without pausing music.

The WF-LS900N comes in an oval shaped case that has a very earthy look and a matte finish. The buds are very similar in shape to Samsung's Galaxy buds and properly fit in the ear, sealing it with its silicon tip. The buds have lit up L & R labels to help you see in dark as well. The case provides a battery life of up to 20 hours with 6 hours of buds' life. It also has fast charging option. What it is missing though is wireless charging.

The fit is optimal and can be worn without feeling uncomfortable for a major part of the day. Often, I would forget I have them on which once led to me wash my face with one of the buds being in my ear. So now we know that the buds are splash-proof as well but not fully waterproof. The earbuds also have a mesh-like covering at the tip near the mic, which one fathoms is for avoiding distortion during audio and video calls.

However, the new buds are great for music and listening purpose, they definitely need to better for being a go to earbuds that can be trusted upon for calls as well. I struggled with them every time I had to speak on a call while I was on the move. Whereas for music, they make a great choice, especially if you like soft soothing music. So, for me it worked well whilst listening to Prateek Kuhad and Ritviz to Taylor Swift. What could be an issue with music lovers is lack of bass, though I enjoy it this way.

Sony has launched a theme for these earbuds, 'Never off' which is to also introduce the multi point connect system which it has lacked in the past. The system allows user to automatically connect to another when away from the first one. I enjoyed this feature as the switch between trying to connect your phones to the phone and then pause and connect to laptop while working can be a bit tiresome.

At Rs 13,990, they might be the best ANC earphones available. They will be made available from November 25. The company also has an introductory offer that provides a Rs 3,000 cashback if purchased till November 30. They are available in three colours -- white, black and beige.


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