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‘Donald Trump is a cartoon’ - Diego Maradona ridicules US president and hails ‘peaceful’ Putin logo 02-07-2017

Donald Trump is a cartoon character who cannot be taken seriously and Vladimir Putin is a “phenomenon” who could make the world a more peaceful place, according to Argentina legend Diego Maradona.

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Maradona, who is visiting Russia, was asked by journalists for his opinion on the country’s incumbent leader, as well as the divisive American president and he did little to hide his views.

“For me, he’s more of a comic,” he said of Trump, as quoted by RT .

“He’s like a cartoon to me, if we talk about politics… Every time I see him on TV, I switch the channel.”

The World Cup winner even went as far to imply that Trump’s presidency could lead to war.

“One shouldn’t forget about Russia, China, about North Korea. The US isn’t the county sheriff anymore. We’ll find a gun to match the one they have,” he said.

While insisting that nobody believes war is a good thing, he added: “when you see such cartoon characters like Trump, you begin thinking that if such a man takes it into his head we may all become enemies.”

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However, Maradona was effusive in his praise of Putin when asked by the Russian press.

“I think that after [Hugo] Chavez and Fidel [Castro], Putin – together with [Daniel] Ortega and Evo [Morales], represent the ‘top league” of political leaders,” he said.

“Putin is a man who can bring peace to many in this world. He’s a phenomenon; simply a phenomenon.”

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