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How to move Android apps to an SD card

Alphr logo Alphr 24-12-2015 Alan Martin

One of the biggest advantages that (most) Android handsets have over the iPhone is the ability to expand the storage space with an inexpensive microSD card. Generally, handsets will allow up to 128GB of additional space – well beyond the industry average of 16-32GB of internal storage space.

Not every handset has a microSD card slot, of course. The Samsung Galaxy S6 notably dropped the feature, for example, but for handsets that include a microSD card, the ability to lighten the load on the internal storage by moving apps is particularly handy. Not every handset supports it – and nor does every app – but for those that do, here’s how it’s done.

1) First things first, you’ll need a SD card. This may sound like a silly first step, but there’s a couple of possible pitfalls to look out for. The first is that, although you can buy huge microSD cards, Android handsets have different maximum capacities, so check your handset’s limits. There's no point buying a 128GB card if your phone will only show 32GB.

The second caveat is that you should always buy SD cards through reputable retailers. You’ll find plenty of cheap SD cards on eBay or Amazon Marketplace, but quite often these will be fakes that are either smaller than advertised, unreliable or both. Don’t take the risk.

2) Head to the phone’s settings and scroll down to Apps on the list. You’ll see a full list of every app on your phone.

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3) Tap on the app you want to send to the SD card to see how much space it’s taking up. Scroll down and you’ll see a button labeled “Move to SD card”. Some handsets have a submenu for this, labelled Storage. If it’s blanked out, the app doesn’t support the feature.

4) Repeat this for as many apps as you want to move. If they start misbehaving or you just want to put things back, you can press “Move to phone” to send each app back one by one.

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How to move Android apps to an SD card© How to move Android apps to an SD card

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