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The idea of Europe

LiveMint logoLiveMint 23-05-2014 Livemint

India has completed a landmark election that swept Narendra Modi to power. Europe is in the midst of a very important election as well.

Millions of Europeans have begun to vote to select the next European Parliament. There seems to be a growing tide of support across Europe for political outsiders who have been critical of multiculturalism, the common market, the euro and unchecked immigration.

The actual voting pattern will only be known after the votes are counted, but it appears that some of the populist parties of the Far Right have tapped into the deepest anxieties of a continent hit hard by recession.

The European project has been a truly visionary one, part of a grand plan to bring lasting peace to a continent cursed by bloody wars. Important parts of that project are now being questioned, immigration complicating matters further.

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