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Blog: Australia vs India, Day 4, Melbourne Test

ABC News logo ABC News 29-12-2014 Jon Healy and James Maasdorp

In pictures: Melbourne Test, Day 4

THAT'S STUMPS! AUSTRALIA 7-261 (Marsh 62*, Harris 8*) - LEAD BY 326 RUNS

Australia did well to wrap up India's innings in no time early in the day, but proceeded to lose wickets at regular intervals throughout day four. Nevertheless, the lead of 326 runs already presents a tough (but not impossible) challenge for India if they are to successfully chase a target to keep it in the series.

David Warner started brightly with a typically quick 40, before Chris Rogers looked to anchor Australia's innings with a composed 69. But the rest of the line-up, Shaun Marsh aside, failed to make good on their starts. Marsh's innings was at times streaky, with two bottom-edged shots narrowly missing his stumps, but his unbeaten 62 has been priceless for this innings.

India will need to get quick wickets on the final day before rapidly chasing what should be a target in excess of 350 to keep the series alive.

AUS 7-261 (Harris 8*, Marsh 62*) - leads by 326 runs

Shami to bowl the last over before stumps. The first ball is left alone outside the offstump by Harris.

Harris pushes the next ball to mid-off. No run.

Harris bumps the third delivery over the bowler's head but it's fielded safely at mid-off.

Harris turns Shami through the gap at midwicket and he'll pick up two! He moves to eight runs.

AUS 7-259 (Harris 6*, Marsh 62*) - leads by 324 runs

Marsh gets a leg-bye towards the leg side off Yadav, before Harris flicks one off his pads to square leg for a single.

AUS 7-257 (Harris 5*, Marsh 62*) - leads by 322 runs

Ashwin keeps it tight, restricting Harris during a maiden over.

AUS 7-257 (Harris 5*, Marsh 62*) - leads by 322 runs

GREAT BALL! Yadav angles a ball across Marsh, who plays and misses the edge by a matter of millimetres.

AUS 7-257 (Harris 5*, Marsh 62*) - leads by 322 runs

Harris plays Ashwin to for a single to point, before Marsh follows suit with a shot to midwicket.

AUS 7-255 (Harris 4*, Marsh 61*) - leads by 320 runs

Harris hooks Shami off his eyebrows to pick up a single behind square leg.

FOUR! Glorious shot from Marsh as he caresses a cover drive through the gap. Beautiful.

AND ANOTHER! Beautiful batting from Marsh who hits a storming shot through the covers again for another boundary.

AUS 7-246 (Harris 3*, Marsh 53*) - leads by 311 runs

Marsh follows up those fireworks with a couple of runs through to point, before getting a single off Ashwin to fine leg.

Harris gets a quick single to backward point to end the over.

FIFTY FOR MARSH! 6x4s, 1x6s, 112 BALLS. AUS 7-342 (Harris 2*)

SIX RUNS! Marsh charges down and smashes Ashwin over the long on boundary. Even with a fielder posted there, there was no stopping that as it sails into the terraces. That brings up his half-ton. It hasn't been the most assured knock, but it's vital runs for Australia as the batsman looks to get a move on.

AUS 7-234 (Harris 0*, Marsh 44*) - leads by 299 runs

Ryan Harris is the new man in.

OUT??? NO! Harris attempts to play a cramped pull shot off Shami and gets something to the man at leg slip! There's a noise but the umpire says it's not out. HotSpot replays show it hit the thigh, not the willow.


Shami digs it in short of a length and Johnson goes for the pull shot, but it's hit straight to Ajinkya Rahane at midwicket who takes a simple catch. Now Australia is seven down and the match continues to be intriguingly poised.

AUS 6-234 (Johnson 15*, Marsh 44*) - leads by 299 runs

Ashwin's keeping things tight from his end, with Johnson attempting the one big shot with an aerial swipe out to long on, but it bounces comfortably before the fielder and he gets one run.

AUS 6-233 (Johnson 14*, Marsh 44*) - leads by 298 runs

FOUR! Short from Shami and Johnson whacks this to long on with a straigh pull shot, as if to say 'take that, next ball please.' Thunderous shot.

Now Johnson hits a back-foot drive hard towards cover. An initial misfield sees the back-up fielder wrong-footed and the batsman coast through for a single.

AUS 6-228 (Johnson 9*, Marsh 44*) - leads by 293 runs

BOOM! FOUR RUNS! Johnson gets forward and lashes Ashwin with a mighty sweep shot over midwicket! It travels a fair distance before bouncing once over the boundary rope.

