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Here’s Everything Apple Might Release In 2016

Know Your Mobile logo Know Your Mobile 05-01-2016 Michael Grothaus
Here’s Everything Apple Might Release In 2016© Here’s Everything Apple Might Release In 2016

The holidays are over and it's back to the doldrums of January. But in the tech world the post-holiday blues and boredom can at least be alleviated in part thanks to the annual CES show, which begins January 9th. It’s where companies show off all their latest tech for the new year. One company, however, is always absent: Apple. That’s because the iPhone maker opts to announce new products on its own timeline. And for Apple 2016 is set to be one of the biggest years in its history as far as product releases go.

Just what will Apple release this year? Here’s everything that’s a safe bet, as well as some things Apple could come out and surprise us with.

1. Apple Watch 2

This is set to be the first Apple product launch of 2016. Rumors are the Apple Watch 2 will be unveiled at an event in March, going on sale a month later. For me, this is going to be one of the coolest launches of the year. I thought the first Apple Watch was underwhelming—not unlike the first iPhone. By the time the second iPhone came out Apple had addressed most of the drawbacks and created the device we all love today. The Apple Watch 2 should see similar improvements. Expect a thinner design, better battery life, new bands, more health sensors, and perhaps even a new round shape.

2. 4-inch iPhone 6c

There are also strong rumors that a new 4-inch iPhone could be unveiled at the March event. Dubbed the iPhone 6c, the iPhone will be the new entry-level handset from Apple, appealing to those who want both a smaller and cheaper device. Besides a 4-inch screen, expect an A9 processor, an aluminum body, 16GB of storage, 2GB of RAM, and Touch ID.

3. iPad Air 3

The iPad Air was one of the only devices Apple didn’t update in 2015. It makes it a shoo-in for an early 2016 update—most likely at the March event. Don’t expect a radical redesign though, rumors suggest it will mostly be an internal spec upgrade (A9X chip, etc). Also, don’t expect it to feature the 3D Touch display the iPhone has. Support for the Apple Pencil is a possibility, however.

4. New MacBooks

After the March event, the next products Apple should release will be upgraded MacBooks. And it’s high past time. The MacBook line is a mess. Currently there is the ultra-thin 12-inch MacBook, the thicker (and now badly named) 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air, the 13-inch MacBook Pro, and the 15-inch MacBook Pro. It’s a jumbled line that features so many laptops it’s lost its identity. Why is the MacBook thinner than a MacBook Air, for example? The nomenclature doesn’t make sense.

Apple should fix this around WWDC in June when it’s expected to release new laptops. Expect a refinement of the line including a spec-bumped 12-inch MacBook, new 13- and 15-inch MacBook Airs (which may drop the “Air” in the name) and new, completely redesigned MacBook Pros (which haven’t seen a redesign since 2012) with Skylake processors and USB-C ports.

5. iPhone 7

Of course the biggest hardware launch of the year will happen in September with the iPhone 7. Expect the iPhone 7 to feature a radically redesigned form factor, the elimination of the headphone jack, an improved screen and cameras, and even a waterproof body.

6. iOS 10 and OS X 10.12

To go along with that new iPhone 7 will be iOS 10. There’s been no rumors yet as to what major new features iOS 10 will sport, but that should change soon. Also, expect the next version of OS X to ship alongside with it.

7. Apple TV streaming service

The new Apple TV seems to be a critical success and though the rumors seem to flip flop each week, it's possible that 2016 will still see the introduction of the long-rumored Apple TV streaming service. What’s good for older Apple TV owners is the service is rumored to be supported on third-generation Apple TVs as well. While a streaming TV service is great for cord cutters, I’m still hoping Apple releases a Netflix competitor.

8. More Beats Radio stations

Probably the least exciting thing Apple is slated to release this year is more Beats radio stations. Right now there is only Beats 1, but the company has recently trademarked Beats 2-5. What will their content be? Mostly music probably, but it would be cool if Apple would start its own news radio station. After all, they’ve taken an interest in news with iOS 9’s News app.

9. Peer-to-peer payment service

The best technology Apple has popularized in the last two years has undoubtedly been easy contactless payments via the iPhone’s Apple Pay system. If rumors are to be believed, Apple is going to capitalize on this by upgrading Apple Pay to support P2P payments between friends, much the same way as PayPal and Square allow you to send money to friends and family now.

What else?

That’s not enough for you? Well, there’s also the likelihood of new Macs, specifically new iMacs, a new Mac Pro, and a new 5k Thunderbolt 3 display. Then there’s also the chance Apple will release the iPad Pro 2 with upgraded internal specs and perhaps a new Apple Pencil and Smart Covers for smaller iPads. And then there is the stuff that no one sees coming. What could that be? Let us know in the comments.

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