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The case for glycerin and why you should apply it on your dry hair

India Today logo India Today 11-09-2017 Prapti Elizabeth

Vegetable glycerine, if used correctly, can solve all you dry-hair problems. Photo Courtesy: Instagram/ivynat_daily © India Today Group Vegetable glycerine, if used correctly, can solve all you dry-hair problems. Photo Courtesy: Instagram/ivynat_daily Ah, the curious case of dry hair! There's nothing you do that can set it right for the whole day. And the pain of combing your hair is...well...beyond words. Which means your hair is going to stand at weird angles, escape your rubber band, and basically be a pain in the a**. But, what if we told you there's a way out?

Yes, yes, yes! You can actually tame your mad mane and that too without straightening irons or keratin treatment. In fact, all you need is one magical ingredient and it is bound set all the wrongs straight. The magic ingredient here is vegetable glycerine and it's an elixir sent from heaven for those who suffer from a case of dry hair! So girls, here's all you can do to get it right!

You heard us right, girls! Glycerine is what you need to tame your mane, along with some love of course. So without much ado, here are a few simple things that glycerine can do for your hair. Take note!

It Can Totally Kill The Frizz

The one thing that makes dry hair unbearable to live with is the frizz. The hair-wash days mean clogged drains full of brittle hair. And let's not even talk about what happens when your hair dries out naturally--it's looks like a messy nest that even the birds would not settle in! But it can all go away and all you need is vegetable glycerine. Just mix equal parts water and vegetable glycerine with three drops of essential oil. Spray on this mixture right after a shower and voila! Bye bye, frizz!

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How to Choose The Right Bottle of Glycerine

Well, first things first--make sure it's vegetable glycerine that you're using. Vegetable glycerine is a natural humectants, whereas other glycerines will further dry out your hair. In fact, some varieties of it contain animal fat and petroleum jelly, which again has drying properties. Vegetable glycerine mixed with essential oils seals in the moisture and works all the way down to the scalp. What beauty!

Why You Should Choose Natural Over Synthetic

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As stated before, there are all kinds of glycerines in the market. Beauty bloggers throughout the Internet give a big no to synthetic glycerine--not just because it dries the hair out--but also because it can contain carcinogenic substances. That itself makes a list of reasons why you and your mane need to totally steer clear of synthetic glycerine.

Don't you wish you knew this before? Yeah, so do we. But better late than never, girls! Go wave that hydrated mane in the air!

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