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Is the Apple Watch Ultra worth the upgrade?

India Today logo India Today 6 days ago Riaan Jacob George

We recently got an exclusive sneak peek at Apple's hotly discussed Apple Watch Ultra. In the run up to its launch, speculation experts had indicated that the tech giant would release a hyper-sturdy watch, built for the outdoorsy type. Turns out they were right. The Ultra, for short, marks a huge shift from both the aesthetics and the specs of the classic versions, which are far more classic and minimalist in design. This one, for instance, is resolutely bold with its space-grade titanium body and raised protective notches for the signature crown and button. At an impressive 49mm, the watch once tried—on my average sized wrist—did not appear chunky and is surprisingly light. While it does look sporty and outdoorsy, it can be paired with the classic 45mm watch bands to be used for daily use in an easy urban setting.

What stands out, for me, in terms of overall design, is the addition of the Uber-practical Action button to the left. This button can be customised as a one-touch access to any one feature, such as workout mode or compass. It must be said that this—along with the crown and right button—are designed to be used effortlessly with gloves. The night mode can be easily activated for greater visibility in low light conditions. It can withstand the most extreme weather conditions from -20 degrees to 55 degrees.

Ultra Cool

The Apple Watch Ultra comes with a suite of well-researched features if you are going out trekking or on a mountain expedition. The Compass feature, for instance, is highly interactive. Here, you can set waypoints and use the Backtrack feature, powered by GPS, to get you back to safety if you are lost or even off the grid. The watch also comes with a loud siren that can be activated if you need to ask for help. For regular fitness enthusiasts, there are new running metrics, and the enhanced GPS functionality means that you have more precise details on location and route for your run. Most importantly, for those who go on expeditions beyond a couple of days can switch to the low power mode, which promises a battery life of up to 60 hours up from 36 hours of normal use. This piece of technology sits in the luxury segment and holds definite appeal to a new breed of consumers who like their luxe as much as they like the great outdoors.

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