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Blog: Australia vs India, Day 3, Melbourne Test

ABC News logo ABC News 28-12-2014 James Maasdorp and Jon Healy

Aus vs India, Melbourne: Day 3 in pictures

THAT'S STUMPS! India ends the day 68 runs behind Australia

Full credit must go to Virat Kohli, who batted spectacularly for his career-best 169 before falling to Mitchell Johnson at the end of the day.

Ajinkya Rahane was the other undisputed star of the day, scoring his highest Test score - 147 - as he and Kohli put on 262 for the fourth wicket.

Ryan Harris was strong for the Australians and has a shot at a five-wicket haul after finishing today with 4-69.

Nathan Lyon has 2-108, including the huge breakthrough wicket of Rahane, while Shane Watson has also nabbed 1-65.

Johnson will be happy he picked up the wicket of Kohli (who had been mouthing off all day), but all in all he wasn't great today. He was very expensive in the last session today and has 1-133 heading into day four.

Josh Hazlewood has been economical toiled hard but has no rewards thus far. He regularly bowled too short to Rahane who never looked troubled by the bouncers.

KOHLI'S GONE FOR 169!! c Haddin b Johnson. IND 8-462 (Shami 9*) - trails by 68. 

Wow!! Haddin takes another sreamer diving in front of Watson at slip.

IND 7-462 (Shami 9, Kohli 169) - trails by 68 runs

After defending a few Lyon deliveries, Kohli whips a straighter ball off his pads for a single.

Shami negotiates the last delivery of the over.

IND 7-461 (Shami 9, Kohli 168) - trails by 69 runs

WALLOP!! Kohli gets one look at Johnson and tonks him back over his head for a four. Great shot.

And, of course, he mouths off after the fact.

Now he gets off strike with a single to square leg off a very predictable bouncer.

Shami defends the rest of the over.

IND 7-456 (Shami 9, Kohli 163) - trails by 74 runs

Lyon's first ball is too short and too wide and Shami cuts hard for three as Harris tracks it down.

Now Kohli tries to go big again but is almost caught by a diving Lyon. It's tracked on the straight boundary and Kohli gets one more run.

True to form, Kohli has words with Lyon.

Shami sees out the rest of the over safely.

Nathan Lyon replaces Hazlewood.

IND 7-452 (Shami 6, Kohli 162) - trails by 78 runs

Kohli drives Johnson over the off side and picks up one as Chris Rogers returns the ball from mid-off.

Shami chips one and it doesn't quite carry to Johnson who accidentally kicks it away and he steals a single.

Kohli tries to send Johnson's last ball into Geelong but gets an inside edge and it bounces to Harris at mid-on for a dot ball.

IND 7-450 (Shami 5, Kohli 161) - trails by 80 runs

Hazlewood replaces Watson and Shami steals a quick single to cover.

Kohli follows suit and Shami has one ball to negotiate.

He defends it easily.

IND 7-448 (Shami 4, Kohli 160) - trails by 82 runs

Mitchell Johnson returns to the attack and opens with a slower ball. Interesting choice. Dot ball.

Kohli drives the next ball and it dribbles to deep point but he doesn't take the single on offer.

And more of the same. He really doesn't want Shami on strike.

Johnson launches another misdirected slower ball down the leg side. Pretty ordinary bowling from him this session.

CRACK!! Kohli smashes Johnson through cover for four and has a few words to the bowler afterwards.

AND ANOTHER!! He gives Johnson more of the same but this time it flies over the in-field for four more runs.

IND 7-440 (Shami 4, Kohli 152) - trails by 90 runs

Watson will continue.

Kohli whips him to mid-on but it's batted down and they don't take a run.

Now he goes down the ground and they steal a single after it cannons off the stumps.

BOOF! Shami waits for a Watson delivery and cuts it to the backward-point boundary for four. Nice shot.

IND 7-435 (Shami 0, Kohli 151) - trails by 95 runs

Shami sees out the rest of Harris' over, which includes a wide.

ASHWIN'S OUT FOR 0!! c&b Harris. IND 7-434 (Kohli 151*) - trails by 96

Ashwin chips one back to Harris and the big paceman juggles it but secures it on the chest.

Mohammed Shami comes out to the crease. Strap in. There could be a few wickets here.

IND 6-434 (Ashwin 0, Kohli 151) - trails by 96 runs

Aside from the four to long-off from his first delivery, Watson bowled a tight over there, with Kohli defending the last five deliveries.

150 up for Virat Kohli. 242 balls (15 x 4s, 0 x 6s)

IND 6-430 (Ashwin 0, Kohli 147) - trails by 100 runs

BIG SHOUT!! Harris gets one to nip back and it raps Ashwin on the pads, but Kettleborough say no.