Johnson gets a single with a pushed cover drive towards the fielder who spills the pick-up, allowing the run.

AUS 6-223 (Johnson 4*, Marsh 44*) - leads by 288 runs

BIG SHOUT FOR LBW! Not out says umpire Kumar Dharmasena as Ishant raps Marsh on the back pad! Butg it was pitching outside leg, landed too high and would have missed off stump.

Marsh does get two runs the next ball, playing Ishant square on the leg side.

AUS 6-221 (Johnson 4*, Marsh 42*) - leads by 286 runs

Marsh comes down the track to Ashwin and lashes a cover drive through the gap in the infield, but it's only worth one run as the sweeper collects it.

AUS 6-220 (Johnson 4*, Marsh 41*) - leads by 285 runs

EDGED AND FOUR! Streaky, streaky stuff from Marsh who goes for an uncertain cover drive, instead bottom-edging Ishant past his stumps and through to the fine leg fence. He's 40 not out.

Marsh keeps strike with a single on the leg side.

AUS 6-215 (Johnson 4*, Marsh 36*) - leads by 280 runs

Marsh gets the single off Ashwin, maneuvering the ball to long-on for one.

AUS 6-214 (Johnson 4*, Marsh 36*) - leads by 279 runs

FIELDING! Marsh looks to drive Ishant through to long-off and Virat Kohli dives full stretch to prevent the boundary! Superb work in the field from that man. Marsh crosses for the one run.

AUS 6-208 (Johnson 4*, Marsh 30*) - leads by 273 runs

Marsh gets the ball past the fielder at mid-off. The ball is semi-stopped but not enough to prevent a single as the batsman moves into the thirties.

AUS 6-207 (Johnson 4*, Marsh 29*) - leads by 272 runs

Johnson punches Ashwin through to long on for a single. Marsh will keep strike for the next over with one run to the same part of the field.

AUS 6-205 (Johnson 3*, Marsh 28*) - leads by 270 runs

Yadav looks to repeat the trick with a ball down the leg side. Johnson is immediately off the mark with a clipped shot through a practically empty leg side field. He picks up three. "There's only two men out there, they might run nine!" chirps Drew Morphett.

BEAUTY! Yadav finds a perfect line and length - the patented 'corridor of uncertainty' - to beat Johnson's back-foot defensive stroke all ends up. Superb ball.


GONE! Massive wicket for India as Yadav sends one down the legside which Haddin chases, and gets a feather edge off his attempted leg glance through to the keeper! Hardly the world's greatest bowling but India will take this! Mitchell Johnson now comes to the crease.

AUS 5-202 (Haddin 13*, Marsh 28*) - leads by 267 runs

Haddin flicks Yadav off his toes for two runs to square leg.

AUS 5-200 (Haddin 11*, Marsh 28*) - leads by 265 runs

Haddin works Ashwin through to long on for a single. Marsh follows that up with another one to midwicket.

The 200 is brought up for Australia, with Haddin playing the bowler through to square leg for one.

AUS 5-197 (Haddin 9*, Marsh 27*) - leads by 262 runs

FOUR! Take that, says Marsh, as he drives Yadav through the covers, beating two fielders to reach the boundary.

FOUR MORE! Wider from Yadav down the offside. Marsh reaches for it and hits an uppish square drive through backward point, narrowly evading the fielder. Another boundary.

AUS 5-189 (Haddin 9*, Marsh 19*) - leads by 254 runs

EDGE! Ashwin gets the outside nick off Haddin's bat and it glides safely past the slips. Ishant chases hard and keeps it to two. Well fielded.

Haddin gets one the next delivery, driving Ashwin to long on.

Marsh gets forward on the last ball of the over, driving Ashwin beautifully through covers. Just the single, though.

AUS 5-185 (Haddin 6*, Marsh 18*) - leads by 250 runs

Another good single from Haddin as he blocks Yadav down to short cover and sets off for the run. Great little bolt between the wickets from the pair, there.

OH! Marsh attempts a pull shot on a shorter delivery but buttom edges it narrowly past his own stumps! He picks up one to fine leg.

AUS 5-182 (Haddin 4*, Marsh 17*) - leads by 247 runs

Ravichandran Ashwin is back into the attack, sending down his spinners to Haddin.

Haddin rocks back and cops the first ball through point for another run. That's all she wrote for that over.

AUS 5-181 (Haddin 3*, Marsh 17*) - leads by 246 runs

Ishant gets through an economical over. Just the one run conceded as Haddin pushes the all wide of mid-off for a quick single.

