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Sunanda Pushkar's death: Who killed Shashi Tharoor's wife?

Microsoft News 07-01-2015

A year after the initial AIIMS report, Delhi Police have filed a murder charge against 'unknown persons' in their investigation in the death of Sunanda Pushkar, the late wife of former Congress MP Shashi Tharoor. While Tharoor, a former Under-Secretary General for Communications and Public Information at the United Nations, has not been explicitly named in the investigation, Delhi police have confirmed they will call him in for questioning should the need arise.

The saga surrounding Sunanda Pushkar's death is set to continue for a long time. And while the truth unravels, refresh your memory with a selection of articles, videos and slideshows from MSN's archives:

ARTICLE: Delhi Police: Sunanda Pushkar was murdered

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ARTICLE: 'I am stunned': Shashi Tharoor's full statement

ARTICLE: Sunanda Pushkar's death: Viscera to be sent abroad for further tests

ARTICLE: Sunanda Pushkar's death: Storm on Twitter as Delhi Police file murder charge

ARTICLE: Upset Shashi Tharoor slams Delhi Police

ARTICLE: Sunanda Pushkar's death: 3 reports, 1 word = poisoning

ARTICLE: Gossiping about Sunanda Pushkar's death on Twitter is just plain wrong

ARTICLE: AIIMS: We only said Sunanda Pushkar was poisoned, not murdered

ARTICLE: Sunanda Pushkar's death: AIIMS doctor claims report was 'politically motivated'

ARTICLE: Sunanda Pushkar's death: Delhi Police form SIT

ARTICLE: Contradictions in AIIMS' reports delayed FIR: Police

ARTICLE: Sunanda Pushkar's murder: Pakistani journalist Tarar ready to answer any question

ARTICLE: Police pressuring domestic help, trying to frame me: Shashi Tharoor

ARTICLE: Delhi Police summon Shashi Tharoor for questioning

ARTICLE: Delhi police chief: Shashi Tharoor's allegations are false

ARTICLE: FIR suggests Sunanda was poisoned by alprazolam

ARTICLE: Sunanda Pushkar: Medical analysis rules out death by natural cause

ARTICLE: SIT quizzes Tharoor's domestic help

ARTICLE: 8 points for the SIT to investigate

ARTICLE: The 2 men key to the investigation

ARTICLE: Tharoor, Swamy in war of words

ARTICLE: 'Visceral' response to Sunanda Pushkar's probe

ARTICLE: What Shashi Tharoor told the investigators


VIDEO: Delhi Police: Sunanda Pushkar was murdered

VIDEO: Sunanda Pushkar was poisoned: AIIMS

VIDEO: Sunanda Pushkar's death: What is the truth?

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VIDEO: Sunanda Pushkar's death: Special Investigative Team to be formed

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VIDEO: Sunanda Pushkar's death: AIIMS doctor alleges political pressure

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