DHONI'S GONE FOR 11!! c Haddin b Harris. IND 6-430 (Kohli 147*) - trails by 100 runs

Dhoni edges as he looks to flick Harris through cover and it carries to Haddin for an easy catch.

That's a huge breakthrough. Australia's into the fragile indian tail now.

In saying that, Ravichandran Ashwin is the next man in and he is more than handy with the willow.

Ryan Harris continuing to Dhoni.

IND 5-430 (Dhoni 11, Kohli 147) - trails by 100 runs

Shane Watson coming in to Kohli who's defending the persistent all-rounder for the first maiden in 19 overs.

IND 5-430 (Dhoni 11, Kohli 147) - trails by 100 runs

Half a shout as Dhoni is hit on the pads by Ryan Harris but again, outside off and too far down the pitch to give it out.

Dhoni gets a single after defending a shot straight back to Harris, who hurls it back at the stumps and it ricochets away behind square.

Kohli picks up a single of his own, working off his pads to mid-wicket.

Dhoni gets two more runs with a hideous slash at a wide delivery that dribbles past cover.

India is just 100 runs behind Australia.

IND 5-426 (Dhoni 8, Kohli 146) - trails by 104 runs

Dhoni tries to sweep Lyon but just about does the splits as he miscues it for no run.

FOUR! That's better from Dhoni. Down on one knee and hammering Lyon behind square.

Dhoni slashes through cover and it is just barely cut off by Hazlewood right on the rope.

IND 3-419 (Dhoni 1, Kohli 146) - trails by 111 runs

Mitchell Johnson comes back into the attack and Kohli bunts a single to cover.

Like Steve Smith in the Australian innings, Kohli looks to have all the time in the world with bat in hand.

EDGED! Dhoni pushes at one but it doesn't carry to Smith at second slip.

Now he gets off the mark with a hooked single to fine leg.

IND 3-417 (Dhoni 0, Kohli 145) - trails by 113 runs

Kohli puts Dhoni back on strike to Lyon as he turns another easy single to the leg side.

Dhoni feels for one outside off and chips it short of cover. Very unconvincing.

The captain doesn't look comfortable against Hazlewood or Lyon but it always feels a bit like the calm before the storm when Dhoni is out there.

IND 3-416 (Dhoni 0, Kohli 144) - trails by 114 runs

Skipper MS Dhoni comes out to the crease and Kohli puts him on strike with a single off his hip from Hazlewood's bowling.

CLOSE! Dhoni feels tentatively pushes at one outside off but misses everything.

AND AGAIN. Dhoni plants his front foot and takes a big swing as it raps into his pads. The Aussies go up but umpire Richard Kettleborough rightly says not out. Dhoni was a mile outside off.

Match pictures from Day 3

RAHUL'S GONE FOR 3!! b Lyon c Hazlewood IND 3-415 (Kohli 143*) - trails by 115

Rahul goes for a slog sweep and it's skied to Josh Hazlewood at short fine leg who takes the easy catch. That was a terribly ill-advised shot.

IND 3-415 (Rahul 2, Kohli 143) - trails by 115 runs

Kohli brought up his highest Test score with that last single, and moves to 143 with one more to the leg side off Lyon.

DROPPED!! Rahul charges and flicks Lyon over the in-field but 12th man Peter Siddle drops the easy overhead chance. They run two.

IND 3-412 (Rahul 1, Kohli 142) - trails by 118 runs

Hazlewood continues and Kohli defends the first two deliveries. Maybe now that the partnership is broken he'll look to hang around with Rahul a bit.

Another defended dot ball.

Now he works off his hip to mid-wicket to give Rahul his first look at a Test quick.

Solid defence to end the over.

IND 3-411 (Rahul 1, Kohli 141) - trails by 119 runs

Rahul gets his first Test runs immediately, working Lyon off his pads somewhat edgily for a single.

Kohli does the same and retains the strike for the next over.

RAHANE'S GONE FOR 147!! lbw Lyon IND 4-409 (Kohli 140) - trails by 121

Lyon straightens one from around the wicket and that's given out but whether it straightened enough is certainly debatable.

Rahane missed everything as he tried another sweep shot and it's hit his back thigh but it looked like it may have been sliding past the off stump.

Regardless, Rahane's on his way back to the pavilion and rightly raises his bat. Brilliant, much-needed innings.

Debutant Lokesh Rahul is striding out to the crease.

IND 3-409 (Rahane 147, Kohli 140) - trails by 121 runs

Kohli moves to 140 as he waits on a Lyon delivery and guides it to third man.

CHANCE! Rahane tries to cut a wide one and Haddin snaffles it, but no edge apparently.

BANG! Now Rahane sweeps and it goes behind square for four.

IND 3-404 (Rahane 143, Kohli 139) - trails by 126 runs

Australian physio Alex Kontouris is out on the ground to tape up Brad Haddin's finger, and India joins in, trotting out half its support team to give the batsmen a drink.

