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Never heard Dawood's voice, am innocent: Nadeem Saifi tells India Today

India Today logo India Today 14-11-2017

India Today on Monday aired telephonic conversations of fugitive underworld don Dawood Ibrahim speaking to members of his sprawling underworld and terrorist network. In one of the audio clips, Dawood discusses arrangements for one 'London Ustaad'.

'London Ustaad', top intelligence sources confirmed, is the code-name used for Nadeem Saifi, a Bollywood music composer wanted in connection with the 1997 sensational murder of fellow music producer Gulshan Kumar. Saifi spoke to India Today after the tapes were aired on television.

Saifi says he has never heard Dawood's voice before and he never got any security cover from the D-Company as referred to in the audio tapes. The former Bollywood music director said he lives in Dubai running a perfume business which apparently is not faring well these days.

Here's what he told India Today.

India Today: Have you seen India Today expose?

Nadeem Saifi: I saw it one hour back. It's all rubbish. Don't know where are we going. This is so surprising. I am in angry state of mind. This is very wrong.

You have to understand. I am a law abiding citizen. I never broke any traffic signal only. With my hands folded, I say that I am not afraid of anybody, as I don't lie, not afraid to die. You have seen me from last 20 years.

I am innocent. No one wants to believe. I can go to bigger platfom, but I don't do that. I am not Ehsanfaramosh (ungrateful). I am made because of you all. One day will come when one has to answer that why you tortured one innocent. One has to answer to the almighty. I swear by god that it's all lie.

UK government knows where did all I get the money, who fought for me in court. My family suffers, My parents are ill. Am only a composer. For last 20 years i am fighting "Julm". This is all wrong, an innocent man is been tortured, one day I will pass away(Die).

I swear that I have nothing to do, i never taken any help. Hindu brother sisters have helped me. Very clean and big businessman are they who helped me. UK govt. knows about this. I expect all to be fair. I am in Dubai.

Q Dawood's voice is there in our investigation in which we hear him giving orders to increase your security in London.

A Please do correct investigation. It's not right. You cannot say things which are untrue.



Q Conversations show that security was provided to you by Dawood?

A What rubbish is this? This is nonsense. This is very wrong. I don't know this. My guest were there. What wrong I have done? I never knew why do you all do? I never gave money nor taken from anyone. All courts have cleared me.

Q Why rubbish? It's a voice recorded by our investigators.

A Recorded voice hogi (It must be recorded). I never heard their (Dawood's and his associates) voice.

Q But it says that security was provided to you.

A These are all baseless. People are trying to defame me. Wrong information. People trying to defame me. It's a misinformation.

Q What are you doing these days?

A I am struggling for my life to feed my family. I am trying to get back to my music passion. I am a composer.

Q Did you open a perfume business in Dubai?

A Yes. Business is not going ok. Every business has ups and down.

Q Why don't you come to India?

A I want to come to India. It's my country. My parents say come to India. Mera vatan hai. Parent cry every day. I only can see. Where will I get the justice?

Q What is stopping you from coming to India?

A Have won in 5 courts and got clean chit also. You (government of India) have people who are accused, since you (GOI) couldn't prove them guilty. All have denied any involvement of mine. Bangalore Narco test head says clearly that one person can't lie in second interrogation. RS Sharma has gone to jail, he was lying.

Q But there is hardly any clarity in Gulshan Kumar murder case?

A Clarity was there. Investigation was wrong. But one clarity is there that I am innocent. We said many times that give it to CBI. If I am guilty why will I talk about re-investigation. We respect CBI. Why doesn't [the Indian government] give the case to CBI?

Q But why don't you come to India?

A Judges says that so many cases are pending. I am just a music composer. Not a politician. I have lot of followers. Hundreds and millions of hits are there on my songs in YouTube. People still love me. They listen to my music.

Q Are you in touch with the film Industry in India?

A I am in touch with the industry and journalists. I have not escaped. I talk to them every day. I am not absconding. I live in a nearby country, in Dubai.



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