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Beautiful and bizarre things to buy: From Addon T3 Speaker to Ukulele by CoralFlamingo

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On-The-Go: Addon T3 Speaker

With deep bass, crystal-clear treble, and a 30-hour battery life, this portable Bluetooth speaker is high-fidelity sound on-the-go. FYI, Mia Lundström, Ikea India’s creative director, has the Addon T10 wireless speaker on a personal must-have list. At; $300 (around Rs19,200), plus shipping.

Little Wonder: Guitar bookmark by Handwork Studio

Guitar bookmark by Handwork Studio

Quirky little wooden bookmarks that make for thoughtful gifts for the traveller, reader and music lover.; Rs190.

Chime Time: Sonatina by Jaeger-LeCoultre

Sonatina by Jaeger-LeCoultre

‘Rendez-Vous’, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s 2017 collection of women’s watches, has a timepiece for the watch enthusiast who also loves music. Appropriately called the Sonatina, it can chime at an appointed moment with the delicate tinkle of a single hammer strike. Set with diamonds and sapphires, it comes in yellow and rose-gold options. At www.; starting from Rs20 lakh.

Strum Along: Ukulele by CoralFlamingo

Crazy Cat Lady: By Tamanna Kaul

‘Crazy Cat Lady’ is a hand-painted ukulele by Melbourne-based Etsy user CoralFlamingo aka artist Tamanna Kaul. The designs range from cats and playful cartoons to intricate mandalas.; starting from $130, plus shipping.

Music On The Wall: Art prints by Kulture Shop

‘Electronica’ by Reshidev R.K

‘Electronica’ (pictured on top), a surrealist graphic-art collage by Reshidev R.K., borrows imagery from the mixed-media music ensemble BLOT! ; while ‘RockN Roll’ (below) by Tanya Bhandari celebrates wedding bands.; Rs600-8,000.

RockN Roll by Tanya Bhandari

Compiled by Komal Sharma.


By Invitation: Vanities

An ode to things you don’t need but must have


This week: Batband, ear-free, bone-conduction headphones

On a recent vacation to Paris, my two teenage sons sat me down and drew out a blueprint for life beyond 50 and the rules thereof. I was told that canvas sneakers were a no-no. As were jogger pants at work. And crew tees. And obviously, no shorts. Ever again.

At first I was visibly wounded. But after hours of introspection, I saw their point. To the list of their “don’ts” I also added audio devices. Earphones were too feminine. And my Beats headphones, overtly enthusiastic. Prolonged research dropped me at the doorstep of the very wonderful Batband.

It sparkled with subtlety. It was discreet yet cool. Which I am compelled to believe, I am.

At the heart of it is unapologetic hipness. And science is its soul. It allows you to listen to your music while also being able to hear the sounds around you (in a city like Delhi where people talk behind your back even while you listen to music, this is humongously helpful). It delivers a high-fidelity acoustic experience through a bone-conduction system.

It consists of transducers that emit sound waves that are picked up by your private inner ear, while freeing your social outer ear. The waves are transmitted at a frequency that can be conducted through the bones of your skull. There are three transducers in there. Two touch the side of your head (temporal bone). And the other bloke kisses the back of your head (occipital bone).

Its outer frame is made of spring steel, ensuring a good grip around the back of your head and the inner padded lining guarantees maximum comfort and minimum sound leakage.

Simply place Batband around the back of your head, pair it to a mobile device through Bluetooth, control its features using the touch sensors and ride the wave.

It is easily rechargeable via USB port and requires no software or update.

This audio-orthopedic orgasm is available for pre-order on for $199 (around Rs12,800). And it promises to start shipping the very month I turn 50. Which is absolutely vintage timing.

By Swapan Seth , CEO, Equus

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