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Man wears 6-inch heels to office every day, says it empowers him

International Business Times (IN) logo International Business Times (IN) 13-03-2018 Pinaz Kazi

An Australian man has revealed that he wears six-inch stiletto heels to work every day. Ashley Maxwell-Lam recently shifted from Queensland to Sydney, Australia, and decided to change the footwear after a female colleague told him that "her heels made her feel powerful".

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The project manager for a major bank now owns nine pairs that include five sparkly shoes for night-outs and four plain ones for work.

He told "Exactly what she [his colleague] said rang true. I've never felt more empowered than when putting on a pair of stilettos and walking through a marble lobby."

 "When I decided to wear them at work, I told my (manager) and she said, 'Let me just confirm that's OK.' It was her making sure I wouldn't get in trouble, but I replied, 'This is not me asking, this is not a request, this is me telling you I'm going to be wearing heels.," he added.

He describes his look as "dapper feminine" and further explains that he doesn't want to become a woman.

"I love being a man. I just love the complete contrast between masculinity and femininity. It makes people question things, just because he's gay and wears nails doesn't mean he doesn't know how to use a chainsaw," he added.

He also admits that he likes all the attention but claims that he also receives abuse from people as well. Someone even said: "why are you wearing a heel, that's disgusting, you're a man?"

However, he said: "My mother taught me to be resilient — I have a thick skin. You have to take the good with the bad; you do get people who look at you with disgust but mostly it's curiosity."

He says that there're people, especially young girls, who stop him to have photos with him.

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