AUS 5-180 (Haddin 2*, Marsh 17*) - leads by 245 runs

Mohammed Shami gets through a maiden over to Marsh.

AUS 5-180 (Haddin 2*, Marsh 17*) - leads by 245 runs

Haddin gets one run off Ishant, playing the paceman behind to fine leg.

Marsh follows that up with a clipped shot behind square leg for another single.

AUS 5-178 (Haddin 1*, Marsh 16*) - leads by 243 runs

Marsh gets a run behind square leg, flicking Shami off his pads for a single.

QUICK SINGLE! Haddin blocks the ball past short mid-on and sees the chance for a quick run. Well spotted, as the fielder was slow to react. Haddin is off the mark.

AUS 5-176 (Haddin 0*, Marsh 15*) - leads by 241 runs

Brad Haddin comes to the crease. Some work to do for Australia, now.

OH, SO CLOSE! Haddin nibbles at a length delivery from Ishant, attempting a drive which just about misses the outside edge.


Edged and taken beautifully by the keeper! Ishant gets some extra bounce and Burns tries to cut it behind point, but gets a bottom edge off an open-faced shot which MS Dhoni pouches superbly, diving to his right.

Latest pics from Day 4

AUS 4-176 (Burns 9*, Marsh 15*) - leads by 241 runs

Mohammed Shami is back into the attack, bowling to Joe Burns.

Just the one from it as Burns works the bowler off his pads behind square leg for a single.

AUS 4-175 (Burns 8*, Marsh 15*) - leads by 240 runs

And we're back in action with Shaun Marsh facing Ishant Sharma.

The first ball is wide of offstump as Marsh leaves, and it's yet another overstep from Ishant. That's a no-ball.

The last ball is left alone outside off once more and that's the end of the over. Just the no-ball from it.

Thanks for that Jon. Marvelous innings, that. We're set for a potentially feisty final session with India still a chance of putting itself in a winning position. The tourists' collective bowling will need to be much better than it has been for much of the series for that to happen, mind you.

That's it from me today. James Maasdorp will be taking you through the evening session.

THAT'S TEA! AUS 4-174 - a lead of 239

Burns and Marsh survive the Ashwin over to reach the break.

Despite the rain delay, India had a nice afternoon session picking up the wicket of Shane Watson (17), Steve Smith (14) and Chris Rogers (69).

Ashwin is looking good, get a couple to spin, really setting up the arm ball.

AUS 4-174 (Burns 8*, Marsh 15*) - leads by 239 runs

Burns defends the first couple of Ashwin deliveries but looks pretty shaky doing it.

The next ball is well worked past the slips for three by Burns.

Marsh leaves one before turning a single off his hip.

AUS 4-170 (Burns 5*, Marsh 14*) - leads by 235 runs

Sharma will get a look at Burns.

The rookie defends the first ball behind point.

Burns drops his hands on one and it flies almost to the boundary and Shami awkwardly stops it with his foot. That could have been very ugly. Three runs.

Marsh gives the strike back with a single to leg.

Another single to Burns with a nice leg glance into the deep.

Marsh leaves the last ball of the over. And we'll get one more Ravichandran Ashwin over in before tea.

AUS 4-165 (Burns 1*, Marsh 13*) - leads by 230 runs

Burns gets off the mark and off strike with a watchful forward defence to cover.

Marsh tries to late cut but it goes to gully.

He defends the last ball of another good Ashwin over. The off-spinner now has 2-17 from 9 overs.

ROGERS IS GONE FOR 69!! b Ashwin. AUS 4-164 (Marsh 13*) - leads by 229

After pushing at a wide one, the straighter delivery gets through the gate and the bails hit the deck.

That was perfectly set up by the wily offie.

Debutant Joe Burns is the next man in. This is an awkward period in the shadows of tea.

AUS 3-164 (Rogers 69*, Marsh 13*) - leads by 229 runs

Rogers leaves Ashwin's first ball.

He prods at the second and just misses the edge.

AUS 3-164 (Rogers 69*, Marsh 13*) - leads by 229 runs

Ishant Sharma will bowl from the other end.

FOUR!! Rogers steps forward and crashes it straight past Sharma and to the boundary.

AND AGAIN!! Now he goes with that copybook cover drive for four more runs.

Another drive to the off side, this time just wide of mid-off and he picks up a single.

Marsh works off his hip for no run to end the over.

AUS 3-155 (Rogers 60*, Marsh 13*) - leads by 220 runs

Ravichandran Ashwin back into the attack.

