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Coronavirus live updates

Hindustan Times logo Hindustan Times 26-03-2020

The US finally agreed on a deal on a $2 trillion stimulus package to help individuals and companies affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. In India, several states and some central government departments have announced similar packages – but for specific worker groups.

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Here are the live updates on coronavirus:

10:09 PM IST: Northern Italy struggles to cope as Covid-19 death toll rises

Lombardy has reported a rise in coronavirus deaths as 385 deaths were reported in a day which took the toll to around 4,860.

09:52 PM IST: Nadal asks Spanish athletes to raise 11 million Euros to help Spain fight pandemic

Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal has asked Spanish athletes to raise 11 million euros as Spain struggles to fight the pandemic which has claimed the lives of over 4,000 in Spain. Lionel Messi and Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola had each donated one million euros ($1.08 million) to help clinics and medical centres fight the outbreak while Cristiano Ronaldo donated lifesaving equipment to Portuguese hospitals.

09:47 PM IST: China to bar foreigners to curb imported coronavirus infections

Chinese foreign ministry in a statement said that foreigners will not be able to enter the Chinese mainland as the nation looks to curb imported cases. On Thursday, China's foreign ministry announced barring diplomatic workers even foreign citizens with residence permits will be prevented from entering starting on Saturday.

09:38 PM IST: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo reports surge in Covid-19 deaths

New York governor Cuomo said that New York saw a massive surge in new deaths as toll rose to 385. 100 deaths were reported overnight.

09:34 PM IST: G20 leaders appreciate India's regional as well as global role

India's SAARC initiative to tackle the Covid-19 crisis as well India's efforts to contain the outbreak nationally was appreciated by G20 leaders during the virtual meet.

09:26 PM IST: Globalization needs to focus on humanity, pandemic taught us that: PM Modi

PM Modi said that Covid-19 has taught world's nations that a renewed approach towards globalisation is needed.

09:09 PM IST: India reports highest surge in coronavirus numbers, 88 cases reported on Thursday

India saw cases surge on March 26 as 88 new infections of coronavirus were reported. Maharashtra has reported 5 deaths so far, a septuagenarian in Mumbai admitted to Kasturba Gandhi Hospital was the latest casualty.

09:09 PM IST: Maharashtra reports one more death, death toll in state reaches 5

A 65-year-old woman died due to Covid-19 in Mumbai. She was already ailing from diabetes and hypertension. She was admitted 3 days ago when she complained of breathlessness.

08:43 PM IST: 'COVID-19 a powerful reminder of our interconnectedness and vulnerabilities': G20 leaders issues statement

The G20 leaders in their summit pledged to inject $5 trillion collectively to mitagate the economic downturn. Along with the economic initiative. G20 nations pledged to

- Protect lives. Safeguard people’s jobs and incomes. Restore confidence, preserve financial stability, revive growth and recover stronger. Minimize disruptions to trade and global supply chains. Provide help to all countries in need of assistance. Coordinate on public health and financial measures.

08:39 PM IST: G20 leaders decide on fiscal plan to revive economy

G20 leaders have decided to inject $5 trillion to revive world economy after thye Virtual Meeting that was held today.

08:22 PM IST: Coronavirus cases soar in India, 694 people affected 

So far, coronavirus has killed 16 people nationwide but cases soared on Thursday and now 694 cases have been reported so far of which only 45 patients have been cured.

08:19 PM IST: Chinese President Xi Jinping says removal of trade barriers necessary

Chinese premier Xi Jinping says global economic recovery can only begin if G20 countries remove trade barriers at G20 meet.

07:46 PM IST: Bihar registers fresh coronavirus case, 20-year-old affected

A 20-year-old boy has tested positive for Covid-19, cases in Bihar reach 7.

07:43 PM IST: Nagpur's first Covid-19 patient discharged

IGMC dean Dr. Keoliya said a patient who had coronavirus has been discharged after the second sample tested negative.

07:39 PM IST: 'Will reach level of community spread soon': Nigerian govt

Information Minister Lai Mohammed fears that coronavirus cases will explode in the coming days in Nigeria. The most populous country in Africa has reported 51 cases and 1 death.