Hazlewood finaly gets underway and, right on cue, bangs it in short. Luckily, Kohli can't get a hold of it and bunts it to the on side.

Now Hazlewood pitches up too much and goes too wide. Kohli drives through cover and they pick up three to bring up India's 400.

First extras of the day come up as Rahane tries to work off his pads but misses and it trickles fine for a single.

Kohli defends Hazlewood's finally delivery and picks up another single as it trickles to deep point.

IND 3-399 (Rahane 143, Kohli 135) - trails by 131 runs

Kohli easily works a single off Lyon.

FOUR! Rahane just places a drive through cover for yet another boundary. He gets off strike with a single.

Kohli defends two Lyon deliveries before driving to mid-on for a single.

IND 3-392 (Rahane 139, Kohli 133) - trails by 138 runs

Josh Hazlewood is replacing Johnson who has been very poor since tea.

Kohli is immediately on the front foot and gets a single to mid-off.

BANG! Rahane hammers another short, wide Hazlewood delivery through backward square for another four.

He and Kohli trade singles and it really does look easy for them out there.

Small victory here. Rahane leaves one alone outside off. Another expensive over.

IND 3-385 (Rahane 133, Kohli 131) - trails by 145 runs

Lyon continuing to Kohli.

Kohli is being watchful to Lyon but is clearly seeing it like a watermelon. He tries a hard cover drive but it's stopped well by Shaun Marsh.

Now he slaps one from outside off down the ground for a single. Lyon got a hand on that and would have run Rahane out but the ricochet just missed the stumps.

Rahane leans on a wider delivery and sends it through cover for two more runs.

IND 3-382 (Rahane 131, Kohli 130) - trails by 148 runs

Johnson continuing and Kohli works off his body for a single.

Now Johnson pitches up wide outside off and Rahane gets another single through backward square.

Kohli picks up another single with an inside edge to the leg side as he tries a cover drive.

Melbourne test: Latest pics from Day 3

IND 3-379 (Rahane 130, Kohli 128) - trails by 151 runs

Nathan Lyon coming into the attack, arguably just for a change of pace.

Kohli easily works two off his hip. And adds one more with a similar stroke.

Rahane follows suit with another single and Kohli goes to mid-on for one more.

Rahane easily drives past mid-on for two more runs. Expensive over from Lyon.

IND 3-368 (Rahane 123, Kohli 124) - trails by 162 runs

FOUR!! Johnson bowls yet another short ball and Rahane clears his front leg, thanks the bowler and hammers him to the boundary.

That takes Rahane to 119 and past his previous highest Test score, set against New Zealand earlier this year.

FOUR MORE!! He gives himself some more room and drives Johnson to the long-off boundary.

IND 3-360 (Rahane 115, Kohli 124) - trails by 170 runs

Kohli and Rahane trade singles to start Harris' over but can't get his last four balls away.

And for the third time since the tea break, someone in an orange vest is running out to give Kohli something to drink.

IND 3-359 (Rahane 114, Kohli 124) - trails by 171 runs

FOUR! Johnson bangs it in short and Kohli goes bang, hammering it through mid-wicket like a rocket. Joe Burns put in a decent dive but that would have been a ridiculous catch.

200 partnership up.

FOUR MORE!! Johnson goes short again and Kohli hammers him squarer this time. Burns dives the other way but again can't touch it.

AND ANOTHER!!! One more short ball, four more runs through mid-wicket.

Johnson finally pitches one up and gets a dot.

He puts it full and outside off and Kohli just leans on it. It flies through the covers and the batsmen pick up three runs.

Rahane cops another bouncer from Johnson and easily bunts it down to Burns for a dot.

Ridiculous over. 16 runs from it and Johnson now has figures of 0-101.

IND 3-343 (Rahane 114, Kohli 108) - trails by 187 runs

Harris continuing to Kohli.

Kohli flicks off his pads again, this time through mid-wicket, and he and Rahane showcase some very nice running between wickets to pick up three more.

Not a bad over from Harris, just that one straighter ball giving Kohli a chance to free his arms.

IND 3-340 (Rahane 114, Kohli 105) - trails by 190 runs

Mitchell Johnson coming in to Ajinkya Rahane.

Rahane gets on the back foot to a short ball and guides it past gully for three. He has barely looked troubled by short-pitched bowling all day but it appears to be a plan to him.

Johnson goes short to Kohli and the vice-captain tries to pull him through mid-wicket but can only get a bottom edge straight into the pitch.

Now Johnson gets too straight on to Kohli's pads and it's flicked fine for a single.

IND 3-336 (Rahane 111, Kohli 104) - trails by 194 runs

Ryan Harris resumes to Kohli after tea.

His first delivery is short and wide outside the off stump (AKA The Ishant Sharma line) and Kohli just bunts it to the off side.