Marsh gets two off his hip on the first ball. He defends the rest of the over.

AUS 3-153 (Rogers 60*, Marsh 11*) - leads by 218 runs

Yadav continues to Rogers who's defending to start the over.

Now he hooks hard but the sweeping man behind square cuts it off and that's just a single.

Yadav comes around the wicket to Marsh and he works off his hip for one more.

Wide for Yadav as he tries too hard to bouncer an unfazed Rogers.

Latest pictures from Day 4

AUS 3-150 (Rogers 59*, Marsh 10*) - leads by 215 runs

Rogers defends the start of Shami's over. He needs to go on to get three figure now after being given two big lives with Dhawan drop and that decision just a minute ago.

Four leg byes. Rogers tries to whip off his thigh and it clips his leg en route to the boundary.

Roger hooks almost to the boundary but Sharma slides well to cut it off. Just two.

And follows it up with a risky single behind point. A direct hit and Marsh may well have been on his way.

Back to the Rogers decision for one second; that was a tough one but I think the umps got it right. It looked like Dhoni used the grass to secure the ball.

AUS 3-143 (Rogers 56*, Marsh 10*) - leads by 208 runs

FOUR!! Yadav goes short and wide and Marsh hammers a cut shot behind point.

Back to the Rogers decision for one second; that was a tough one but I think the umps got it right. It looked like Dhoni used the grass to secure the ball.

AUS 3-139 (Rogers 56*, Marsh 6*) - leads by 204 runs

Rogers rotates the strike as he's done all day with a single of Shami's first ball.

Marsh clips off his pads behind square for two.

IS ROGERS OUT??!! Dhoni claims a low catch after Rogers tried a hook shot. The umpires go upstairs to see if it carried. It doesn't look like it has.

NOT OUT! The ball hit the ground just before reaching Dhoni's glove. That's a second life for Buck.

AUS 3-135 (Rogers 55*, Marsh 4*) - leads by 200 runs

FOUR! Marsh gives Australia a 200-run lead and gets off the mark with an edgy four through gully.

SMITH'S GONE FOR 14!! c Rahane b Yadav. AUS 3-131 - leads by 196

He tries to turn one of his hip again but it sails straight into the waiting hands of leg slip.

Good captaincy and well done , Umesh Yadav for bowling to the plan. That man was put there for exactly that shot.

Shaun Marsh comes to the crease in need of runs.

AUS 2-131 (Rogers 55*, Smith 14*) - leads by 196 runs

Yadav bowls at Smith's waist and it's too easy for him to turn that for one.

Rogers turns a single of his own off his hip.

AUS 2-129 (Rogers 54*, Smith 13*) - leads by 194 runs

Mohammed Shami is back into the attack with figures of 1 for 46 from 10 overs.

Rogers defends the firs four deliveries before getting off strike with a bunt just wide of mid-off.

Smith retains the strike with a single off his pads to end the over.

AUS 2-127 (Rogers 53*, Smith 12*) - leads by 192 runs

FOUR! Yadav bangs one in short and Smith rolls the wrists on it and it flies away to the boundary.

AND ANOTHER!! He goes off the hip now and Dhoni puts a leg slip in place.

Yadav pitches on Smith's hip again but the captain shoulders arms.

AUS 2-119 (Rogers 53*, Smith 4*) - leads by 184 runs

Sharma continuing to Smith.

And the skipper is typically solid in defence.

Sharma goes short and wide, and Smith's equal to it, driving off the back foot to cover. The fielder gets to it but they pick up a single as the ball's batted down.

And, it wouldn't be an Ishant Sharma over without a no ball.

AUS 2-117 (Rogers 53*, Smith 3*) - leads by 182 runs

Umesh Yadav into the attack.

Rogers cuts behind point and he and Smith run well to pick up two on the return throw.

Those are the only runs for the over.

AUS 2-115 (Rogers 51*, Smith 3*) - leads by 180 runs

Smith gets a single to start Sharma's over.

Rogers defends a few before letting one go through to Dhoni. And that's a no ball.

Rogers lets another ball go and he is clearly in no rush.

Now Sharma gets back on Rogers' hip and it's turned down behind square for a single.

Smith defends the last ball of the over. Not bad from Sharma. The rain delay appears to have done him some good.

FIFTY FOR ROGERS! 81 balls (6 x 4s, 0 x 6s) AUS 2-112

Like a fine wine, he keeps getting better with age. He brings up his fourth consecutive 50 with yet another beautiful drive through the off side.

