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CES 2016: Here’s what we know

Alphr logo Alphr 27-12-2015 Ian Betteridge
CES 2016: Here’s what we know© CES 2016: Here’s what we know

CES 2016 is set to be the biggest technology show of the year. Taking place in Las Vegas from 6 to 9 January, it’s traditionally been the best place to see pretty much the whole range of consumer electronics, from smartphones to cameras and a lot more. 

However, for the past couple of years, there’s been another category that’s gradually been growing: cars and automotive technology. This year, cars are set to be even bigger – despite the fact that CES is the week prior to the Detroit Motor Show, there will be a big presence from car makers and third-parties.

Why is it such a big deal? In short, almost everyone will be there, which means there’s a lot of pressure on companies to have a presence (if you’re LG, and Samsung is attending, you have to be there too – and vice versa). 

So what’s going to happen? Here’s what we know – and what we think will happen.

What we know

LG: LG has already announced it will be showing off a new version of webOS, the operating system it uses for its smart TVs. It’s going to be working with content providers such as Buzzfeed to build content for the platform, and all its new products with webOS 3.0 will be demoed at CES.

HTC: HTC will be demoing Vive VR, and has claimed it has “some very big breakthroughs” that it will be showing off for the first time. This could be anything, from a redesigned headset (the most likely thing) to some incredible new tech.

Fitbit: The fitness tracker company has a press conference scheduled for 5 January. The most likely subject will be a new device, although we don’t know what yet. Watch this space. 

Bosch: Bosch will also have a press conference on 5 January. Although you probably know them best for their consumer goods, they’re also a world-leader in automotive technology – so we’d expect something exciting about car tech from them.

Huawei: Likely to be a big one, this CES is rumoured to be the show when Huawei gets really series about the US and European markets. Expect a high-end smartphone and, of course, the obligatory smartwatch/fitness tracker.

Qualcomm: There are rumours that Qualcomm will announce some big developments at CES, making them even more of a world-leader in chips than they currently are. Certainly, they’re keeping their cards very close to their chest on this one.

Kia: Like every car company, Kia has been working on autonomous driving technology – and it’s going to show something at CES. It was recently granted a license to test autonomous cars on public roads in Nevada, and we’d be surprised if it wasn’t planning to have cars nipping along the mean streets of Las Vegas.

Dell: Dell’s press conference is on Wednesday, and they’re promising “a series of exciting new products”. We’re hoping that doesn’t include a smartwatch, but if it can create more great laptops like the XPS13 we’ll be very happy.

Faraday Future: The mysterious car company, which at one point we thought might be a front for Apple, is likely to give the first public showing of its autonomous concept car. 

Nvidia: No, Nvidia won’t be concentrating on faster graphics chips (although we wouldn’t bet against them being there). Instead, it’s likely to talk a lot about the connected car, which is something it’s positioning itself as a leader in. We weren’t joking when we said that this CES is all about the car.

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