Kohli is just getting back into the groove after the break, defending the last five deliveries of the over.


THAT'S TEA! INDIA 3-336 (Rahane 111*, Kohli 104*) - TRAILS AUSTRALIA BY 194 RUNS

India's session, no question. Ajinkya Rahane and Virat Kohli have been stupendously good throughout their innings, both registering centuries as India have raced towards parity with Australia. There's still a way to go before that happens, mind you, and Australia will be ruing three missed chances to dismiss the pair.

First, Nathan Lyon spilled what looked a criminally simple return catch as Rahane bumped the ball straight back to him, before Rahane edged Mitchell Johnson to first slip, where Shane Watson grassed the chance. Brad Haddin's positioning during that drop catch was also called into question.

Haddin then had the chance to chase down a sky-high top edge, but failed to make enough ground as his diving attempt missed the ball.

IND 3-336 (Rahane 111, Kohli 104) - trails by 194 runs

Shorter ball from Hazlewood as Kohli tucks it off his ribs to square leg for a single. That's all she wrote for that over as tea is called.

CENTURY FOR KOHLI! 11x4s, 0x6s, 166 BALLS. INDIA 3-334 (Rahane 111*)

Super shot! Kohli drives Lyon authoritatively through cover to bring up a Test century at the MCG in a Boxing Day Test. A subdued celebration follows as he blows a kiss towards the dressing rooms. Sensational stuff from the star batsman. He becomes only the second Indian batsman, after Sunil Gavaskar, to score three tons in a series in Australia.

A little bit of history for you: India has passed 328, which is the highest score by any team in the history of Test cricket without an extra on the scoreboard. Well done both teams?

IND 3-330 (Rahane 111, Kohli 98) - trails by 200 runs

Hazlewood to Kohli. Kohli scampers home for a quick single, playing out to midwicket.

OOF! Hazlewood gets it in shirt and catches Rahane on the body as the batsman leans back for an attempted paddle-cut behind the slips. Replays show it caught him on the glove in front of the armpit.

FOUR! Hazlewood gets it in his head that he can bounce Rahane out, but Rahane does what he's done all innings with a sumptuous pull-shot in front of square.

Rahane follows that up with an audacious paddle shot over the slips. It bounces once and is well stopped by David Warner on the third-man boundary, who keeps it to one.

Kohli also gets a single to end the over, playing it to short midwicket.

IND 3-323 (Rahane 106, Kohli 96) - trails by 207 runs

Rahane defends on the front foot against Watson and elects to take a cheeky single as the ball bobbles to short cover.

Now Kohli moves to 95 as he pushes Watson past midwicket for two runs.

Kohli gets another single, steering the ball past point.

FOUR! Lovely drive from Rahane! He doesn't look like slowing down as he clobbers Watson out to the cover fence.

IND 3-315 (Rahane 101, Kohli 93) - trails by 215 runs

Kohli studiously watches out a Hazlewood maiden over.

IND 3-318 (Rahane 102, Kohli 95) - trails by 212 runs

Rahane defends on the front foot against Watson and elects to take a cheeky single as the ball bobbles to short cover.

Now Kohli moves to 95 as he pushes Watson past midwicket for two runs.

IND 3-315 (Rahane 101, Kohli 93) - trails by 215 runs

Kohli studiously watches out a Hazlewood maiden over.

Latest pictures from Day 3

CENTURY FOR RAHANE! 13x4s, 0x6s 127 BALLS! INDIA 3-315 (Kohli 93*)

Rahane slashes at a Watson delivery and gets it over the slips cordon to third man for a boundary! That brings up his century, and what a knock it's been! Beautifully placed, with some exquisite boundaries to bring up his first ton of the series, and third of his Test career. Take a bow, Ajinkya.

IND 3-311 (Rahane 97, Kohli 93) - trails by 219 runs

Risky single! Kohli plays it short towards cover and has to get on his bike to make it home! He stretches out the bat and slides home as Lyon picks up and throws in the same motion. Kohli's safe, one run.

Rahame plays Johnson out towards point and makes a quick single himself. Both batsmen inching towards their tons.

Johnson pitches it up to Kohli and the batsman works it off his pads through midwicket for two runs.

IND 3-307 (Rahane 96, Kohli 90) - trails by 227 runs

Rahane drives through midwicket, getting a single on Harris's first ball of the over.

Now Kohli's into the nineties with a single towards the legside.

FOUR! Too short from Harris and Rahane just dinks this over the slips cordon with an up-and-under shot to third man. Beautiful!

IND 3-301 (Rahane 91, Kohli 89) - trails by 229 runs

Johnson sends it down short to Rahane and, as usual, Rahane pulls it expertly to midwicket for a single. Now the batsmen are level on 88. Kohli was 26 when Rahane came in to bat.