AUS 2-112 (Rogers 50*, Smith 2*) - leads by 177 runs

Rogers looks in two minds as he lets the first ball of Shami's next over go through to the keeper. He wanted to play but thought better of it. Wise move.

FOUR RUNS!! Shami pitches up and Rogers sends it to the cover boundary.

AUS 2-108 (Rogers 46*, Smith 2*) - leads by 173 runs

Smith gets off the mark with a well-placed drive that gets in between cover and point for two runs.

The skipper middles a few defensive strokes and already looks like he's seeing it very well.

He tries a back-foot drive but it's straight to point. And finishes Sharma's over with another forward defensive.

Another good over from Sharma.

AUS 2-106 (Rogers 46*, Smith 0*) - leads by 171 runs

Shami continues and Rogers tries to drives through off but can't get a hold of it.

FOUR! Now Shami goes too wide and Rogers slashes at it and it fliespast second slip and to the boundary. This one's a bit edgy but it's four runs all the same.


He watches one pass him outside off before ...

FOUR MORE!! Shami gets too full and Rogers pushes him to the cover boundary for the fifth four of his innings.

AUS 2-98 (Rogers 38*, Smith 0*) - leads by 163 runs

Smith defends the rest of an accurate Sharma over.

Wicket maiden for the lanky paceman.

Match pictures: Day 4

WATSON'S GONE FOR 17!! c Dhoni b Sharma. AUS 2-98 (Rogers 38*) - leads by 163

Shane Watson tries to defend Sharma but can only manage an edge and MS Dhoni takes a nice low catch. See what happens when you pitch it up, Ishant.

I had a feeling that might happen. Watson is not good coming out of breaks in play, be they drinks, lunch or rain delays.

Skipper Steve Smith is out on the field.

AUS 1-98 (Rogers 38*, Watson 17*) - leads by 163 runs

Mohammed Shami bowls to Watson, who defends the first three balls of the over for none.

He plays a bit of 'tipsy run', blocking to short cover and picking up a single.

Rogers defends one, but the final delivery of the over squares him up a bit and the ball just squirts out to point.

Tea will be taken at 4:20 pm AEDT. Stumps scheduled for 6:30pm but can be taken to 7:00 pm if needed.

AUS 1-97 (Rogers 38*, Watson 16*) - leads by 162 runs

Ishant Sharma will get us started after the rain delay.

He sends another delivery down leg side and Rogers fails to get any bat on the ball as it flies past his thigh.

EDGE!! DROPPED!!! Rogers edges as Sharma bowls across him and second slip Shikhar Dhawan gets a hand to hit but it just bounces off his thumb. He dived in front of Ashwin at first slip there but I'm not convinced it would have carried to Ashwin.

FOUR! Rogers takes advantage of his chance whipping a four to the mid-wicket boundary.

He gives the strike to Watson with a cheeky single to the leg side.

Watson cuts what would have been the last ball of the over straight to point, but it's a no ball.

He dabs a single to cover to end the over.

Not a great start for India - a dropped catch, a no ball and seven runs.

The Indian players are in their huddle and Shane Watson and Chris Rogers are making their way out to the pitch.


The covers are off (again) and the umpires are coming out for a chat with the ground staff (AGAIN)

There's a smattering of rain coming down ... aaaaaaand the covers are back on.

Restart of play is set for 2:35pm AEDT. About 12 minutes away.

The covers are coming off again and the umpires are back out on the ground to talk to the ground staff.

Oh no. Bad news. Hessian covers back on the pitch.

The umpires are out in the middle talking to the ground staff. Lots of nodding and looking at watches. Hopefully play isn't too far away.

The covers are coming off. There's still plenty of water on the ground but that shouldn't take too long to clear.

TV umpire John Ward is out in the middle consulting with the ground staff.

Ground staff are struggling with the wind but the covers are on at the MCG.

If I was Steve Smith, I'd be looking for a 350-run lead today and hopefully declare overnight.

If Australia can't bowl India out on a day-five track at the MCG with that total, they don't deserve to win.

AND THAT'S LUNCH. Australia leads by 155 runs

Australia reaches the break at 1-90 with Chris Rogers (33*) and Shane Watson (15*). India would obviously like more wickets but won't mind that first session.

Rogers wasn't anything to write home about at the start of his innings but has settled in nicely. Watson didn't do anything special and has barely played an attacking shot thus far.

Losing David Warner (40) was a huge blow for Australia after he piled on 40 from just 42 balls before coming unstuck trying to defend against Ravichandran Ashwin (1 for 14 off 7 overs).

