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Your money in the new fiscal

LiveMint logoLiveMint 02-04-2017 Monika Halan

It looks as if serious business press in India has moved some way from beginning of the year predictions on which asset class will outperform and which one was a good ‘bet’; to a more mature way of reporting, analysing and commenting on personal finance issues. We rarely see big headlines proclaiming the beginning of a bull year or predicting that gold will outperform everything else or real estate is the new unicorn.

This is good. At Mint, our editorial line has frowned upon the use of words such as ‘good bet’ or ‘what stock to buy tips’, when we talk about your money and investments. We believe that sensible advice stays away from thinking about your money as something that can be gambled away.

Your money box is a sensibly created, well-crafted money system that looks after various financial needs over a lifetime. As another financial year begins, we bring you a five-day special, starting today, on what 2017-18 will mean for your money.

The basic rules remain the same. One, you need a good cash flow system to track inflows, spends and savings. Two, you need an emergency fund to look after sudden, unexpected spends that have the potential to upset your long-term savings plans. Three, you need sensible risk covers for your life, health, vehicle and home. Four, you need a well-diversified investment portfolio that is not overexposed to real estate and fixed income. The growing importance of technology in general and financial technology, fintech in particular, makes us spend a little more time on each page on this aspect of your money box.

Keeping in mind the emphasis on technology in finance and the big changes ahead, we bring you an exclusive interview with Nandan Nilekani who’s made the term ‘a WhatsApp moment in finance’ hugely popular.

In the week ahead you will find stories across the various verticals of personal finance.

On April 4 you will read about maximising the benefits from your insurance covers - life, health and home. Look out for cheapest term covers for various age groups.

On April 5 you will read about investing strategies in stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

On April 6, read about how to find a house to buy online, how to open an eNPS account and all the taxes you can now pay online.

On April 7 you will read about smart spending and borrowing. We will also answer your questions around financial planning.

Do keep writing to us and telling us what you like and what doesn’t work. Mail us at

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