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Is there such a thing as a cheap Ferrari?

Classic & Sports Car Logo By Martin Buckley of Classic & Sports Car | Slide 1 of 27: Is there such a thing as a cheap Ferrari?

Prancing Horse performance for less than you’d think

There's probably no such thing as a budget Ferrari – unless, of course, you’re a filthy rich banker and your daily budget is £5k.

In which case, take your pick. For the rest of us, it’s difficult to call any Prancing Horse affordable. It is possible, though, to find a gleaming red Italian sports car for less than you might think – as these gems prove.

Among some of the less-old 2+2 models and more recent V8 machines built in larger numbers, there are several classic Ferraris that you can scoop for between £25k and £50k.

Sure, that’s hardly pocket change – but, if you’re lucky enough to have a nest egg going spare, one of these might just be the best way to spend it. Here are seven budget Ferraris you should look at.

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