07:35 PM IST: Assam to set up four 300-bed hospitals to tackle coronavirus

Health and Family Welfare Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said that he "had discussions with a leading private sector construction company regarding the temporary hospitals. Almost all parliamentarians from both ruling and opposition parties of Assam have also offered to contribute funds to set up the hospitals." Sarma said the facility will be built in Sarusajai Sports Complex and will be ready within a week.

07:07 PM IST: Agriculture ministry says 300 more mandis will begin operation from Friday

The agro ministry said to PTI that 1,600 mandis are functioning across the country, more 300 mandies will be made operational by Monday.

07:02 PM IST: Our responsibility to help least developed nations: Saudi King at G20

King Salman of Saudi Arabia who is chairing the G20 meet says that it is the responsibility to help impoverished nations overcome this coronavirus-stemmed crisis.

06:37 PM IST: CRPF donates ₹33.81 crore for PM relief fund

CRPF officers have donated their one day salary to Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund. The paramilitary force said in a statement, "CRPF personnel have decided to make a humble contribution of one day salary to Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund. We are dutifully commited to stand firmly with our Nation in this challenging time of COVID-19 spread.It’s an unanimous decision and a sincere effort by our personnel. The effort was to make the immediate contribution with the noble intent to keep it unrevealed. The CRPF remains steadfast towards its motto of service and loyalty."

06:19 PM IST: China fears second wave of coronavirus infection

Imported coronavirus cases are on the rise in China, as the nation reported 67 new cases, bringing the imported cases to 541 in the country. The total number of cases now stands at 81,285 while the NHC reported a total of 3,287 deaths at the end of Wednesday, up six from the previous day.

06:16 PM IST: London hospitals experience 'tsunami of patients' as coronavirus cases rise 

England's National Health Service is buckling under the stress of rising coronavirus cases. NHS has asked people to volunteer and has reemployed retired doctors.

06:04 PM IST: Covid-19 cases continue to rise in Jammu and Kashmir

2 more test positive 2 more persons, according to PTI, have tested positive for coronavirus in Jammu and Kashmir. The statewide affected numbers have now reached 13.

05:52 PM IST: West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee inspects social distancing exercise

West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee took to the streets to explain social distancing to common people in Kolkata. In a 173 second video, CM Banerjee can be seen in a protective mask directing vendors and officials.

05:47 PM IST: Survey says 64% of India businesses will survive Covid-19 onlsaught

An survey says that 64 per cent of Indian businesses are ready or getting ready to ride through the ongoing crisis due to COVID-19. 3% of small and medium businesses also remain assured that this crisis can be overcome.

05:28 PM IST: Germany ramps up testing capabilities 

Germany has boosted its testing capabilities to 500,000 a week, according to a AFP report. Christian Drosten, head of Institute of Virology at Berlin's Charite University Hospital, said, "The reason why Germany has so few deaths compared to the number of infected people can be explained by the fact that we carry out an extremely large number of laboratory diagnostic tests."

05:05 PM IST: More than 2,50,000 people are affected by Covid-19 in Europe

As cases continue to surge in Spain, Europe has become one of the epicenters of the Covid-19 disease. With 258,068, including 14,640 dead, Europe's healthcare faces a tough battle ahead. These numbers are compiled by WHO and national health ministries of Spain, Italy and other European nations.

04:52 PM IST: Spanish MotoGP cancelled due to Covid-19

The Spanish Moto Grand Prix is the latest sporting event which was to be held at the Jerez circuit was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The organisers said, "The ongoing coronavirus outbreak has obliged the event to be rescheduled."

04:47 PM IST: No rise in cases if people strictly adhere to rules: Health Ministry

ICMR's R Ganga Ketkar while speaking to the press said that the steps taken by the Centre are followed then there will no rise in cases in the country.

04:33 PM IST: 'No hard evidence of community transmission of covid-19 in India': Health Ministry

The Health Ministry, according to PTI said that there is no evidence of of community transmission of covid-19 in the country.

04:31 PM IST: Ambulances, doctors struggle to contain outbreak in Spain

Healthcare workers in Spain are in a race against time to save coronavirus patients as cases spiked in the European nation as overall number of coronavirus cases soared to 56,188 from 47,610.

