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37 is the age clubbing becomes 'tragic'

Now To Love logo Now To Love 16-07-2017 Holly Royce

© Provided by Bauer Media Pty Ltd A new survey out of the UK this week revealed 31 the age most people officially give up on the clubbing scene, preferring instead to have a big night-in.

Technology company Currys PCworld conducted the survey and found that by the age of 37 - adults are deemed too old to be dancing in nightclubs.

In fact, most people agreed that there was nothing more tragic than seeing a 40-year-old out clubbing.

© Provided by Bauer Media Pty Ltd

At least 1/3 of respondents say they still have an active social life, preferring to stay in, order food and watch films with their friends.

Almost half (46 per cent) of adults dread a social event or a night out and 70 per cent of people polled said they were relieved when they met ‘the one’ because it meant they no longer had to hit the town looking for a beau.

Dating apps like Tinder and Bumble have also made this process a lot easier, meaning your search for a partner can take place from the comfort and safety of your living room and mean we don't have to worry about "getting dressed up" a notable deterrent for 22 per cent of those surveyed.

© Provided by Bauer Media Pty Ltd

Giving up clubbing as we age isn't a new concept by any means, though modern technology has made this process a lot more enjoyable.

The motivation for clubbing is usually driven by a quest for escapism, connection and/or as a method of self-expression.

These days we express ourselves online, connect through various forms of social media, and we escape by watching television from our sofas - meaning the dance halls of yesteryear are nothing but sweaty neon memories of an ageing demographic.

And while most people agree that they are well over the idea of clubbing by the age of 30, many also resent the idea of being put into a 'tragic' category, should the want have a boogie in public ever arise in a few years.

Age-related alienation from subcultures or trends rubs salt in the wounds of the already complicated relationship we have with ourselves, our bodies and our identities as we get older.

Physical changes can make us feel like strangers in our skins. Then we're told we can't wear shorts or cut our hair, and now we can't go clubbing.

During this time people often revisit the places that once brought them joy while they figure out who they are in the middle stages of their lives.

And we say, go for it! Tragic label be damned.

Live your best life and dance the night away -because most of the 20-somethings will probably be at home watching Game of Thrones anyway.

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