IN THE AIR! Kohli looks to hook Johnson but it rises on him quickly! It's a sky-high top edge and Haddin's sprinting after it! He dives but ..... misses the chance! Desperate times for Australia. The batsmen cross for one.

Now Johnson calls for a third slip in a statement of intent, challenging the batsman to drive. Johnson pitches it full, inviting the drive and Rahane obliges, squeezing it out past point and picks up two runs. He overtakes Kohli to reach 90.

Rahane will keep strike with a single to square leg.

IND 3-296 (Rahane 87, Kohli 88) - trails by 235 runs

FOUR! Short and wide from Harris and Rahane blasts this to backward point with a handsome cut shot.

AND ANOTHER! Harris strays too far down the leg side. It's pitched below the knee-roll and Rahane helps it along its way, flicking it off his pads to the fine leg fence. Rahane's going to reach his century before Kohli at this rate.

Rahane will keep strike with a single to square leg off the last ball of the over.

IND 3-287 (Rahane 78, Kohli 88) - trails by 243 runs

DROPPED! Johnson gets the edge off Kohli's bat and it's grassed by Watson at first slip! That could be argued to have been Haddin's catch, not the slips fielder! "That could be an expensive miss," says Jim Maxwell.

IND 3-287 (Rahane 78, Kohli 88) - trails by 243 runs

FOUR! Rahane clips Harris off his pads and gets it past the fielder at midwicket, who dives but misses the ball as it trundles along towards the rope.

IND 3-283 (Rahane 74, Kohli 88) - trails by 247 runs

OUCH! Kohli blocks the ball straight back to Johnson, who flings it instinctively straight back at the stumps, and catches the retreating batsman flush on the calf muscle! Johnson offers an immediate apology.

SWING AND A MISS! Kohli tries to respond with a big back-foot cover drive but finds nothing but air. Nearly an edge to Haddin.

EDGED AND FOUR! Things are getting a bit tetchy out there as Kohli flashes another shot at Johnson, finding the edge and getting it uppishly through the gap between slip and gulley to the rope at third man.

IND 3-279 (Rahane 74, Kohli 84) - trails by 251 runs

Ryan Harris takes the second new ball. His first ball is outside the offstump and Rahane leaves it alone.

Harris's placement is of its usual consistency, and that's a maiden.

IND 3-279 (Rahane 74, Kohli 84) - trails by 251 runs

The new ball has been given to Mitchell Johnson. The first ball is pitched outside offstump to Rahane, and it dies before reaching Haddin behind the stumps.

Johnson tries the intimidatory tactic of bouncing Rahane, but the batsman has been superb against the short ball all day. He's all over this pull shot as he works to deep midwicket for three runs.

IND 3-276 (Rahane 71, Kohli 84) - trails by 254 runs

Another run for Kohli who straight-bats Lyon down to long-on for one.

DROP CATCH! Was that a bump ball? Rahane's block shot has gone through Lyon's fingers and away, and there's an exasperated expression from Lyon. Bump ball, surely? NO! Replays show Rahane spooned it straight back to the bowler and Lyon has grassed an absolute sitter!

Rahane calms things down with a single to cover to keep strike for the next over.

Latest pics from Day 3

IND 3-274 (Rahane 70, Kohli 83) - trails by 256 runs

A bit tidier from Smith this time, until he lets a loose, short delivery go which Rahane pulls hard to midwicket, but only for one run. He moves into the seventies.

Kohli also gets a single on the last ball, pushing forward to mid-off for one.

IND 3-272 (Rahane 69, Kohli 82) - trails by 258 runs

Kohli tucks Lyon to square leg for a single. Rahane gets one run himself, nudging the bowler to fine leg.

IND 3-270 (Rahane 68, Kohli 81) - trails by 260 runs

Steve Smith has opted to put himself on to bowl, in an effort to make something happen for his team.

The first ball is flat and short, and Kohli doesn't get hold of the pull-shot, but finds a small gap at mid-wicket for one run.

Rahane is also pulling the next delivery. It's hit towards square leg for a single.

Kohli puts Rahane on strike with another single.

FOUR! Full and flighted down the offside, and Rahane drives hard past the diving fielder at extra cover. Lovely shot.

Another single follows as Rahane plays Smith to cover, before Kohli retains strike with another run off the last ball. Nine off the over.

IND 3-261 (Rahane 62, Kohli 78) - trails by 269 runs

Lyon doesn't get much turn in his next over, but keeps Rahane blocking to chalk up a maiden over.

IND 3-261 (Rahane 62, Kohli 78) - trails by 269 runs

FOUR! Super shot from Kohli! He leans forward and strokes a length Watson delivery through cover, beating the fielder for pace and getting another boundary!

More runs for Kohli as he picks Watson off through the gap at mid-wicket. He gets three.

There's trouble as three birds fly across the pitch as Watson bowls, but Rahane seems untroubled as he clips it off his pads to pick up three runs to midwicket.

