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iOS 11: 11 ways it’ll completely change your iPhone

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Apple has just announced some exciting new features coming to iPhones and iPads near you soon. If you didn't get a change to tune into WWDC 2017, here's the 11 most important and interesting features:

1. Apps in iMessage will be easier to access

All of your iMessage conversations are automatically synchronised with iCloud. That means now, when you sign into a new device, it’ll transfer all of your old messages over. This will save memory on your iPhone, as only the most recent messages are saved locally.

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2. Pay your mates with Apple Pay

You can now send a contact money, directly, with Apple Pay in iMessage. It’s really simple, just open the app in iMessage and enter the amount in the slider, then authenticate the payment with your fingerprint.

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3. Siri sounds more human

Siri’s voice is more natural and expensive. So it’s not like you’re talking to a robot, and more like the film Her.

You can also get it to translate languages. For example, you can now ask, ‘how do you say hello in Spanish’, and Siri will speak the answer for you. At launch you’ll get all of the biggest, hottest languages, including English, French, German and Chinese.

Apple iOS 11: 11 new features coming to your iPhone and iPad

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And, the virtual assistant will now take context into account when it’s suggesting content. Essentially, it’ll try to learns what you’ll want next. For example, it’ll have your commute and the weather ready when you wake up. It’ll suggest an Facebook if you always wake up and check Facebook.

This is synced across all devices.

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4. Camera quality is improved and images take up less space

First of all, images and videos are better compressed, so they’ll take up less storage space on your iPhone. That’s great news for anyone who’s a bit snap happy.

Apple has also improved image quality in portrait mode, making it slightly better in low light, and app developers can use depth API, to use it in their apps.

You can now play around with Live Photos. Changing basic things like trimming the length, automatically looping them, and selecting the keyframe.

5. Photos app uses machine learning to create Memories

The Photos app now uses machine learning to automatically create memories (Albums) based on time and location. It’ll also learn what’s in the images, like a dog, for example, and create memories around that.

6. Major redesign to Control Centre

Control Centre is now more use friendly, it makes changing these key functions super easy, and adds 3D touch for even more controls.

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7. Apple Maps inside buildings

Apple Maps will now give you more details about your location, well, if you’re in the US that is. Once you arrive at a mall “moll” or airport, Apple Maps will give you an internal map of the building. 

This is US only at launch, and will roll out over time.

8. Speed Limit and Lane Guidance in Maps

This one’s super useful. The iPhone, with Apple Maps, is now a much better sat nav replacement, with Speed Limits and Lane Guidance information when driving.

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9. Do Not Disturb While Driving

This is a great one for safety. You iPhone will use Bluetooth or WiFi to detect when you’re driving, and will suggest you turn on the Do Not Disturb While Driving mode. This turns off screen and will not give you notifications. 

You can set it up to automatically send a text to people telling them that you’re driving, and it’s easy to turn off if you’re passenger.

10. HomeKit app now supports speakers

Using AirPlay 2, Apple HomeKit will now allow you to create multi room audio setups in the Home app. This includes using your television and the Apple TV as an audio device.

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11. App Store gets a redesign

This is one of the biggest updates tonight - Apple has updated the App Store for the first time in nine years. It’s a lot sexier now, with big information cards which help you discover new apps. 

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