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‘I feared for my life’ - Barca fan explains fake gun incident logo 04-05-2017
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A Barcelona supporter who fired a fake gun at Espanyol supporters has said that he did so because he "feared for his life".

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Jose Manuel Perez Diaz has been issued with a banning order from Spanish grounds after firing two blank shots at Espanyol fans who were rushing towards him, after he celebrated Barcelona’s opener at Cornella-El Prat.

The 53-year old was sat amongst the home supporters and insists that he felt under threat before firing, and maintains that nobody was placed in danger by his actions.

“I had a fake gun. I didn’t put anyone in danger but I regret doing it,” Diaz told El Periodico.

“Some radical fans of Espanyol didn’t like my celebration. They were close and started to throw insults at me. I remember a group of about 40 jumping from their zone into mine. They were coming for me.

“I feared for my life and took out the gun. I pointed it at them and shot two times. Because they were blanks, nobody was hurt. But nobody knew that and they fled.”

Security took Diaz away, after police officers intervened to wrestle him to the ground, before searching him.

“The people around me were scared,” he added.

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“Then security guards came and got me and took me down a corridor next to a bar, where the police were.

“They checked my backpack, but they didn’t pat me down, I had the gun in my waistband. Now I have to present myself [to the police] twice month and have a public order to keep me away from football stadiums and public spectacles.”

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