IND 3-251 (Rahane 59, Kohli 71) - trails by 279 runs

Kohli works Lyon to deep mid-on for an easy single.

Rahane gets two runs at the end of the over, playing Lyon to deep square leg as the fielder restricts a third run.

IND 3-248 (Rahane 57, Kohli 70) - trails by 282 runs

Hazlewood bangs it in short to Kohli, who obliges with the pull shot behind square leg. One run.

Shot, Rahane! He drives through extra cover towards the boundary. It's kept in very well by Chris Rogers, but the batsmen cross for three runs. That brings up the century partnership between these two, coming off 138 balls.

Kohli gets a single to end the over.

IND 3-243 (Rahane 54, Kohli 68) - trails by 287 runs

FOUR! Watson's been tidy this over but his first ball is shorter than the others and it's cut behind point by Rahane to the rope.

FIFTY FOR RAHANE! 6x4s, 0x6s, 60 BALLS. INDIA 3-239 (Kohli 68*)

Rahane works Hazlewood towards midwicket and that's the single to take him to a half-ton! A great little knock at a lively pace from Rahane. He's been positive and has made things happen for India under pressure from Australia's big total. Let's see if he can go on with it.

IND 3-238 (Rahane 49, Kohli 68) - trails by 292 runs

Watson is economical as ever, producing a maiden against Kohli.

Hazlewood is back to Rahane, who flashes at a short ball but misses as the cut shot nearly finds an edge.

IND 3-238 (Rahane 49, Kohli 68) - trails by 292 runs

Hazlewood pitches it short and Kohli cuts behind point. "This is a big ground for threes," says Jim Maxwell, as Kohli picks up a trio of runs.

FOUR! Short from Hazlewood and Rahane hooks upwards and safely over the infield. It bounds away to the square leg rope. Time to stop offering that shot to Rahane, he's pretty much mastered it by now.

IND 3-231 (Rahane 45, Kohli 65) - trails by 269 runs

Shane Watson is bowling to Kohli, who drifts across to defend away safely.

Kohli works Watson off his pads and wants two behind square leg. He has to hurry for the second but he makes it home in time under pressure from a good throw from the outfield.

Watson drifts down the legside again and Kohli wristily works this through midwicket off his pads. It finds the gap and he gets three.

IND 3-226 (Rahane 45, Kohli 60) - trails by 274 runs

We're just two minutes away from the start of the second session.

Josh Hazlewood is bowling to Ajinkya Rahane, who is forward and defending the first ball.

Hazlewood pitches it short to Rahane who skies a hook shot over square leg. It lands safely and the batsmen cross for two runs.

Latest match pictures

THAT'S LUNCH! INDIA 3-224 (Rahane 43*, Kohli 60*), TRAILS AUSTRALIA BY 276 RUNS

A nicely poised session with India finishing the stronger at the end of it. Australia started excellently when Ryan Harris got the edge off Cheteshwar Pujara's (25) bat, prompting a sensational one-handed catch from Brad Haddin to get the early breakthrough.

Murali Vijay (68) fell shortly after as Shane Watson got a wicket with the batsman edging to the slips, but from then on India found its foothold in the innings. Virat Kohli (60 not out) and Ajinkya Rahane (43 not out) have batted positively with lovely drives and cheeky cut shots characterising both their innings. They are travelling at a very healthy run-rate. The task now is for them to see out another session entirely to put India in a fortified position.

IND 3-224 (Rahane 43, Kohli 60) - trails by 276 runs

Lyon to bowl the last over before tea.

Rahane gets a single, flicking Lyon behind square leg.

Kohli clips one along the ground towards the man at midwicket. One run.

Rahane gets another single to bring up lunch.

IND 3-221 (Rahane 41, Kohli 59) - trails by 279 runs

FOUR! Full from Johnson and angled across the stumps; Kohli leans forward and presents a straight bat to drive it straight back past the bowler to the fence.

AND ANOTHER! This time Kohli leans back and cuts Johnson through the gap at gulley for a second boundary of the over. Super stuff.

IND 3-213 (Rahane 41, Kohli 51) - trails by 287 runs

Lyon gets through a maiden over as Rahane opts to dead-bat the six balls.

FIFTY FOR KOHLI! 6x4s, 0x6s, 86 BALLS. INDIA 3-213 (Rahane 41*)

Lovely shot as Kohli plays the late cut off Johnson to run it down to the third man fence! This has been another sparkling innings from India's star batsman. He and Rahane have combined for some positive batting as the tourists try to make something of this match.

IND 3-209 (Rahane 41, Kohli 47) - trails by 291 runs

Johnson is back into the attack.

Another audacious shot from Rahane, who has raced into the forties with a late cut shot off Johnson's searing pace. He guides it behind point for another three runs.