04:25 PM IST PM: Modi asks Centre to scale up medical equipment supply

PM Modi in his cabinet meeting on Wednesday asked Centre's ministries to scale up production of medical equipment.

04:02 PM IST: China asks Pakistan to reopen border to transfer medical supplies 

China has asked its 'all-weather ally' Pakistan to reopen its borders so that the nation can send medical supplies to coronavirus-hit nation. The Chinese embassy in a letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the governor of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China would like to donate a batch of medical materials to Gilgit-Baltistan, according to a news agency in Pakistan.

03:42 PM IST: Nagpur reports one more coronavirus positive case

Cases in Maharashtra continue to spike as one person has tested positive for coronavirus in the state. Mahahrashtra has reported 125 cases so far.

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03:35 PM IST: Singaporean economy, a barometer of global trade health, shrinks sharply

The Singaporean economy which is headed for a recession after shrinking by 2.2 per cent signals that the world is heading for a deep, painful recession with more than three billion people now under lockdown, according to a report by AFP.

03:22 PM IST: Kotak Mahindra employees will get reimbursement for Covid-19 test

Kotak Mahindra, a financial services company, told its employees that family members and employees themselves will be reimbursed if they have been advised to take the Covid-19 confirmatory test. In a statement, Kotak Mahindra Bank, "All employees or immediate family members that are advised to go for COVID-19 testing will have the cost of the test done through private labs reimbursed to them."

03:19 PM IST: Iran coronavirus death rates continue to rise as 157 people reported dead

Iran's death toll due to coronavirus has reached 2,234 according to AFP, as 157 new deaths due to Covid-19 were reported on Thursday.

03:16 PM IST: Coronavirus financial package first step in the right direction: Rahul Gandhi

Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi says India owes a debt to its farmers and the financial package assisted is what was really needed for the daily wage labourers who were bearing the brunt of the ongoing lockdown.

03:02 PM: IST Malaysia reports spurt in coronavirus cases as 235 people test positive 

The total number of cases in Malaysia have doubled within a week.2,031 people are affected in Malaysia and 23 people have died due to Covid-19 in the country, according to a Reuters report.

02:43 PM IST: Rajasthan continues to see rise in coronavirus cases

The total number of cases in Rajasthan is now 40. The recent cases reported are those of a 45-year-old man in Jaipur and a 35-year-old man from Jhunjhunu, both of these individuals have foreign travel history.

02:34 PM IST: Septuagenarian dies in Rajasthan due to Covid-19

A 73-year-old man who died tested positive for Covid-19 died in Bhilwara, PTI said quoting Rajashtan Health Department officials. Co-morbidity was also one of the primary reasons for the man's death.

02:13 PM IST: ₹1.7 lakh cr package to be immediately implemented

₹1.7 lakh crore economic package will be implemented with immediate effect; cash doles from April 1: FM. 02:08 PM IST Today's measures for poorest of poor: FM Today's measures are for the poorest of the poor: FM

02:04 PM IST: Centre requests states to use district mineral fund

District Mineral Fund: Central Govt to request State Govts to use this fund to augment medical testing and screening and providing health attention, announces FM Sitharaman Her briefing ends. She starts taking questions from press

02:04 PM IST: Centre orders state govts to use welfare fund for construction workers

Welfare for building and construction workers, registered 3.5 crore workers to be benefited, Central Govt has given orders to State Govts to use fund (Rs31,000 crore) to provide relief, announces FM Sitharaman

01:57 PM IST: EPFO scheme regulation amended

EPFO scheme regulation will be amended, to allow non-refundable advance of 75% of the amount, now workers can withdraw 3 months wages, whichever is lower. It will benefit 4.8 crore workers registered with EPF.

