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Meet the brains behind Google

Investopedia logoInvestopedia 26-06-2015 David Joseph Hoppock
A short summary on the top people making Google who it is today.© Thinkstock A short summary on the top people making Google who it is today.

Google Inc. (GOOGL) has a wide array of products – from smartphones to Gmail and YouTube – means it has a vast presence for consumers and businesses alike. But as pervasive as those products are, the brains behind this global organization aren't known by many. Google has a strong management team with a breadth of knowledge that keeps the company in a dominant and influential position in the tech industry. The following is an index of the brains behind Google. (See also Is Google Stock a Safe Investment?)

Larry Page

Larry Page, CEO and cofounder, oversees the company’s daily operations in addition to product development and technology strategy. He helped establish the company in 1998 and acted as CEO until 2001, when he became president of products. In 2011, he transitioned back to the role of CEO. Page is also ranked ninth on Forbes Most Powerful People List while overseeing some sizeable acquisitions in 2014, including Nest, a programmable home thermostat maker for $3.2 billion and Dropcam, a video monitoring business for $555 million. 

Sergey Brin

Sergey Brin, Director of Special Projects and co-founder, served as president of technology from 2001 to 2011. Currently, he heads a more secretive division that concentrates on riskier endeavors, such as smart contact lenses, airborne wind turbines and projects such as Google Glass. Additionally, he has also published more than a dozen academic papers related to data mining and world wide web pattern extraction.

Eric Schmidt

Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt has played a pivotal role in helping Google grow since he joined the company in 2001. He contributes to building partnerships and business relationships, technology thought initiatives, and government-related matters, as well as advising executive leadership on business and policy issues. His presence has allowed Google to increase its product offerings while not compromising its innovative direction. 

David Drummond

David Drummond is Senior Vice President, Corporate Development and Chief Legal Officer. He joined the company in 2002. He directs global teams for public policy, communications, corporate development, mergers/acquisitions, legal and product quality operations. Drummond also assisted Page and Brin in incorporating the business and acquiring its initial rounds of financing. Finally, he serves as a chairman for Google Ventures and Google Capital, the company’s investment divisions.

Omid Kordestani

Omid Kordestani has acted as Senior Vice President and Chief Business Officer since 2014. He has also served as a special advisor to the CEO since 2009. Presently, he oversees all revenue, customer operations, marketing and partnership efforts. When he was hired in 1999, he served a key role in bringing Google to profitability, helping the company generate more than $10 billion in 2006 to $23 billion in 2009 before switching roles in the organization. 

Sundar Pichai

Sundar Pichai, Senior Vice President of Products, was recently granted the responsibilities of handling daily operations in October 2014. As a result, he is the most influential person at Google after Page and Brin. Pichai takes immense pride in delivering the same product experience to consumers regardless of their social status. With more than a billion Android phones shipped in 2014, his vision is to make computing and connectivity more accessible for everyone.

The Bottom Line

There's no question that Google’s contribution to innovation and technology must be measured on a global scale. Its business and technological presence must be attributed to the committed executive team that manages the company. With duties ranging from fostering business relationships, legal operations, policy direction to day-to-day operations, there are multiple individuals influencing the success of Google’s operations. The robust and effective leadership that Google possesses should maintain its successful path for years to come. (See also How Is Google Regulated in the United States?)

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