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Moto X & Moto G 2016 Leak Online

Know Your Mobile logo Know Your Mobile 09-02-2016 Paul Briden

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We'd previously heard that Lenovo will be phasing out the Motorola brand-name, but will continue to "Moto" brand for some of its new devices, and now the next-gen of Moto handsets has leaked online in a batch of photos. The images were posted to Motorola Facebook fanpage hellomotoHK and show a selection of Lenovo prototypes with the signature Moto design style - it's believed the device selection includes a Moto X 2016 and a Moto G 2016. According to the source, the new phones will have some slight changes in their design despite an overall similarity to previous gen kit, particularly the higher end Moto X, which will reportedly be thinner.

The report also notes that the Motorola "M" logo is still on the rear of the device, but that's not too surprising - Lenovo confirmed that it is phasing the Motorola name out gradually (so it isn't going immediately), but also will retain the "M" logo for Moto devices.

It's claimed the brightly coloured devices in the images are the cheaper Moto G, although bright colours all round shouldn't be too surprising considering that the Moto Maker customisation functionality was expanded to include both the Moto X and Moto G in the previous generation. Will this continue with the next, or will we simply see a limited selection of colour choices or swappable backs? Time will tell.

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