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HSBC Low Duration Wk DR

5 Years
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  • Net Assets


  • Yield


  • Front load


  • Expenses


  • Category

    Low Duration

  • Morningstar Risk

    Below Average

  • Morningstar Rating ★★

Name of Issuer

HSBC Asset Management(India)Private Ltd

Fund Style


Fund Manager

Kapil Punjabi

Investment Style


The aim of the Investment Manager will be to allocate the assets of the Scheme between various money market and fixed income securities, such that the Macaulay duration of the portfolio is between 6 to 12 months with the objective of providing liquidity and achieving optimal returns with the surplus funds. Since providing liquidity is of paramount importance, the focus will be to ensure liquidity while seeking to maximize the yield. An appropriate mix of money market and debt instruments will be used to achieve this. The Investment Team of the AMC will carry out rigorous in depth credit evaluation of the money market and debt instruments proposed to be invested in. The credit evaluation includes a study of the operating environment of the issuer, the past track record as well as the future prospects of the issuer and the short term / long term financial health of the issuer.

Purchase Information

Initial Purchase 5,000
Initial Purchase: IRA NA
Initial Purchase: AIP NA



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