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Review: Zoook Rocker Torpedo packs more power than you would expect

LiveMint logoLiveMint 04-05-2017 Vishal Mathur

Rugged Bluetooth speakers are the perfect recipe for a typical pool party, or outdoor use, when friends come calling over the weekend. However, not all speakers can be used roughly or can handle a splash of water from the pool. French audio maker Zoook has the Rocker Torpedo speaker, priced at Rs5,499 (available on and this is one worthy speaker if you indeed need a great audio quality and a robust build. With the summer vacations on the horizon, this could be the ideal speaker to carry around, be it for a soundtrack for a lazy evening watching the sun set over the mountains or for a bit of up-tempo music as you laze in the pool.

Zoook’s Rocker Torpedo’s design itself looks industrial, but there are no rough edges about it.

Design: Industrial to look at, yet quite appealing

French audio maker Zoook’s Rocker Torpedo is one of the best examples of rugged speakers. The chassis is a mix of fibre-reinforced resin and solid aluminium materials, and the speaker also has the IPX5 ruggedness rating for water resistance. Rest assured, it’ll just brush aside a splash of water in the shower or on the poolside with consummate ease. The design itself looks industrial, but there are no rough edges about it.

Performance: Packs quite a punch

The Rocker Torpedo packs in two 25W audio drivers. Not many Bluetooth speakers have dual audio drivers (most have one, due to size constraints), and what you’ll get to enjoy is wider stereo sound. What immediately hits you, the first time you stream music, is just how loud this speaker can be. Push the volume, and it’ll be able to fill a large hall with the sound of music. Clarity is maintained brilliantly throughout as well, which is quite creditable for a fairly-compact speaker system. Vocals are crisp, and the audio doesn’t come across as unnaturally sharp on the ears. The only drawback, and this will only impact you if you listen to genres such as trance and dance, is that the bass isn’t as powerful as expected. Yes, you do get the very generous hint that the lower frequencies are there, but these are not reproduced powerfully enough.

Wireless connectivity is handled with the Bluetooth 4.1 version, and pairing with smartphones is a breeze.

Connectivity: All about simplicity

Wireless connectivity is handled with the Bluetooth 4.1 version, and pairing with smartphones is a breeze. There is no near field communication (NFC), but that isn’t a deal breaker at all. In fact, the Zoook Rocker Torpedo can also be used as a speaker phone for voice calls—a feature that can come in handy in home office situations.

Battery: It refuses to die out

The 5,200mAh battery lasts around 6 hours, at 50% volume for streaming music using apps on your phone. If you are using the speaker for personal use, such as in the bedroom, chances are, you’ll keep the volume at around 20%, and that is when the battery lasts close to 7.5 hours. This, we feel, is solid performance for a powerful speaker.

Verdict: Cannot go wrong with this one

We have numerous affordable Bluetooth speaker options to choose from, and almost every brand you can think of now has multiple Bluetooth speaker options. However, at this price point, we haven’t yet come across anything which is so well-rounded, in terms of performance, design and battery backup. What you additionally get with the Zoook Rocker Torpedo is the power and flexibility of using it for a house party, as well as for listening to music in a smaller room.

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