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CES 2016: The best from day one and the press day

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CES 2016: The best from day 1 and the press day

CES 2016: The best from day 1 and the press day

CES 2016: Day one (5 Jan)

We're off. Strap yourselves in chaps. The announcements are coming thick and fast!

Is this the most CES thing to ever happen?

Just seen a guy come out of a TOILET cubicle ON A SEGWAY #CES2016

— Dave Lee (@DaveLeeBBC) January 5, 2016

Samsung's CES 2016 press conference (10pm)

Samsung's press conference at CES is like the Queen's Speech on Christmas Day – it happens every year and the show wouldn't be the same without it.

Be warned: it's normally a pretty lengthy affair.


Video of CES 2016 Samsung Press Conference

Finally! A 3D TV that doesn't need glasses

3D TV is making another comeback. Unbelievable. It just won't die. This time without the glasses. The drawback, apparently, is that those glasses were actually pretty good at making things appear 3D.

Glasses-free 3D TV finally gets real

— David Court (@davidcourt86) January 5, 2016

CES 2016: Our Full Coverage >>

Remember that LG fridge from yesterday?'s a video of it in action. So cool!

Video of CES 2016 LG – Press Conference: Full

Bosch's in-car touchscreen will cover WHOLE dashboard

This BMW shows off the future of interaction with the car© Provided by Dennis Publishing Limited This BMW shows off the future of interaction with the car

This is exactly the whacky sort of thing we love seeing at CES. It's also yet another example of how the car industry is embracing technology. Bosch is a big name in the car industry, supplying a huge amount of engine electronics and in-car tech to many big-name manufacturers.

Its latest inroad to cars is this large haptic touchscreen dashboard, which acts as the face of its super-smart connected car technology. The plan is for Bosch-powered in-car tech to let you do basic things such as control your house's heating from your cockpit, and communicate with other cars on the road for safety reasons. Read more about this fantastic innovation here.

Huawei launches a smartwatch for women

This just happened...

Huawei has just announced a watch for ladies. Does look kind of amazing.

— Tim Danton (@timdanton) January 5, 2016

Read our full story here. 

This BMW shows off the future of interaction with cars

This BMW shows off the future of interaction with the car© Provided by Dennis Publishing Limited This BMW shows off the future of interaction with the car

BMW's iVision Future Interaction concept previews roofless i8 design, and new interior tech that relies on gesture control.

The gesture-control system features three sets of sensors across the length of the dash, so the driver and passenger have individual touch points from which to control the long high-resolution display that's integrated sleekly above. Read more about the i8 here.

CES 2016: The highlights from press day

With the press free to roam the halls ahead of CES opening to the general public, plenty of tasty tidbits of technology-related news have already leaked out onto the internet. While many more products will be unveiled today during the big keynote sessions of Intel, Samsung, LG and Sony, here’s a first glimpse at some of this year’s exciting new product launches from day one of CES 2016.

LG's rollable 18in OLED display

CES 2016 as it happens – LG Bendy display© Provided by Dennis Publishing Limited CES 2016 as it happens – LG Bendy display

At this year's show, LG plans to show its rollable 18in OLED display to the public alongside a paper-thin 55in OLED TV not too dissimilar to the “wallpaper” display shown last year.

If that wasn’t cool enough, LG also has plans to unveil a 55in screen capable of displaying two different images on each side, as well as a “waterfall” curved LCD display for car interiors.

HTC teams up with Valve in the name of VR

While everyone is counting the minutes until the launch of the Vive VR headset in April 2016, HTC and Valve have only gone and surprised everyone with their joint CES announcement: a redesigned version of the headset called the Vive Pre. HTC and Valve are hoping to distribute 7,000 of the newly redesigned headsets to developers and, suffice to say, the additions are pretty darn exciting, with the developer kits boasting new, front-facing cameras and a host of design refinements. Click here to check out all the tasty details.

Faraday Future takes on Tesla with an AMAZING new electric car

You may, or may not, have heard of Faraday Future, the electric car company touted as the greatest threat to Tesla. At this year's CES, it finally unveiled its first car, the FFZERO1 – and it's an absolute beast.

HP launches another laptop...

HP EliteBook Folio (2015) review: Front view© Provided by Dennis Publishing Limited HP EliteBook Folio (2015) review: Front view

HP's EliteBook Folio looks as though it'll be making friends in boardrooms and living rooms alike. Weighing in at 1kg, the 12.5in Folio features Intel's m5 and m7 CPUs and a 4K display – it's quite, quite lovely. We had some hands-on time with it earlier in the week at HP's London offices, so click here to take a closer look.

