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A sea on the boil

LiveMint logoLiveMint 15-05-2014 Livemint

South China Sea and trouble are never far apart. China’s strategy of trying to nibble bits of this vast region is provoking a backlash. Events in the last 24 hours show this.

In Japan, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has called for reorienting Japan’s armed forces. He wants the military to aid allies under attack. No prizes for guessing which aggressor he has in mind.

In Vietnam, a riot broke out at a Taiwanese steel mill where Chinese workers were attacked by a mob. Two people were killed and 90 injured, all of them Chinese.

In the Philippines, tensions are rising, fuelled by the Chinese factor.

China’s way of taking what it wants without going to war—echoing Sun Tzu’s advice of more than 2000 years ago—is provoking a reaction. Beijing should have realized long ago that its way of doing business is not working. It has not. It is one more reason for countries in the region to act in union to counter China.

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