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iOS 9.3 Update: Best New Features & How To Use Them

Know Your Mobile logo Know Your Mobile 25-03-2016 Michael Grothaus
iOS 9.3 Update: Best New Features & How To Use Them© iOS 9.3 Update: Best New Features & How To Use Them

iOS 9.3, which was released by Apple this week, was not only the biggest update to iOS 9 to date, it’s the biggest dot release to any iOS ever. Apple introduced a slew of major new features in iOS 9.3 and fixed even more bugs. After just a few days of use of iOS 9.3 it’s evident how much faster by iPhone runs with (so far) zero glitches.

But the best part of iOS 9.3 are its new features. With those in mind, we’ve put together this iOS 9.3 user guide to walk you through using the best features from the update.

iOS 9.3: How to use Night Shift

Night Shift is probably the biggest headline feature of iOS 9.3—and it's one that may help you get a better night’s sleep. A little biology and physics lesson: visible light comes in a range of hues that the human eye can detect. When it’s daytime outside light takes on a blue hue. This blue hue is a signal to our brain to remain alert. It’s daytime after all! We should be out doing stuff.

The problem with blue light comes when we get it at night. In nature blue light rarely occurs at night, but our gadgets’ displays don’t adhere to the natural world. They emit blue light all the time. This blue light from our gadgets can trick our brain to stay awake if we do a lot of reading on these gadgets at night.

That’s where Night Shift comes in. The feature allows an iOS user to manually change the hue of the light the iPhone and iPad’s display emits to a more orange hue. This orange hue doesn’t trick our brain into thinking it's daytime (and thus keep us awake).

There are a few ways to use Night Shift. The first is manually:

Swipe up from the bottom of your iOS device’s screen to show Control Center.Tap the Night Shift button (it looks like a combined sun and moon) to turn on Night Shift. Your screen will go a shade of orange.

Alternately you can schedule Night Shift to automatically turn on based on times you schedule:

Tap the Settings app.Tap Display & Brightness.Tap Night Shift.On the Night Shift screen toggle the “Scheduled” switch to ON (green) and then select the times during which you want Night Shift to activate.

iOS 9.3: How to use secure notes

Another great feature of iOS 9.3 is secure notes. What this means is that you can now password or Touch ID protect individual notes in the Notes app. For example, you may want to protect a note that has your financial information written down. Secure notes means that even if someone gets a hold of your iOS device and unlocks it, they still won’t be able to access secured notes without your fingerprint or password (your password for secure notes should be different than that if your iPhone).

To secure a note:

Open the Notes app.Select a note you want to secure.With that note display on the screen, tap the share button in the upper right hand corner.In the menu that appears, tap the “Lock Note” button.If this is your first time using a secure note you’ll be asked to enter a notes password.After you do that you’ll see a Lock icon appear next to the Share icon on the note. Tap the lock icon to secure the note.To open a secure note, simply tap the Lock icon again and use the Touch ID to authenticate or enter the note’s password manually.

iOS 9.3: How to save a still image from a Live Photo

Live Photos allow you to take still images with a second and a half of motion and sound on either side of the image. In short, they look like those magical photos in Harry Potter. While they’re a great way to experience a photograph like never before, sometimes you just want to share a still image of the Live Photo without having sound blaring in the background of it. Now with iOS 9.3, you can.

Open the Photos app.Find and select a Live Photo that you want to make a still photo of.Tap the Share button in the lower lefthand corner of the screen.In the popup menu tap the Duplicate button.In the next popup menu tap the “Duplicate as Still Photo” button.Now a duplicate of that Live Photo will be made without any of the motion or sound that went along with the original Live Photo.

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