AUS 1-90 (Rogers 33*, Watson 15*) - leads by 155 runs

FOUR! Watson tries to drive Shami to the off side but gets an outside edge and it runs to the boundary past gully. Mmmm, edgy.

Watson defends a couple of deliveries before whipping off his pads very nicely. Fine leg gets around in time, though, and that will only be two.

He defends the last ball of the over.

AUS 1-84 (Rogers 33*, Watson 9*) - leads by 149 runs

Watson turns Ashwin to leg and Ajinkya Rahane commits a schoolboy error, letting the ball run past him at mid-wicket. Watson scampers through for a single.

Rogers defends the rest of the over.

AUS 1-83 (Rogers 33*, Watson 8*) - leads by 148 runs

Rogers gets a single off his pads to start Shami's next over.

Watson's drives to mid-off and they get one run as Sharma tracks it down.

A beautiful leg glance by Rogers gets him three more runs past square leg.

And Watson clips off his toes to mid-on to pick up a single a keep the strike.

AUS 1-77 (Rogers 29*, Watson 6*) - leads by 142 runs

Watson and Rogers trade singles as Ashwin tears through another over.

Latest match pictures

AUS 1-75 (Rogers 28*, Watson 5*) - leads by 140 runs

FOUR! Mohammed Shami is back into the attack and is immediately dispatched to the cover boundary by Rogers. Too wide, too full, too easy for Rogers.

He works off his hips through mid-wicket and Watson returns for the second run. Good running by the big man.

Shami again gets on to Rogers' hip and it's turned behind square for an easy single. They are bowling on the hips a lot this morning. Perhaps they know something I don't.

Shami pitches up to Watson and it's clipped off his pads for a single.

Eight off the over. Not a great return by Shami.

AUS 1-67 (Rogers 21*, Watson 4*) - leads by 132 runs

Rogers steals a quick single to give Watson the strike against Ashwin.

India is persisting with a very claustrophobic leg-side field for Watto.

He turns one past the catchers and takes off for a single but Rogers sends him back. Bit of a mix-up but no big danger despite the fact Watto has the turning circle of a 747.

Watson gets two on the leg side off the last ball of Ashwin's over.

AUS 1-64 (Rogers 20*, Watson 2*) - leads by 129 runs

BANG! Sharma pitches up and Rogers drills a half-volley straight past him for four with a textbook straight drive. Who needs David Warner?

Rogers gives Watson his first look at Sharma with a quick single to the leg side.

Watson defends the rest of the over.

AUS 1-59 (Rogers 15*, Watson 2*) - leads by 124 runs

They have a very close leg-side field for Watson. Short leg, short mid-off and short mid-wicket.

Watson turns one off his pads for two runs and that's the over.

WARNER'S GONE FOR 40!! lbw Ashwin. AUS 1-57 (Rogers 15*) - lead by 122

Ashwin straightens one down the line and Warner misses it as he looks to defend on the front foot.

He doesn't look happy as he walks off but that looked pretty plumb - middle and leg.

Perhaps the Indians had something to say. Or maybe he's just angry with himself.

Shane Watson coming out.

AUS 0-57 (Rogers 15*, Warner 40*) - leads by 122 runs

Ashwin coming in to Warner. Expect the spinners to play a big role from this point on.

AUS 0-57 (Rogers 15*, Warner 40*) - leads by 122 runs

Sharma will continue to Warner and immediately bowls at his hip. They definitely want to get him there. There's a short mid-wicket in place.

Warner gets an easy single to deep point with a square drive.

Rogers ducks under a bouncer. He then gets one off his hip but it's straight to the man behind square.

Now he whips off his pads and they're running hard. They only get two as mid-wicket gets to the ball.

AUS 0-54 (Rogers 13*, Warner 39*) - leads by 119 runs

Rogers drives Ashwin through point and he and Warner run well to pick up three as Lokesh Rahul tracks it down.

Warner plays a bit of an inside-out drive and gets a single to mid-off to end the over and retain the strike.

AUS 0-50 (Rogers 10*, Warner 38*) - leads by 115 runs

Sharma continues and Rogers defends.

Now Sharma bowls his first no ball. As you were, everyone.

Now he gets one off his hip for a single. It looked like he wanted two there but I think Warner wants a piece of Sharma.

Sharma sends a couple down the leg side and Warner tries to get them off his hip, but misses both. This may be a plan to Warner.

Pictures from Day 4

AUS 0-48 (Rogers 9*, Warner 38*) - leads by 113 runs

Ashwin continues to Rogers.

