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Run Of The Mill - George Harrison (1970) HD FLAC

"Run Of The Mill" "Run Of The Mill" was released on George Harrison's massive three album debut, All Things Must Pass, in the winter of 1970. Read the extensive information about this important album at Wiki: This video is an update of an earlier one I had made over two years ago. This is only the 3rd time I've updated a video (try not to get started down that path or I'll be re-doing way too much. Although a re-do of Roxy Music's "The Main Thing", and a couple of others, is definitely gonna happen sooner or later!). However, the original video was pretty awful and I wanted to do a quick update (one late night 3.5 hour session!) before I worked on anything else from All Things Must Pass. I did really want to again incorporate the poster image that was included in the album, but couldn't find a higher quality image to use...and it's already not an easy image to work with. ***Original Video Notes w/ {New Information for Updated Version}*** In 1970 George Harrison released his magnum opus, All Things Must Pass, which included "Run Of The Mill". A beautiful lilting melody and typical George Harrison's perfect. All Things Must Pass was a monster, both in size and scope. It is one of the most important albums of my youth....I listened to it frequently, loudly, and passionately all through Jr. High and High School. It is one of the albums that made me love rock and roll and it will always remain one of my all time favorites. {As a rabid fan of Beatles & solo-Beatles, it's not too difficult for me to say this is my very favorite of all solo-Beatles records...partly because George's solo work was always special to me and partly because it's the only double (not to mention triple...though I admit I never really listened to that 3rd album) solo-Beatles album.} When I set out to begin making these videos, songs by The Beatles and solo Beatles were actually the main songs I wanted to do. I've been planning how exactly to go about it for months and I think I finally have a line on what I'd like to do with them. So here we go......the first video for a George Harrison song! There are probably 6 songs that I hope to get worked into videos from George's All Things Must Pass album, "Run Of The Mill" was first up because it is one of my favorite tracks, but it's also a good place to start since it's a pretty short and simple tune. {I remember working with the first video and realizing that since several songs I wanted to do contained lyrics that evoked imagery of a similarly spiritual nature, my idea was to build a series of videos that shared certain video elements in common, as a way to tie them all together and make for an interesting way to view them. As I worked with the update, once again I was coming up with some stuff that would work nicely in videos (the clip that begins at :23 screams "All Things Must Pass"! to me, so expect to see it again! LOL!) for the other songs from the album that I'd wanted to ultimately the video was finished based on what I'd like to do with the next 3 songs I'll attempt to work a videos for. Hopefully I'll be able to do them fairly quickly while the thoughts are still fresh. Wish me luck! ;-)} As always Huge Thanks to everyone who's art contributed to this new art.....THANK YOU!!!! [Lyrics] Everyone has choice When to and not to raise their voices It's you that decides Which way will you turn While feeling that our love's not your concern It's you that decides No one around you Will carry the blame for you No one around you Will love you today and throw it all away Tomorrow when you rise Another day for you to realize me Or send me down again As the days stand up on end You've got me wondering how I lost your friendship But I see it in your eyes Though I'm beside you I can't carry the blame for you I may decide to Get out with your blessing Where I'll carry on guessing How high will you leap Will you make enough for you to reap it? Only you'll arrive At your own made end With no one but yourself to be offended It's you that decides phil spector flac
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