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Doklam standoff: Western media is ‘biased’ towards India, says Chinese newspaper

LiveMint logoLiveMint 01-08-2017 Livemint

New Delhi: China’s state-run Global Times has now accused the western media for being biased in favour of India amid the standoff at Doklam near Sikkim.

Global Times columnist Zhang Jiadong wrote that western media reports mainly cited India’s rhetoric and events are being reported from the Indian media’s point of view.

India “arouses sympathy” because it is “in a weaker position compared with China”, say the Global Times op-ed piece. China has overwhelming dominance over India because the country’s GDP is five times that of India and its military expenditure is triple.

The western media reports depicts India as “mild which called for a troop withdrawal and bilateral negotiations” and portrays China as “aggressive”, the article says.

It added that India has “several advantages” in the sphere of international opinion, chief among them being the fact that it’s a Western-style democracy.

“India has a Western-style political system and can gloss over its illegal acts under the banner of democracy,” said the Global Times article.

“Since WWII, India has been one of the few countries that annexed a sovereign country. It has inherited colonial legacies and directly interfered with or even diplomatically and militarily controlled its tiny neighbours… But Western media has ignored all this,” said the article.

The article even states that India gaining independence from the British using non-violent means works for the country.

“Westerners believe India is a country of peace. Over thousands of years, India was invaded about 300 times. It gained independence through nonviolent resistance to the British Empire. The West believes India created a peaceful model of an anti-colonial movement. Therefore in the eyes of some Western scholars, India has been well-behaved and will not invade or bully other countries,” said the article.

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