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LEAKED: Five AWESOME Samsung Galaxy S7 Features

Know Your Mobile logo Know Your Mobile 01-02-2016 Richard Goodwin
LEAKED: Five AWESOME Samsung Galaxy S7 Features© LEAKED: Five AWESOME Samsung Galaxy S7 Features

When’s the Samsung Galaxy S7 release date? That’s a question I get asked A LOT. Truth is, we don't know for sure — and neither does anyone else. However, we do know, based on consistent rumours from reliable sources, that the handset will launch inside Q1 - more than likely just ahead of Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona, Spain (which kicks off offically on February 22). This means it will most likely be available either very late on in Q1, ie: March, or very early inside Q2, ie: April.

The other question we get asked a lot is to do with the Galaxy Note 5. Specifically, what the HELL is going on with its release date. A rumour from a few months ago suggested the handset would be available in European before the end of January. It is now January 29 and we’ve still got no official announcement on whether or not the Galaxy Note 5 will c0me to the UK. 

Samsung usually releases its Note devices in late-Q2, early-Q3, so while there is still plenty of time for the Galaxy Note 5 in the UK. Nevertheless, the longer the company leaves it the less likely a release becomes; Samsung will not want the Note 5 interfering with the launch of the Galaxy S7, for instance, which is just around the corner. Also, the Note 5 is not a new handset anymore, so could Samsung even charge top dollar for it in the UK anyway? 

In terms of details and features, however, we know quite a bit about the Samsung Galaxy S7 already; there have been hundreds of leaks during the past month. But now @evleaks is back on the scene, things have, well, escalated. No one gets access quite like this guy. And the info he gets is usually very solid.

This week Mr. Leaks dropped five confirmed features of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7. The leaker says these features are now 100% confirmed and will all feature aboard the Galaxy S7 when it launches in a few week’s time. And now, without further ado here are those five CONFIRMED features.

1. Water Resistance is BACK

Yep. That’s right: both the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 EDGE will be water resistant just like the Galaxy S7 and, if rumours are to be believed, Apple’s iPhone 7 and the HTC One M10 - metal, it seems, is no longer a reason to be bothered by the wet stuff. Previously the Galaxy S5 was waterproof, but this model featured a plastic bodyshell, so with the switch to metal and glass the waterproofing got canned along with a few other features. We've been hearing manufacturers say for years (we're looking at you HTC) that things like waterproofing compromise the good looks and elegance of premium phones lovingly crafted from metals. But we've never bought this idea, not least because of devices such as Sony's Xperia Z line-up - metal, glass, waterproof, and not bad lookers if you like their style (which Paul does. Me?...Not so much!)

2. HUGE Battery Increase

The Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 EDGE had 2550mAh and 2600mAh battery packs, respectively, and performance was OK, generally speaking. The Galaxy S7, however, will have use batteries that are 20% larger, meaning 3000mAh in the standard S7 and 3600mAh in the EDGE variant. Still, as far as we can tell neither cell will be removable which will be sure to continue to upset old Samsung fanboys who loved battery swapping on the go. That said, LG seems to be stepping in to fill this void as according to rumours the firm's LG G5 will feature a metal body with a unique detachable module in the base of the handset; allowing you to slide out the battery pack.

3. MicroSD-Support

Samsung killed off microSD support in the Galaxy S6 and people went CRAZY. Keen not to make the same mistake again, Samsung will apparently reintroduce microSD-support aboard the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE. This is great news. There seemed to be something of a kick against microSD from many major manufacturers in the last couple of years with the removable storage feature being painfully absent from many big flagship launches. Who can say what the reason is? Cost? Streamlining production? Whatever it was, enough people have got a grump on about it and, presumably, voted with their wallets, that microSD seems to be (perhaps reluctantly for OEMs) back on trend. For many though, it never left, of course!

4. A 12MP Camera

Samsung is apparently switching from a 16MP sensor to a 12MP one. The reason? Simple, according to Forbes: “it also allows Samsung to make it flush to the body of the phone and use a super fast f/1.7 aperture (up from f/1.9 in the S6) for action shots and improved low light performance”.

5. 4GB of RAM

Both the S7 and the S7 EDGE will feature 4GB of RAM, a frankly insane amount for a smartphone. Expect performance to be off the charts.

What you reckon? Impressed yet?

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