Kohli works a ball off his ribcage through the gap at midwicket for a couple of runs.

Johnson come around the wicket this time and sends it short to Kohli, who pulls it square for another two runs.

IND 3-202 (Rahane 38, Kohli 43) - trails by 298 runs

Kohli leans forward and pushes Lyon towards long-on for another single.

Shot from Rahane, who cuts Lyon behind point through the gap. He'll pick up three.

IND 3-198 (Rahane 35, Kohli 42) - trails by 302 runs

Harris is back and coming around the wicket to the right-handed Rahane.

It's another bouncer and Rahane plays another expertly-controlled hook to get a single towards square leg.

Another Harris bouncer, this time to Kohli from over the wicket, and Kohli dinks it in the air to land safely at mid-wicket. Another single.

IND 3-196 (Rahane 34, Kohli 41) - trails by 304 runs

Rahane is looking to make things happen as he makes room for himself to cut Lyon through point for two runs.

Another single for Rahane as he works the spin bowler behind square leg.

IND 3-193 (Rahane 31, Kohli 41) - trails by 307 runs

A bouncer from Harris, and Rahane pulls it well behind square leg. It's along the ground to the fielder and the batsman gets one for it.

Kohli gets a single with a tip-and-run hit to short cover.

FOUR! Great hook shot from Rahane who fronts up to the challenge of another Harris bouncer and gets it away to fine leg! He's 30 from 22 balls, now!

Another short one from Harris, and Rahane pulls again. A little uppishly this time, but it lands safely before the fielder at mid-wicket. One run.

Latest pictures from Day 3

IND 3-186 (Rahane 25, Kohli 40) - trails by 314 runs

Great bowling from Lyon who keeps Kohli Kohli very quiet with a maiden over.

IND 3-186 (Rahane 25, Kohli 40) - trails by 314 runs

Harris is back into the attack.

Kohli comes forward and defends, and runs home a quick single to short cover.

IND 3-185 (Rahane 25, Kohli 39) - trails by 315 runs

Kohli gets one run off Lyon to square leg. Rahane then follows suit, walking a single to fine leg.

Kohli ends Lyon's over with another single, struck again to fine leg.

IND 3-182 (Rahane 24, Kohli 37) - trails by 318 runs

FOUR! Rahane moves into the twenties with a punchy drive through cover!

FOUR MORE! What a shot this is! Rahane leans back to a short Hazlewood delivery and prods a cut shot perfectly through the gap in the slips cordon for another boundary!

IND 3-174 (Rahane 16, Kohli 37) - trails by 326 runs

Nathan Lyon is bowling his first spell of day three. Kohli gets a single off the offspinner behind square leg.

Nice shot from Rahane who drives Lyon through cover on the back foot. He gets two.

EDGED, AND FOUR! Lucky, lucky Rahane! He edges Lyon very fine and past Haddin's gloves! It races to the third-man fence. Will that ask more questions of Haddin's keeping?

FOUR MORE! No luck in this shot, this time. Rahane is all about the technique as he powers Lyon to long on.

IND 3-162 (Rahane 6, Kohli 35) - trails by 368 runs

Hazlewood is driven well by Rahane through the gap at cover! It won't be four, but he picks up three good runs.

FOUR! Short from Hazlewood and pulled marvelously by Kohli! That's hit hard and low, but still only bounces twice before bounding over the square-leg rope.

Kohli ends the over with a single to fine leg, clipping a full ball off his pads.

IND 3-154 (Rahane 3, Kohli 30) - trails by 376 runs

Watson pitches it short to Rahane, who pulls hard and low towards deep midwicket. It won't reach the boundary rope but he will get three for it.

FOUR! Another show of expert timing from Kohli who places his bat and caresses Watson through the covers! He moves into the thirties.

IND 3-147 (Rahane 0, Kohli 26) - trails by 383 runs

Hazlewood "is proving very hard to get away," says Jim Maxwell, as he gets through a maiden over.

IND 3-147 (Rahane 0, Kohli 26) - trails by 383 runs

Ajinkya Rahane is the new man in for India. He faces the last ball of Watson's over, pushing forward defensively to see it out.


Watson strikes! Perfect length and Vijay looked to flick it through point, but could only edge it to Shaun Marsh at first slip! India's dangerman is gone and the tourists are three down.

IND 2-147 (Vijay 68, Kohli 26) - trails by 383 runs

Josh Hazlewood is starting his first spell of the day.

Vijay works him for a single midway through the over, getting one run out to square leg.

Match pictures

IND 2-146 (Vijay 67, Kohli 26) - trails by 384 runs

Shane 'Watto' Watson is starting a new spell.

His first ball is driven authoritatively down the ground by Kohli. Josh Hazlewood manages to haul it in before the rope as Kohli gets two.

Kohli gets another couple of runs with a clipped shot past midwicket.