Ford makes it official Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Ahead of its press conference later today, Ford has already announced that it will be adding support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to all of its SYNC 3-equipped vehicles.

Nvidia steals the show with its supercomputer for driverless cars

© Provided by Dennis Publishing Limited

In preparation for the launch of virtual-reality devices later this year, Nvidia has unveiled the GeForce GTX VR Ready programme. While it's not shiny new next-gen graphics card, the simple badge will help consumers identify which Nvidia-equipped computers and graphics cards are VR ready.

In even more exciting news, Nvidia has also announced an updated version of its smart-car platform, Drive PX 2, to build genuinely intelligent cars that can safely navigate around hazards.

Parrot has made a drone that looks like a plane

Drone manufacturer Parrot has announced a new, single-wing, semi-autonomous aircraft at this years CES. The Parrot Disco may seem rather confusing a prospect at first (why would you want a drone that could just fly itself?) but when you see it in action it's hard to say no.

Lenovo launches 100 new laptops and tablets...

© Provided by Dennis Publishing Limited

...sort of.

Lenovo played its hand early at CES, unveiling a slew of laptops alongside new tablets, hybrids and more. Of the lot, the most interesting among them was the ThinkPad X1 Yoga – a fully convertible ThinkPad laptop with a stunning OLED display. It really impressed during our hands-on on the CES show floor.

No self-respecting CES launch would be missing a Surface Pro 4 rival, and Lenovo has delivered exactly that with its ThinkPad X1 Tablet. With snap-on modules adding pico projectors and Intel RealSense-powered 3D cameras, the X1 Tablet is more than a little different to the average Windows tablet. 

Lenovo also has a new student-focused ThinkPad 13 coming to market with the option to install either Chrome OS or Windows 10. If that wasn't enough, Lenovo is also showing off the catchily named ThinkCentre X1 AIO. While this 27in Ultra HD all-in-one desktop is no slouch, it’s also one of the thinnest desktops in the world, measuring just 11mm.

Acer launches 101...

Like Lenovo, Acer has a slew of new products on show at CES, but the most interesting among them is the announcement of an Intel Core-powered Chrome OS desktop all-in-one. Built as an update to the previous Chromebase, Chromebase 24 features a 1080p screen, 8GB of RAM and boasts the title of one of the most powerful Chrome OS desktops ever made.

© Provided by Dennis Publishing Limited

Acer is also refreshing its Chromebook 11 to be a rugged laptop capable of withstanding 2ft drops. It plans to introduce a new family-friendly Android-powered 8in tablet, and release a Thunderbolt 3-supporting Windows 10 version of the Aspire Switch 12 convertible notebook. Exciting.

Huawei teases us with the Honor X

Chinese manufacturer, and the company behind Google’s fantastic Nexus 6P smartphone, Huawei has teased that it will be releasing a new Honor X tablet at this year’s CES. If it’s the rumoured Honor X3, it will be powered by a Kirin 950 chip with a 6.2in 2,560 x 1,600 display. We’ll know more about the device during Huawei’s keynote presentation on the 5 January.

Harman brings noise-cancelling technology to cars

© Provided by Dennis Publishing Limited

Audio specialist Harman has unveiled new noise-cancelling headphone technology that could save millions of lives a year thanks to emulating the “cocktail party effect”.

Sphero uses the Force

After the success of its Star Wars BB-8 tie-in product, Sphero has announced that it's created a way to let you control the little guy using the power of the Force!

Samsung puts a tablet in a fridge!?

During Samsung's press conference, the company revealed a slew of new white goods, chief among them a smart refrigerator. It may not be as glamorous as the flagship phones it keeps in reserve for Mobile World Congress, but Samsung's smart fridge seems like a genuinely useful progression of the connected-fridge concept.

© Provided by Dennis Publishing Limited

The touchscreen allows users to find and create recipes, organise family tasks, build shopping lists and create reminders; you can also buy your shopping directly through the fridge's touchscreen thanks to integration with Groceries by MasterCard. If that wasn't sci-fi enough for you, Nuance is powering the Samsung smart fridge's voice-recognition capabilities, allowing users to access recipes, shopping-list reminders and even leave voice notes from anywhere in the room. Perhaps Samsung has finally tapped into the real benefits of internet-connected fridges.

Image: Bill Gracey - Flickr

CES 2016: The best from day 1 and the press day© CES 2016: The best from day 1 and the press day

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