There's a big shout for LBW!! But no. Rogers tried to sweep and was hit on the pads as it straightened down the line. That looked pretty close to plumb. And the tracking technology says it would have gone on to hit leg pretty solidly.

Rogers gets up the other end with a leg bye and Warner defends the rest of the over.

Nervous over for the Aussies. Rogers probably should be back in the pavilion right now.

That's drinks.

AUS 0-47 (Rogers 9*, Warner 38*) - leads by 112 runs

Sharma back in to the attack at a new end.

Warner tries to drive back past him but Sharma's equal to it and gets a hand down to stop the ball.

Warner defends a couple of Sharma deliveries to end the over. The Indian pacemen are bowling a lot better today than they did in the first Innings.

Warner leaves to end the over and it looks like he and Sharma exchange wry looks, but no words.


AUS 0-47 (Rogers 9*, Warner 38*) - leads by 112 runs

Ravichandran Ashwin's coming into the attack. Just the one over for Sharma.

Rogers gets off strike with a quick single to mid-wicket. Australian fans don't won't Rogers facing the spin too much.

Now Warner uses his feet a bit to get one off his hip.

Rogers defends the last ball of the over. Not a bad start from Ashwin.

AUS 0-45 (Rogers 8*, Warner 37*) - leads by 110 runs

Warner gets off strike with a quick single off Shami.

Rogers does the same off his hip to mid-wicket. I don't think Shami will be thrilled about him giving the strike back to his big-hitting buddy.

FOUR! Warner defends a couple before opening the shoulders to a wider ball and launching it past extra cover.

He defends the last ball of the over and he is now 37 off 23 balls.

AUS 0-39 (Rogers 7*, Warner 32*) - leads by 104 runs

Rogers defends the first Sharma delivery before letting one go past off stump.

He tries to get on top of a Sharma half-volley but inside edges to mid-on for none.

Rogers hasn't looked overly convincing in either attack or defence so far today.

And Sharma bowls out a maiden to the watchful Victorian.

Ishant Sharma is coming in to the attack.

AUS 0-39 (Rogers 7*, Warner 32*) - leads by 104 runs

Shami has the relatively joyous job of bowling to Rogers, who defends the first three deliveries.

Now he attacks a shorter ball. He doesn't get all of it though and that's three runs to mid-wicket.

Warner gives Rogers the strike with a single off his hip, and Rogers retains it for the next over with another quick one.

AUS 0-34 (Rogers 3*, Warner 31*) - leads by 99 runs

Warner gets off strike with a quick single to mid-off.

And Rogers gets an edgy one past gully.

Four more, all run for the second time today as Warner pulls through mid-wicket. Sharma tracks it down but can't get it back in in time.

FOUR!! Warner slashes wide outside off and it flies over gully and bounces over the rope. Maybe he's trying to get all his runs before the painkillers wear off.

AND ANOTHER!! He's going berzerk. He's hammered yadav over mid-wicket for another boundary.

Yadav finishes with a dot but that's 14 runs from the over. He now has an economy rate of 10.67 from 3 overs.

AUS 0-20 (Rogers 2*, Warner 18*) - leads by 85 runs

Rogers doesn't look as good as he did in the first innings, edging on the bounce into the slips.

He defends a few more and Sharma and Kohli are exchanging a few more words with Warner, again at the non-striker's end.

Rogers tries to hook to the boundary on the last ball of the over, but he doesn't get a hold of it and it doesn't get past square leg.

And that's the first maiden of the day.

AUS 0-20 (Rogers 2*, Warner 18*) - leads by 85 runs

EDGED! Warner tries to defend Yadav's first ball but gets a thick edge and it just misses the top of the stumps. MS Dhoni had no chance and it sails for four runs.

And that's 3,000 Test runs for Warner in his 35th game.

He tries a powerful square drive and gets all of it but it goes straight to point. No run.

FOUR!! No he goes hard at a pitched-up Yadav ball and drives beautifully wide of mid-off. Not bad for a guy with two busted arms.

Latest pictures from Day 4

AUS 0-12 (Rogers 2*, Warner 10*) - leads by 77 runs

Mohammed Shami will bowl the next over.

That didn't take long. It looks like Virat Kohli is having a few choice words with David Warner at the non-striker's end from mid-off.

Meanwhile, at the other end, Rogers gets off strike with a single to fine leg after a few dot balls.

Warner retains the strike with a single to finish the over.

AUS 0-10 (Rogers 1*, Warner 9*) - leads by 75 runs

WHACK!! What a start! Warner chases Yadav's first wide delivery and hammers it for four.

