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The Most Exciting Phones Coming In 2016

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The Most Exciting Phones Coming In 2016© The Most Exciting Phones Coming In 2016

There are constants in the universe and constants in the mobile technology space. For instance, we know Apple will release a new iPhone and Samsung a new Galaxy S phone. These are the staples, though, the handsets everybody knows about. Beyond these two handsets, however, there are a bunch more handsets and potential launches to look forward to. 

BlackBerry with its Android initiative. Nokia rejoining the fray with some kind of Android handset. Lenovo’s Motorola range of devices, but most of all its Moto X 2016 release. I’d like to say HTC as well but it has been so consistently rubbish these past two years I’ve basically given up on them. Sorry, guys. 

Still, there’s a bunch of other brands out there now ready to take its place like OnePlus, Xiaomi, Huawei and its awesome side-project, Honor, to name but a few. Plus, if Qualcomm has managed to fix the Snapdragon 820, which we’re 90% sure it has, things in the Android space should run a little more smoothly in 2016/17 as well. 

1. LG G5

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LG used to be rubbish. REALLY rubbish. But then it built the Nexus 4 and everything sort of changed. The company regained its stride and began making some of the best phones in the business like the LG G3 and LG G4, which were easily two of our favourite releases in 2014 and 2015, respectively. 

In 2015 LG will return with the LG G5, a handset that is tipped to take everything which make the G4 good and ramp it up considerably. We’re expecting improvements to build quality, design, imaging, display technology, biometrics, processing power and memory. 

2. Nokia’s Android Phone 

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Nokia — that is, the NEW Nokia — is apparently looking to bring an Android-powered phone to market in 2016. This is all very rumour-tastic at present but if Nokia were to return in 2016, and with an Android handset no less, it would certainly be very interesting indeed. 

3. iPhone 7 

Apple’s iPhone is the biggest and most well known phone on the planet so for this reason alone it is sort of exciting to see what the company will do with its multi-million-selling handset in 2016. Even more so when you consider this year’s model is a solid number release, which means a BIG design overhaul. 

4. Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung’s Galaxy S line and Apple’s iPhone are immensely popular and you don’t need to know much about anything to have heard of them. Both the iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 will launch in 2016 and they will be the biggest selling releases of the year, although I suspect the Galaxy S7 will give Apple’s iPhone something of a drumming when it comes to specs and hardware. 

5. Moto X 2016 

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Motorola, now owned by Lenovo, has been on something of a roll for the past few years. This streak of awesomeness started when Moto was acquired by Google and the two companies produced the excellent Moto X handset, a stripped down phone designed to do all the core stuff and not much else. 

Moto used stock Android and has continued to do so, even though it is no longer owned by Google. The next big release for Lenovo, potentially, is the Moto X 2016 and it could drop at any moment between now and Q2. Interestingly, Lenovo has confirmed all of its 2016 phones will feature 5+inch displays and fingerprint scanners. 

Beyond this the company is talking about a bunch of other stuff — adopting custom UXs for future phones — that frankly terrifies us. But, HEY, three years of excellent releases is a pretty good run for the mobile space’s biggest and most well known hot potato. 

6. BlackBerry’s Second Android Phone 

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I love BlackBerry. I adored the Passport when that came out and I even used a BB10 handset for a good 8 months back in the day. I wasn’t hugely impressed by the BlackBerry PRIV, but I could see the handset’s potential — BlackBerry and Android could work together well, it just needed a bit of finessing. 

And this is why I am immensely excited about what the company has in store for us in 2016/17. Current word on the street suggests two Android handsets scheduled for 2016. 


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