IND 2-142 (Vijay 67, Kohli 22) - trails by 388 runs

FOUR! Lovely cover drive from Vijay who powers Johnson through the gap in the infield for another boundary.

IND 2-138 (Vijay 63, Kohli 22) - trails by 392 runs

Kohli clips Harris behind square leg to pick up two runs.

IND 2-136 (Vijay 63, Kohli 20) - trails by 394 runs

EDGED! But safe! Johnson pitches it short of a length at 142kph and gets the outside edge off Vijay's bat! It was uppish but died in time to bounce short of Haddin and his team-mates in the slips.

WALLOP! Johnson gets one on the helmet! That's a genuine bumper that catches Vijay flush on the back of the headgear. Ouch. The batsman seems okay but that does bring up some scary memories.

ANOTHER BOUNCER! This one flies over the ducking Vijay in a continued barrage of aggressive bowling from Johnson. A real test.

Vijay leaves the final ball alone as it goes across the line of offstump. "That's one of the more exciting maiden overs you'll see," chimes Drew Morphett.

IND 2-136 (Vijay 63, Kohli 20) - trails by 394 runs

FOUR! Harris overpitches and Kohli races into the twenties with another excellent cover drive to the fence. That raced away.

IND 2-132 (Vijay 63, Kohli 16) - trails by 398 runs

Lovely shot! A bit too wide down the offside from Johnson and Kohli obliges in that slick, signature style of his, powering the ball through the offside. It dies at deep cover and the batsman gets three runs.

Johnson's last ball travels at 140kph and catches Vijay on the gloves. That looked a little nasty, but Vijay seems fine.

IND 2-129 (Vijay 63, Kohli 13) - trails by 401 runs

Harris to Kohli. The batsman works the ball to long-on for a single. "Kohli's come out smoking!" says Drew Morphett. Not literally, of course.

IND 2-128 (Vijay 63, Kohli 12) - trails by 402 runs

Quick run! Vijay wants a quick single behind short square leg and Kohli has to hurry at the striker's end! Joe Burns fields, twists and throws back at the stumps and misses by a few inches. A direct hit may have been very interesting.

FOUR! Overpitched by Johnson and Kohli is into double figures with a textbook straight drive to long-off. Great shot.

Kohli tucks Johnson behind square leg and gets a comfortable single.

FOUR MORE! Johnson procures the edge with a full delivery but Vijay's fortune sees it travel along the ground, between gulley and slip, to the third man fence.

IND 2-118 (Vijay 58, Kohli 7) - trails by 412 runs

FOUR! Kohli has his first boundary of the day as he smokes Harris through the gap at cover.

IND 2-114 (Vijay 58, Kohli 3) - trails by 416 runs

Mitchell Johnson starts his first spell of the day.

Vijay pushes forward against Johnson and eases the ball in the vacant area behind mid-off. It's a good shot that reaps three runs as reward.

Johnson pitches it up and across the stumps again, and Kohli drives hard to get off the mark. It heads out towards cover for three runs.

IND 2-108 (Vijay 55, Kohli 0) - trails by 422 runs

Wow. What a start. Virat Kohli is the new man in and sees off two Harris deliveries first up. He blocks the final ball and that's a wicket-maiden for Harris. Superb.


WHAT A CATCH! Brad Haddin takes a blinder behind the stumps! Haddin finds his line and length on the second ball of the day, procuring the outside edge of Pujara's bat, and Haddin does the rest in phenomenal fashion. He's airborne and plucks it out of the hair with his right hand! Sensational! And to think he dropped a regulation catch late on day one, with one hand.

The players are out in the field. Cheteshwar Pujara will face the first ball, with Ryan Harris opening the bowling.

Meanwhile, David Warner, who sat out of fielding duties yesterday after injuring his forearm, looks set to take the field today with his entire arm bandaged up.


At time of print, it's a very pleasant 18 degrees Celsius, with the mercury expected to rise to 31 degrees in Melbourne today.

Rain wise, there's not a speck on the radar. It should be another beautiful day in the Victorian capital.

Good morning and welcome to another day of cricketing action from Australia's sporting capital. I'm James Maasdorp and we're three for three in Melbourne, on the third day of the third Test of the Australia v India series.

Yesterday we had the privilege of witnessing another Steve Smith gem when he mercilessly smashed the Indians for 192 runs as Australia compiled 530 runs for 10 wickets against a tourist pace attack without direction or a plan.

In response, India starts the day at 1 for 108 with Murali Vijay on 55 not out, and Cheteshwar Pujara unbeaten on 25. Not the worst start in the world by any means, but that Australian total is pretty daunting. As always, we'll be bringing you all the action in blog form, so stick with us throughout the day. And remember, we welcome any questions and comments from you. Simply click on the 'Comment' button at the top of the blog, log in, and type away.

Aus vs India, Melbourne Test: Day 3 in pictures

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