Four more. This time he gets on to the back foot and drives through extra cover. Shami chases well and tracks it down just before the boundary but Rogers and Warner run four.

Now Yadav pitches a couple on the hip and Warner and Rogers trade singles behind square leg.

Yadav bowls his first dot with his fifth delivery. And gets another one with the last ball of his over.

Expensive opening from Umesh Yadav - 10 from it.

Warner and Chris Rogers are on their way out to the middle after India completes it's customary huddle.

David Warner looks like he will bat despite carrying a very sore right arm and badly bruised left thumb.

Australia's bowlers

Ryan Harris: 4-70

Mitchell Johnson: 3-135

Nathan Lyon: 2-108

Shane Watson: 1-65

Josh Hazlewood: 0-75

Steve Smith: 0-11

SHAMI'S GONE!! c Smith b Johnson. INDIA ALL OUT FOR 465 (Sharma 0*) - 65 runs behind

Shami tries to go big and over cover but Johnson gets the edge and it flies straight to Steve Smith at second slip for a nice catch above his head and Shami's out for 12.

Not much to say there. We knew the Indian tail wasn't going to hang around and we knew SHami was going to go for his shots.

India 9-465 (Shami 12*, Sharma 0*) - trails by 65 runs

Johnson goes short and wide to Shami, who awkwardly (and a long way from his body) defends to point.

Johnson goes even shorter and more at Shami's body this time. Good dodge from the number nine.

Johnson pitches one up and Shami drives very capably through cover for two.

Very edgy there from Shami as Johnson bowls just back of a length. He gets some bat to it but it bounces harmlessly to Lyon.

India 9-463 (Shami 10*, Sharma 0*) - trails by 67 runs

Shami tries to flick Harris' first ball hard to the leg side but it just hits his pad and trickles into the slips.

He goes for another slog and gets a single with an inside edge.

Ooh. Harris beats Sharma's edge with his next ball. That can't have been too far away.

Sharma defends the next delivery a little more capably and even tries an off-drive to the following yorker but it's easily cleaned up by mid-off.

Harris finishes with a slower ball and Sharma survives.

Ryan Harris will bowl from the other end. Expect Shami to go for some huge shots.

India 9-462 (Shami 9*, Sharma 0*) - trails by 68 runs

Johnson pitches one on a good length to Sharma first up and the number 11, clearly expecting a bumper jumps up but manages to get his bat down to it.

He follows it up with a bouncer that Sharma sways away from, and that's a double-wicket maiden for Johnson.

YADAV'S GONE FOR A DUCK!! c Haddin b Johnson. INDIA 9-462 (Shami 9*) - trails by 68

Yadav gets another short ball and gloves it through to Haddin.

Yadav looked very shaky on his first delivery and even worse as he prodded at his second, edging through to Brad Haddin for an easy catch.

Ishant Sharma is on his way out to the middle.

India 8-462 (Shami 9*, Yadav 0*) - trails by 68 runs

Mitchell Johnson will get us underway with the third ball of his over.

He starts off with a short ball that's awkwardly fended away by Yadav.

The players are making their way out to the middle.


Kohli beat the Australian attack all but into submission on day three and really opened up on them in the press conference after play.

He took particular exception to Mitchell Johnson, apparently sparked after Johnson accidentally hit Kohli with a shy at the stumps. Johnson apologised immediately but after that incident Kohli began mouthing off regularly throughout the day.

Johnson eventually got his man with what turned out to be last ball of the day but, with figures of 1 for 133 from 29.2 overs, the damage was already done.


Virat Kohli (169) and Ajinkya Rahane (147) put on a brilliant 262-run partnership yesterday to get India within reach of Australia's score.

They belted the Aussie attack to all parts before both finally fell late in the day to Mitchell Johnson and Nathan Lyon respectively.

Today promises to be an exciting and incredibly important day in deciding the outcome of this Boxing Day Test.

India is still 68 runs behind Australia's 530 but has two wickets in hand, with Umesh Yadav set to join Mohammed Shami at the crease, followed by Ishant Sharma.

None of those 'batsmen' frighten Australia but Shami and Yadav can add runs quickly if they get their eye in. Australia needs to get these two wickets quickly in order to keep India well behind and then add quick runs to set themselves up for a strong declaration at the end of the day.

Good morning. I'm Jon Healy and I'll be your guide through the first two sessions of day four, before James Maasdorp takes over after tea.

Match pictures: Australia vs India, Day 4, MCG

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