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The Intelligent Investor blog

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Stock markets are looked at with a mix of deep suspicion and deep longing. The distrust comes from either having lost the savings of a lifetime in a stock market collapse or from stories of friends and family who lost everything in the maws of the market. The longing, of course, comes from the money-multiplying stories that are part of all stock market folklore. The stock market does both—loses lots of money and makes lots of money too. Investors need to learn the difference between speculation and investing.

Speculation is a technical job that entities called speculators do. They are essential to any market and play a crucial role in giving liquidity to it. Average investors are not speculators. We are investors. And that means we follow the brick road through the market rather than venturing out on our own in the jungle. With the aim of busting the myths around the markets and narrating stories around intelligent investing, begins this blog titled, what else, Intelligent Investor.

Intelligent InvestorThe investor’s dilemma: To be or not to be an equity investor

An expert panel will write a blog exclusively for with a new blog post every week. Sometimes when markets give us the reason to, we may update this with greater frequency. We kick off the blog with a piece by Vikas Gupta, executive vice-president—traded markets and investment research, ArthVeda Fund Management Pvt. Ltd. Watch this space for more names on our expert panel.

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