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Beautiful and bizarre things to buy: From Artist Stripe belt to Daenerys Drogon necklace

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Dress circle: Artist Stripe belt by Paul Smith

Part of the latest collection, this belt in calf leather captures the British designer’s eclectic colour-scape. At Paul Smith stores in New Delhi and Mumbai; Rs18,500.

Daenerys Drogon necklace by Mey Designs

Wearable Art: Daenerys Drogon necklace by Mey Designs

Michele Clapton, costume designer of the cult HBO series Game Of Thrones, has collaborated with London-based jewellers Yunus & Eliza to set up Mey Designs, to create jewellery and accessories inspired by the show. At; $2,730 (around Rs1.7 lakh), plus shipping.

Chess Set by Skyline Chess

Serious toys: Chess Set by Skyline Chess

See the London skyline—the Shard, Big Ben and London Eye—in this chess set. Available in classic black and white. The neon pink is available on request. At; £80 (around Rs7,000), plus shipping.

Satellite Table Lamp by BoConcept

This is Lit: Satellite Table Lamp by BoConcept

The Danish design company contrasts black metal with copper on the inside to create this celestial table lamp by Henrik Pedersen.

At BoConcept, New Delhi; Rs31,950.

Mi Power Bank 2

Pocket Power: Mi Power Bank 2

Mi Power Bank 2 (10,000 mAh) has an actual output capacity of 6,900 mAh. It is sleek (just 14.1mm thick), powerful and can easily keep multiple devices fully charged. At; Rs1,199.


By Invitation: Vanities

An ode to things you don’t need but must have

Sun exposure can cause up to 90 % of the visible changes attributed to ageing.

THIS WEEK: The Shader

First, let’s get the statistical spasms out of the way.

Sun exposure can cause up to 90% of the visible changes attributed to ageing. Beyond a certain age, the sun is not a very bright idea.

But then, if you are on Playa del Amor on the Marietas Islands in Mexico, you can’t tell the 30-something you are with that you won’t gently tickle the nape of her neck while she is sunbathing.

That’s not what gentlemen do.

Instead, they employ The Shader.

It is a compact, portable shade device made to protect the face while enjoying the sun. And it is designed to be able to adjust with the sun as it moves stealthily. It also provides you privacy, which is vital, considering you might have told people that you are on an off-site in Ethiopia.

Then again, The Shader doesn’t just frolic in functionality. It comes with other graces. There is a rechargeable solar panel with a dual USB port to keep the phone toned. You can also add a solar-powered cooling fan.

A deep understanding of human desire lies at the heart of The Shader. What else can explain the six drink holders under the pillow?

And, of course, there’s the pillow. Only philistines lay their head on the sand. Purveyors of The Shader use a pillow into which you can insert a cool pack.

In addition to all these accessories, there’s also a beautiful beach bag to put all these lovelies into. One cannot be seen walking clutching wires and panels and other such drivel.

Finally, there is ample democracy in the colour palette as well. You have four colours to choose from.

I am told that as we speak, pink is the new black. And they also have it in purple, which really is a tanned pink.

The Shader is being shaped for shipping by November. It is an inspirational investment for beach barons and baronesses.

(Available for pre-order at Australian $240, or around Rs12,000, from

Swapan Seth is CEO, Equus.

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