01:53 PM IST: PF contributions for those firms with upto 100 employees in organised sector

PF contributions for those firms with upto 100 employees and those who earn upto than ₹15,000 per month

01:51 PM IST: Govt of India will pay the PF contribution for both the employer and employee for next months

Govt of India will pay the EPF contribution for both the employer and employee for next 3 months

01:47 PM IST: Free cylinders for 3 months to women under Ujjawala scheme

Women under Ujjawala scheme: Three cylinders free of cost for three months t be provided to them. Eight crore women to benefit

01:45 PM IST: ₹500 per month for 3 months to women jan dhan account holders

Women jan dhan account holders will get an amount of ₹500 per month for next 3 months

01:43 PM IST: Farmers to benefit from direct cash transfers

8.69 crore farmers to be immediately benefited through Direct cash transfers. Instalment of ₹2000 in the first week of April will be transferred: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman

01:42 PM IST: One time ex-gratia payment of ₹1000 to old, widowed, disabled

Old age people, widowed, disabled: Additional one time ex-gratia amount of ₹1000 in two instalment. Expected to benefit 3 crore people.

01:37 PM IST: FM announces food allocation for poor

Pradhan Mantri Gareeb Kalyan Ann Yojna(for next 3 months):80 cr poor ppl covered(2/3rd of India’s population), in addition to already allotted 5Kg of rice/wheat per person,an additional 5kg will be free. Additional 1kg pulse (acc to regional preference) will be given,announces FM

01:36 PM IST: Cash transfer schemes

Under cash transfers scheme: Will touch poor divayangs, farmers, poor pensioners under this

01:28 PM IST: Medical insurance for those at risk and attending to coronavirus patients

Medical insurance for those at risk and attending to coronavirus patients

01:27 PM IST: Package worth ₹1.7lakh cr for poor

FM Sitharaman addresses media: A package is ready for the poor who need immediate help like migrant workers and urban and rural poor. No one will go hungry. The package is worth ₹1.7 lakh crore: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman

01:25 PM IST: Don't want anyone to remain hungry, says FM

Don't want anyone to remain hungry, without money in hand: FM Sitharaman

01:21 PM IST: Delhi Metro to remain closed till April 14

Delhi Metro will remain closed till April 14, 2020, according to a DMRC statement. "We have received a few queries regarding the tenure of the closure of the Metro services. It is hereby informed that, in light of the lockdown issued by the government, Metro services will remain closed till 14 April 2020."

01:19 PM IST: Bihar CM announces ₹100 crore relief package for poor

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has announced a ₹100 crore relief package for the poor in wake of coronavirus lockdown.

12:51 PM IST: Food delivery executives who have ID cards will be allowed during Covid-19 lockdown, says Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal also said that all food delivery executives who have indentification cards will be allowed to move in Delhi during the 21-day nationwide lockdown.

12:50 PM IST: Will allow all essential service providers during lockdown, says Delhi CM

Along with the Delhi Lt Governor Anil Baijal's announcement of keeping essential services shops for 24 hrs, Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal said that all essential service providers will be allowed to move during lockdown.

12:44 PM IST: Mohalla clinics won't be shut, says Arvind Kejriwal after doctor tests Covid-19 positive

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal announced that Mohalla clinics won't be shut in the city. His statement comes after a 49 year old Doctor of Mohalla clinic was tested positive for coronavirus.

12:39 PM IST: Essential services shops to open 24 hrs in Delhi, says Lt Governor

Delhi Lt Governor Anil Baijal said that all essential services shops can remain open 24 hours in Delhi so that there is no rush of people.

12:20 PM IST: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman to address media at 1 PM

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will address the media at 1 PM this afternoon on the coronavirus outbreak in India She will be announcing an economic package soon to deal with the COVID 19 impact, reports PTI.

12:18 PM IST: Four new COVID-19 cases reported in Lucknow

Four new COVID-19 cases have been reported in Lucknow, taking the total tally of coronavirus cases in the state to above 40 on Thursday, reports ANI.

11:58 AM IST: Air quality in Ghaziabad and Noida improves amid COVID-19 lockdown

An improvement in the Air Quality Index was seen in Noida and Ghaziabad on Thursday due to the 21 day national lockdown imposed to fight the coronavirus pandemic. The AQI in Noida stood at 76 (satisfactory) and 92 (moderate) in Ghaziabad.

11:52 AM IST: Sonia Gandhi writes to PM Modi, lists suggestions to govt

Congress President Sonia Gandhi wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi by saying that the 21 day nationwide lockdown announced is a welcome step. She urged the need to provide N 95 masks and hazmat suits to doctors, nurses and health workers. She also asked the Union government to begin construction of temporary facilities and come up with ICUs and ventilators in geographical areas where the outbreak is expected to be concentrated in the near future.

