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There will be a super blue moon eclipse in January, and this is how it will affect your relationship

Hello Giggles logo Hello Giggles 09-01-2018 Gabriela Herstik
a star in the sky: There will be a super blue moon eclipse in January, and this is how it will affect your relationship © somchaisom / Getty Images There will be a super blue moon eclipse in January, and this is how it will affect your relationship

Breathe easy, beloved. We’ve made it through a new year and a new month.  As we enter a new cycle, we experience shifts in  both our inner and outer worlds. The stars reassuringly reflect this. We started the month with a full supermoon, and we’re ending it with another full supermoon. January 31st’s supermoon isn’t only a blue moon (since it’s the second full moon of the month), it’s also a lunar eclipse in the sign of Leo. This super blue moon eclipse is also significant if you’re in a relationship because it’s in fire sign of the lion, shining on your truth, your needs, and what it is you need in a partnership to show up as your fullest self.

Since this full moon is a supermoon — which means it shows up brighter and closer than a normal full moon — you can expect illumination in the realms of love, trust, and bonding. This, combined with the energy of a lunar eclipse, means you’re in the perfect spot to deeply examine what it is you can bring to a relationship, especially in the next 6 to 12 months, and how you can show up with this love for yourself as well.

☽☽☽ Happy Full Moon - Supermoon in Gemini!!! ✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧ I’m learning to trust that this is a time for rest. Renewal. Quiet contemplation. To see through the veil of our own clouded perceptions, which can sneak up on us at the most inopportune times, but please know - you are not the only one who may be experiencing these short-lived bursts of confusion or uncertainty. Mercury Retrograde may also challenge us to the max, while providing an opportunity to dig a bit deeper and reflect on our choices, thoughts, dreams, and forms of expression. Our Higher Calling. Our Soul connections with others. Who and what we see as authentic. This is an apex point which may set the tone into our new year. We can use this time to recalibrate and cleanse our thoughts in order to really check in with ourselves. How much of the pressure is external, and how much of it is coming from within you? Transitions like this can feel daunting and heavy, while also being supercharged with excitement and nervous anticipation for something greater, just beyond the horizon. I can feel it! . . It's almost a sense that there is still a lot out of my control, but when I step back, take a deep breath, and remember that I am driving this suit, things start to slow down. We are so much more than who we exist as, in this physical space, which is part of the illusion that we are beginning to break through. I think this is also why these cosmic entry points feel like our foundations are being unearthed - things are being shaken up, and reality is shifting before our very eyes, growing into something new and expansive. A time of awakening. . At times like this, I write out my thoughts, meditate on the challenges and revelations, then burn these little notes in some kind of earthly container. Giving back to the mother, feeling my roots, and grounding myself in the present moment. Tying not too much to think about the future. Trying not too much to think about the past. Feeling it all here, right now, under this big full moon. ◯◯◯◯◯ art: yours truly #Moonchildtarot

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To get you even deeper into the realm of love, we talked to astrologer extraordinare and horoscope queen for Coveteur, Amelia Quint, who breaks down the energy of this super blue moon eclipse. She tells us,

“This moon is important because it’s also a lunar eclipse, which makes it even more potent. Lunar eclipses happen only a few times a year, and their effects ripple outward for the next 6 to 12 months. Since this is a Leo lunar eclipse, the emphasis will be on what you need out of relationships and making sure those needs are met. If you aren’t happy with your current relationship status, this moon can be a seed that grows into you feeling much more confident and loved.”To get you even deeper into the realm of love, we talked to astrologer extraordinare and horoscope queen for Coveteur,Amelia Quint, who breaks down the energy of this super blue moon eclipse. She tells us,

Take some time on the 31st (or the day before or after) to sit quietly and think about what makes you feel powerful, supported, and loved. Themes of passion, fire, strength, nourishment, power, and support are all highlighted right now — especially those relating to your own needs. You can journal about this, lighting a red chime candle and speaking what you want into creation as you meditate on its flame. Let this burn down on the full supermoon to help manifest your goals. Then talk to your partner about what they need and see if you can go into the year as each other’s loudest cheerleaders and support systems. Check back in with each other on the next new moon to make sure you’re still on the same page.

You can even practice this exercise with friends and loved ones who you want to deepen a relationship with. And if you’re single, you can still on focus on your own needs and wants and what your hopes are for the next year through this exercise. This second full moon of the year is like the emotional fuel you need to set yourself up for the rest of the year, and for the most nourishing and fulfilling relationship possible! Don’t forget to #treatyoself while you’re at it.

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