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The Sacred Space: White webs

LiveMint logoLiveMint 05-06-2014 Pooja Chaturvedi

Pierre Legrand, an artist based in Auroville, Puducherry, has created sculptures and installations using the same shade of white—a monochromatic scheme that is broken by textures and layered structures.

“White is the matrix of all colours, if one remembers the colour prism. It simplifies your art and gives you a fresh perspective to the colours,” says Legrand, 71, who came to India from France in 1968. Legrand’s book Light Matter, which emerged from his 1999 exhibition of the same name, was released earlier this year.

The Sacred Space, a new Legrand exhibition that opens at Apparao Galleries in Chennai on Saturday, features 44 works made since March. The 4x6ft sculptures and installations comprise multiple entwined white wires, forming chaotic, web-like structures.

“White webs against white walls give emphasis to the structure of the work in a very subtle manner, verging on the invisible. The structures seem to emerge and it is the shadows which make them legible, in unpredictable and changing ways. As these structures are porous, they have the ability to absorb the colours around them,” says Legrand.

The first room of the gallery exhibits only white pieces, sculptures and webs. The second room is pure white again, but a bright yellow light illuminates it. The third room has bright monochromes and the fourth one shows the “return” to canvas—an attempt to translate his pieces into a two- and three-dimensional experience. “When you work in white for a very long time, the colours start calling for attention, louder and louder, until you listen to them and give them expression. That is what I have tried to show in this exhibition,” says Legrand.

The Sacred Space will be on from 7 June-25 July, 11am-6pm (Sundays closed), at Apparao Galleries, Wallace Gardens, Nungambakkam, Chennai (28332226).

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