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Can't stop using face massage tools? Here's why you should consider keeping them clean

Pinkvilla logo Pinkvilla 23-06-2022 Manjusha Naik

An old yet booming obsession in the line of beauty is skincare tools. Be honest here, have you not used jade rollers to ice globes when on the go as well? We learned these to be a worthwhile investment vital to de-puff our skin, enhance blood circulation and improve the suppleness. As the pandemic took the center stage in our lives, we grew extra fond of these because a good massage and relaxation session with these defined little joys to us and now is successfully inseparable. But, wait, how clean are these tools? 

The real deal lies in how clean you keep these from time to time. You've probably heard all beauty enthusiasts tell you why it's vital to cleanse both your skin and makeup brushes before you dab products on. It's not difficult to understand that skincare tools too are accustomed to sucking some bacteria and dirt in. When used unwashed on your skin, this may give rise to pimples. This can help these stay free from oil and any product buildup it may have held close. So, it's best to wash it immediately after you use it. Follow these below-given tips to make it a hassle-free routine. 

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Keep a tab on cleansers used. Do not run your products like jade rollers under tap water. The metal on these may get damaged and havoc may be in store for you. So, it's best to ditch chemical-infused cleansers and opt for organic soaps or shampoos. You can also make some lather on your palms and gently apply it to wet tools. Damp the microfiber washcloth and cleanse it off instantly. 

Although, you can soak the Gua Sha tool in lukewarm water. Add a few drops of your face cleanser as this can help to loosen the buildup and use your fingertips to ensure it's squeaky clean and good enough to be used on your skin. 


Do you use these skincare tools often? Let us know how do you like these in the comments below. 

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