11:27 AM IST: UAE Eases Work Visa Rules, Halts Public Transport for 2 Days

The United Arab Emirates, where expatriates make up about 85% of the population, eased rules for renewing worker visas and will shut public transportation for two days as it steps up its fight against the spread of the coronavirus, reports Bloomberg.

11:05 AM IST: People who came in contact with Mohalla clinic doctor quarantined for 14 days, says Delhi Health Minister

Satyendar Jain, the health minister of Delhi said that a total of 800 people who came in contact with the 49 year old Mohalla clinic doctor have been quarantined for a period of 14 days, reports ANI.

10:49 AM IST: Thailand reports 111 new coronavirus infections

Thailand reported 111 new coronavirus infections, taking its tally to 1,045, the government said on Twitter on Thursday. A state of emergency took effect. Authorities in Thailand, which has suffered four deaths in the pandemic, set up checkpoints on major roads linking provinces so as to increase screening in a bid to limit spread of the virus., reports Reuters.

10:44 AM IST: Positive cases touch 649, include 13 deaths, says Health Ministry

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare said that a total of 13 people have died and 649 cases have been confirmed due to the novel coronavirus.

09:44 AM IST: 2 new positive cases of Coronavirus in Mumbai and Thane

Maharashtra's health ministry confirmed 2 new cases of coronavirus,taking the total number of positive cases in the state to 124, reports ANI.

09:31 AM IST: New Zealand starts one month compulsory lockdown

New Zealand started a one-month compulsory lockdown on Thursday to slow the spread of the coronavirus, with warnings from authorities to stay at home or face big fines and even jail. Motorways, train stations and streets in downtown Auckland and Wellington were eerily silent in the morning as people stayed indoors. Office towers and shopping arcades were shuttered, reports Reuters.



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09:29 AM IST: J-K records first coronavirus death

Jammu and Kashmir has reported its first death from the novel coronavirus. The deceased was a 65 year old man who was a religious preacher. He had travelled to Delhi, UP, Jammu and Srinagar. Officials confirmed that the man was tested positive two days ago and had concealed his travel history.

08:57 AM IST: Thai central bank ready to provide liquidity to backstop financial system

Thailand's central bank is ready to provide liquidity support to money market and daily fixed income funds affected by cash shortage in the markets, it said in a statement. The central bank has recently set up a mutual fund liquidity facility to support the market through commercial banks as the coronavirus pandemic led to widespread disruptions in the global financial system, reports Reuters.

08:49 AM IST: United States coronavirus cases near 70,000, more than 1,000 dead

More than 1,000 people have died and 70,000 have been infected due to the novel coronavirus in United States, reports AFP.

08:24 AM IST: A 66-year-old man in West Bengal tests positive, total cases in state jump to 10

A 66 year old man in Nayabad, Kolkata, West Bengal tested positive for the coronavirus, taking the total number of confirmed cases to 10 in the state, reports ANI.

08:09 AM IST: US crude stockpiles rise, fuel demand drops

United States crude oil stockpiles rose last week, but one-week demand for fuels showed its biggest drop since December in the first inkling that the coronavirus pandemic is denting the country's energy demand, reports Reuters.

08:07 AM IST:  Saudi chairs G20 crisis talks as virus threatens recession

Leaders of the G20 major economies will hold an online summit Thursday in a bid to fend off a coronavirus-triggered recession, after criticism the group has been slow to address the crisis. US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin will join the emergency videoconference chaired by Saudi Arabia's King Salman, who is also under pressure to end an oil price war with Moscow that has roiled energy markets, reports AFP.

07:52 AM IST: Indian American hoteliers offer free accommodation to stranded Indian students

Indian American hoteliers have come forward to the rescue of Indian students stranded in the US following implementation of lockdown measures in the wake of coronavirus outbreak, by offering free accommodation and in some cases food, reports PTI.

Follow the government's latest travel advice if you are planning a trip outside India or travelling back to India from affected areas. You can also read World Health Organization's advice on basic protective measures against the virus. WHO has also busted some myths surrounding coronavirus. The Ministry of Health's special helpline is available at +91-11-23978046 and

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